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Crocodile Lounge Something of a cross between a pizza parlor and a high school friend's basement, the Crocodile Lounge is a grungy subterranean hangout for the tipsy students and artsy revelers who flock in for cheap booze and free late-night... New York United States 40.731945 -73.983825
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Crocodile Lounge - Bar | Lounge | Pizza Place in New York.
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Party Earth Review Something of a cross between a pizza parlor and a high school friend’s basement, the Crocodile Lounge is a grungy subterranean hangout for the tipsy students and artsy revelers who flock in for cheap booze and free late... ... read full review

  • Subway:

    L: 1st Avenue-14th Street, 3rd Avenue-14th Street

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  • Hours:

    Daily noon–4am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Crocodile Lounge Review

The Scene

Something of a cross between a pizza parlor and a high school friend's basement, the Crocodile Lounge is a grungy subterranean hangout for the tipsy students and artsy revelers who flock in for cheap booze and free late-night...

Something of a cross between a pizza parlor and a high school friend’s basement, the Crocodile Lounge is a grungy subterranean hangout for the tipsy students and artsy revelers who flock in for cheap booze and free late-night pizza.

During the week, a steady stream of local hipsters and young professionals crowd the tables and mustard-yellow 60s stools at the mosaic-tiled bar to chat over a few beers, as NYU students wait at the counter to redeem their tickets for the free pizza that comes with their drinks.

A bustling, fun-loving, but never very rowdy vibe takes over on weekend nights when throngs of twenty-somethings pack into the dimly-lit front room for lively conversation and budget drinks, take refuge in the cave-like den to flirt on black leather banquettes and velvet cushions, or step out to the back patio for a breather or a smoke.

Those intent on eating can make their way through the rustic brick archway to a smaller space featuring tall copper tables and a huge pizza oven, while playful patrons tend to drift to the back room to challenge each other on the twin Skeeball machines, shoot a virtual game of Big Buck Deer Hunter, or make memories in the old-school photo booth.

Overall a rather dingy joint – save for charming touches like the ceramic crocodile embedded in the ceiling above the bar – Crocodile Lounge is nonetheless a prime nightspot where an upbeat group of starving artists, filmmakers, theater majors, and locals regularly turn up to drink, play, eat, and drink some more.

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Tip from Emma:

Get a group of friends together for Wednesday night trivia. Not only is it a super-fun challenge, but the winner gets a $50 tab, second place gets a $30 tab, and third place gets a $20 tab!

  • Crowd

    A laid-back neighborhood crowd of NYU students, hipsters, artists, and young professionals, early 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient music including indie, pop, rock, and punk. Trivia night Wednesdays around 8:30pm. Mini-arcade featuring a Big Buck Deer Hunter game, two Skeeball machines, and a photo booth.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Personal cheese pizza served free with every drink purchase, available at all hours. Happy Hour daily noon–7pm.

  • Prices

    First pizza topping $2, additional toppings $1 each. Beer $5–$6, cocktails $6. Skee Ball $1.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans and sneakers, skirts and boots.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weekdays for mellow conversation, Friday and Saturday nights for a bigger and livelier crowd.

  • Close By

    Planet Rose (219 Avenue A) is great for rock star karaoke.

