NYC Beer Gardens Overview

Bohemian Hall Beer Garden - Beer Garden | Pub in NYC

New York is often considered an indoor city – air, light, and noise pollution run rampant – but with the warm weather, New York beer gardens become the place to be. These open-air boozatoriums allow locals and guests alike to take in the city’s vibrant atmosphere while enjoying sixteen ounces of golden bliss.

The first question with NYC beer gardens is up or down: high-class or low-key, modern or classic, refined or edgy. The former is a recent but welcome occurrence in the city, with the Birreria atop Eataly and Studio Squared in Astoria offering slick, carefully-crafted outdoor drinking experiences, their clean tables and metal shade umbrellas exuding a sense of charming elitism. The latter, though, is where the city shines: outdoor hangouts like the Gowanus Yacht Club, Loreley, and the Astoria Beer Garden have a more traditional rough-and-tumble atmosphere, and often come with smoky outdoor bratwurst grills, heavily-carved picnic tables, and selections that never get too far into the bitter spectrum. Both sides of this coin are a lot of fun, though the divier beer gardens definitely bring a rowdier crowd.

While New York isn’t known for its many German influences, beer gardens in New York remain dedicated to the old country, full of the kind of laid-back mirth and fun-loving attitude that have long been staples of the Deutschlander lifestyle.

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