NYC Gay Bars Overview

Bedlam - Bar | Gay Bar | Lounge in NYC

Historically, downtown New York has always been the mecca of the gay world, and New York gay bars remain the temples at which fun-loving gay men worship. But not content with glitter and Gaga, these gay hotspots bring cool new style to the typical boys’ night out.

Sure, the Bar-Tini ultra lounge in Midtown exudes a typical gay vibe with its smooth white surfaces, blaring music, and electric atmosphere, and the Secret Lounge nearby is wall-to-wall dancing muscle men. But NYC gay bars like Eastern Bloc and Bedlam shake the basic concepts of the overdone dance halls, focusing on queer over queen. These places, owned by the same people, have a punkish décor full of straight-up filth and far-out oddities, both heavily adorned with taxidermy and medical documents. For more traditional fellows, Marie’s Crisis Café downtown has a more traditional air, its basement piano room always alive with classics from musical theater.

These, however, are just a taste of the gay bars in New York, as any Christopher Street resident will be able to tell you. With its thriving gay nightlife and complete lack of inhibition, New York will always be the pride capital of the world, forever catering to good times without boundaries.

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