Crocodile Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
A Must-See Pit Stop If You're Into Dive Bars and Free Pizza
Johnny H. Apr 30, 2013
So you're out with your friends in East Village and one of you gets hungry. However, depending on the time of night, the rest of you may not feel like taking a break from the action. You could try to find a bar that serves food AND alcohol, but chances are that's going to wind up getting pricey, and the atmosphere won't exactly be festive, right? Wrong! Thankfully, Crocodile Lounge is there for you. Conveniently located on 14th Street between 1st and 2nd, the Lounge is the perfect destination for you and your friends to grab a few drinks and enjoy a personal-sized pizza that comes complimentary with each drink. While this might run you a pretty penny elsewhere, Crocodile Lounge's drinks are pretty decently priced (somewhere around $4-$6 for a standard beer like PBR or Budweiser), especially considering that you get a ticket for a free pizza with every drink. Of course, as with all places, Crocodile Lounge isn't for everyone. If you're a fan of dive bars then it's definitely the place for you; dimly lit, wooden tables and bar stools, and crowded with patrons in their 20s on weekend nights are a few details that stand out. If you're looking for a place to bring a large crowd and be able to move around freely, you may not find yourself too thrilled with the Lounge's setup. Also, although the pizza special is great, you're most likely not going to eat an entire pizza with every drink you purchase. I'd say one, possibly two if you missed lunch and dinner. For that reason, I wouldn't say Crocodile Lounge is the type of place to make your primary destination for the night; it's more of one of those places you stop in at on your way to a bigger, less crowded bar where you can make yourself heard without yelling over music. Either that or it's the bar you and your friends stop at on your way home after the night is over; a quick beer and a pizza to cap off the night, and you're only a few blocks away from the subway home. All in all, if you're in the area and you don't mind being in crowded dive bars for a little while, check it out. Just make sure you have somewhere to go after you realize you can't possibly eat more pizza.
Free Pizza, Cheap Drinks and a Good Crowd at Crocodile Lounge
Andrew W. Apr 25, 2013
Across the street from New York's famous East Village pizza stop Artichoke has a different kind of pizza. A kind that may not be as top notch as their famous competitors across the street but tastes oh so good. That's because you know just got one of the great rarities in New York City: Free food! That's right, the Crocodile Lounge is home to free lain pies (toppings cost a dollar or two) all night as long as you have the golden ticket. By “golden ticket” I mean a ticket to put in the glass in front of the pizza machine, and at Crocodile Lounge you earn a ticket for every drink you purchase. “So what's the deal?” you might be asking. The drinks have got to be astronomically priced right? You couldn't be more wrong! The drinks are priced fair that you won't leave you questioning where all your money went the next morning. Crocodile Lounge primarily houses a Brooklyn meets young Manhattan crowd that are in search of moderately known, well-priced drinks and cheap food that is within walking distance. What makes Croc Lounge even better is that there is skee ball and a back yard to catch a breath of air. The music usually varies in good fashion that allows pretty much everyone to enjoy their night and dance (if the place isn't too packed). Some may not like the dive bar-esque atmosphere, but it is a fun place to go out with friends or on a cheap date. Just avoid the speed dating night. That was a little awkward and sad.
New York Pizza, Idaho Prices
Scott F. Apr 5, 2013
The East Village’s Crocodile Lounge may seem like part of an out-of-towner’s idea of a New York joke- Manhattan, where the streets are paved with hot dog carts, celebrities trying to remain incognito fall from trees, and free pizza stretches as far as the eye can see. Yes, the rumors are true; during happy hour, a free personal pizza pie is served with each and every drink. Legitimate, authentic, New York pizza- it’s practically currency here, as any longtime resident can attest. Truth be told, though, a tourist or newcomer to the city might end up with his worldview just a bit tilted after a visit to the Crocodile Lounge- yes, the drink selection is wide, yes, the pizza is delicious, but the ambiance is the true draw. The staff of the Crocodile Lounge has gone out of their way to cultivate a decidedly non-stereotypical-New York air of warmth and friendliness. Sure, the small, basement room gets packed easily, and seats can be hard to come by, but it almost doesn’t matter given the unanimous level of bonhomie among patrons and providers. Don’t mistakenly dismiss the atmosphere as hectic, either- hosts organize games, such as trivia and bingo, in which the entire room gladly participates. Entry in the games is free, and bar tabs are given out as prizes. In the end, the Crocodile Lounge is almost a paradox- it exemplifies New York with its cuisine and fun, but at the same time, is the ultimate Manhattan rarity: a venue where a customer actually gets more than he pays for.
FREE Pizza & Cash Prizes--Why not go!!
Amira S. Apr 4, 2013
There’s a pizza parlor on every corner in New York City but the Crocodile Lounge separates itself from the rest with its grungy interior and daily free pizza offer. Yes, FREE PIZZA! And Its surprisingly good. The Crocodile Lounge is a great chill place for us young professionals and college students who prefer a more laid-back crowd. If you’re near Union Square you must take a bit of crocodile’s free pizza and participate in the weekly competition--winner earns a $50 bar tab!
Great place to get smashed and have fun (with free pizza!)
Katka L. Mar 28, 2013
I totally dig Crocodile Lounge, it's such a step down from pretentious city bars and that's why it's the place to go! Not many venues offer FREE pizza, CHEAP beer, and AWESOME games for you and your friends to engage in during your evening of debauchery. Crocodile Lounge prides itself on its low-key vibe, catering to 20something crowds that want to party their asses off but have to save their pennies to pay rent. Is it fancy? Who cares - if you're having fun and enjoying yourself, nothing else matters. Let your guard down and head to Crocodile Lounge for a totally unique NYC experience you won't find at other bars.
