Karaoke Bars in New York

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Planet Rose - Karaoke Bar | Lounge in New York.

Party Earth Review A quirky zebra-striped awning and neon pink sign announce the presence of Planet Rose, a hole-in-the-wall karaoke bar with a wacky, fun-loving vibe. The fact that the venue’s doors conveniently open directly onto the fluorescent pink bar is no coincidence – it’s no secret that the Rose is intent on getting its customers ... more


219 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

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East/Japas 27 - Asian Restaurant | Japanese Restaurant | Karaoke Bar | Sushi Restaurant in New York.
Karen  G.

"Although not as extravagantly fancy as the Karaoke bars in Asia, if you want to have a fun time testing out those vocal cords with unlimited drinks wi ..." more


366 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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NYC Karaoke Bars Overview

Planet Rose - Karaoke Bar | Lounge in NYC

Sometimes you just need to belt out “My Way” to a group of your friends, and the Big Apple is happy to help. New York karaoke bars are technologically advanced hubs of good tunes and fun times, providing tipsy tenors with just about any song they desire.

Most NYC karaoke bars are larger, multi-level spaces lined with private rooms, each one equipped with wrap-around couches and giant projector screens. Many karaoke bars, just like the dozens of karaoke joints in K-town, go for the polished luxury feel, though some, like Planet Rose on the Lower East Side, exude a punky counterculture vibe that draws hipsters and rockers who’d prefer to warble Black Flag than the Black Eyed Peas. Some even go for a stranger, more intimate vibe, like Baby Grand in SoHo, a closet-sized bar with a small stage and many hovering monitors stationed in the back behind the bar. And for every karaoke hangout, there are five normal bars all over town who dedicate one night a week to amateur sing-alongs.

Karaoke bars in New York are often high-energy, crowded, and popular with bachelorette parties and co-worker events, but there’s always something for everyone, whether you want to croon the oldies or shout at the devil.

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