NYC Cocktail Bars Overview

Experimental Cocktail Club - Cocktail Bar | Speakeasy in NYC

One thing you will never have trouble doing is finding a great New York cocktail bar. There are watering holes serving up expertly poured cocktails all across this vast city, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a simple classic that costs a few bucks or a painstakingly mixed rare original beverage that costs more than you probably spent on dinner.

The hottest places in New York can come and go, but some new craft mixology spot always seems to pop up to fill any void. The East Village alone is home to a vast array of great NYC cocktail bars, from casual burger joint Black Market serving up artisan drinks to go with their patties to art deco lounge Ella, where hipsters in retro gear gather to drink cocktails with names like Dorothy Draper and Mommie Dearest beneath the glamorous gaze of Joan Crawford.

The Jane Ballroom over in the West Village is about as decadent of a cocktail bar in New York that you’re going to find, while Ward III over in Tribeca is a low-key and inviting little joint with an amusing list of house rules that includes gems like “Don’t be afraid to engage your neighbor” and “Don’t be creepy.”

From speakeasy dives in Brooklyn to velvet-roped lounges in Chelsea, the cocktail bars in New York are just one of the many reasons that so many people love to party in NYC.

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