The opposite of sexy
Katrina S. Feb 28, 2013
Bring your friends, but leave the potential boyfriend/girlfriend at home. Crocodile Lounge apparently couldn't decide whether to become a bar, pizza parlor, or arcade, so the owners attempted to combine the three. The result looks like a basement rec center with a wood stove of an afterthought in the back. The spot stands out as a pleasant start or end to a night because of the laid-back atmosphere. Again, the greasy food aspect and dilapidated look would be a turn-off to a date. If you're looking to get crazy, go elsewhere. The music is a bouncy selection between chilled dubstep and contemporary hip hop and pop, but dancing is rare. Maybe it's because drink buyers earn themselves a free personal pan pizza each time they step to the bar and are too full to get down and dirty. Expect a variety of ages and dress styles. NYU kids in collared shirts and cocktail dresses, the regular 30-somethings sitting at the bar, and the tourists will all be there due to the proximity to Union Square. If you want a more upscale, exotic crowd or decor, migrate farther into Alphabet City, away from 14th St. Choose Crocodile Lounge as your first stop for a night out when you didn't have time to grab dinner beforehand.
Beer, Pizza, Friends
Brandon W. Feb 27, 2013
You hand the bartender a crumpled five-dollar bill and in exchange he gives you a crisp lager and a small, bright pink carnival game ticket. “That’s weird. What’s with the ticket?” you think to yourself before noticing that other patrons are gathering around a counter in the back of this dimly lit bar. You walk over, beer and ticket in tow, to inspect the scene and realize that the ticket can be used to redeem a free personal pan pizza. That’s right. You’re given a 100-percent FREE pizza that's made fresh on the premises every time you purchase a drink. Awesome. Free pizza and cheap beer: That’s the biggest draws of the Crocodile Lounge – a small sub-basement-like hang-out spot located a few avenues away from Union Square. With a wide selection of reasonably priced alcoholic beverages and a cool, easy going, laid-back atmosphere, this is definitely a destination to check out if you want to have a fun, light-hearted night out with a few of your friends. Aside from a mosaic bar and a ceramic crocodile sticking out of the ceiling, there’s not much to look at when it comes to decor and as for the music, which consists primarily of the indie and pop variety, it’s nothing more than pleasant background noise allowing you to stand around a high-top table or sit in a cozy pillowed outcove where you can talk with friends. It’s not a flashy dance club. It’s not an exciting non-stop party. It’s a chill place to eat, drink, and share conversation with friends and maybe a few strangers who’ll become friends with you by the time you finish your third free pizza.
Mark S. Dec 12, 2012
This place is alllll about the free pizza. Its what sets this place apart and why it is known decently well. Cheap drinks, and each drink earns you one free pizza. The pizza is a small and thin personal pizza, but its tasty and free. This is a normalish small to medium size bar wish a decent outdoor area for the nicer days. There is karaoke and trivia and a couple arcade games to quell the boredom. It gets pretty packed during normal busy hours of the week. Its not the best bar but it does what it does well. Cheap drinks free pizza in a normal cheap bar setting.
Free pizza
Gemstonn A. Dec 12, 2012
If you like free food this is the place for you! Well, ok it's not free. You get a free pizza if you buy a drink, then tip the pizza man that makes your pizza. But come on, the pizza is good enough so that you're not drinking with an empty stomach. It's a good starting place to fill up your stomach and pre-game before venturing out to other bars. It's worth giving a shot if you're in the area.
All your drunken needs
Risa C. Dec 8, 2012
Sort of ready to call it a night, but need a slice of pizza and maybe one more beer before you go home? Artichoke across the street have a 50 mile line? Try Crocodile Lounge! This is a go to spot for my friends that live in the East Village. Each drink you buy comes with a free pizza which makes it a perfect last stop on a long night out. Or a perfect first stop for those needing to weigh down their liquor before going out. Especially if you enjoy eating your pizza and a beer in a dark basement. I wouldn't come here as a destination, but it's definitely worth a look if you're in the area.
I never knew me a better time, and I guess I never will
Chris K. Nov 15, 2012
I've never been to Crocodile Lounge when it wasn't packed to the gills with sweaty young professionals shouting and laughing at each other. That, however, is part of the place's appeal--it's kind of a madhouse, full of spilled beer, half-eaten pizza, and skee ball players rabidly rolling balls for the glory of beating their wasted friends. This feels like the bar in a Meat Loaf or Billy Joel song, a wood-paneled roadhouse where the music is loud and the drinks are cold and everyone's having a blast. Though located a little out of the way, finding yourself under that long awning is generally a good thing. Have fun squeezing through the hoi polloi.
Pizza Lovers Only
Jaclyn W. Nov 13, 2012
I don't get it. Artichoke is directly across the street. I guess it's three dollars cheaper, but I would prefer to drink great drinks and eat great pizza. The pizza is not terribly and it is free when you buy a drink. The only problem is that you have to wait in the back while they cook it in a brick oven. It gets hot and crowded by the oven. I think it's supposed to be a sports bar, but it was too dark to tell and between the music and general loudness of the bar, you would never be able to watch anything anyway. The crowd is pretty young, so I understand the draw for cheap beer and pizza. It's also near the New School and NYU so that's another reason. The thing I liked best about this bar (besides the playlist they had on that night), were the skee ball machines.
Pizza and Beer!
Samuel H. Sep 21, 2012
The Crocodile Lounge is the ideal end of night place when you are still thirsty, but need some food in your system too. That is because with every beer you buy you also get a free personal pizza, which happens to be delicious. It is definitely not the classiest spot in NYC but serves its purpose at the right time.
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