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Englischer Garten One of Europe's largest municipal parks, Englischer Garten is a beloved destination where Munich's residents and visitors come to enjoy the greenery and soak up the blue Bavarian sky. Munich Germany 48.15156 11.59242
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Englischer Garten - Beer Garden | Outdoor Activity | Park in Munich.
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Party Earth Review One of Europe’s largest municipal parks, Englischer Garten is a beloved destination where Munich’s residents and visitors come to enjoy the greenery and soak up the blue Bavarian sky. Park-goers can spend some time wandering... ... read full review

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    U: Odeonsplatz, Münchner Freiheit, Giselastrasse, Universität

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Englischer Garten Review

The Scene

One of Europe's largest municipal parks, Englischer Garten is a beloved destination where Munich's residents and visitors come to enjoy the greenery and soak up the blue Bavarian sky.

One of Europe’s largest municipal parks, Englischer Garten is a beloved destination where Munich’s residents and visitors come to enjoy the greenery and soak up the blue Bavarian sky.

Park-goers can spend some time wandering the vast grounds, jogging or biking on the sandy trails, or enjoying a traditional tea ceremony at the Japanese tea house. Those exploring the grounds on foot will also want to check out the Monopteros, a Greek-style temple built into a hill that offers a gorgeous view of the park.

Englischer Garten is also home to two famous beer gardens, one of which is ideally situated next to the lake where patrons can pass a lazy afternoon circling the calm waters in a paddleboat.

Another must-see is the standing wave in the river near the Haus der Kunst art museum where locals go to swim and surf – yes, surf!

Lazy land lovers, however, can stick to sunbathing in Englischer Garten, though they shouldn’t be alarmed to see people sprawled out in their birthday suits – it’s just the way it’s done in Munich.

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Tip from Emma:

Pack a bottle of wine or some beer and head over to the Englischer Garten for a laid-back afternoon of drinking and picnicking – one of the best (and cheapest) ways to enjoy a warm summer day in Munich.

  • Crowd

    All types and ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Paddleboats, cycling, and surfing at Eisbach, the man-made river.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A number of snack stands and two beer gardens/restaurants are located within the park.

  • Prices

    Snacks €1–€7.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any sunny day to enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

  • Close By

    Two beer gardens are located on the grounds. The Chinese Tower is one of the largest in town and draws a tourist crowd, and a live German band provides traditional oom-pah music.

    The other is Seehaus im Englischer Garten, which has an incredible setting next to the lake and attracts a more local crowd.

Englischer Garten User Reviews

Average rating:
Perfect venue for the Summer
Monica Z. Aug 21, 2013
It's the perfect place to go whether you want to go for a walk, jog, sunbathe, and even take a swim (although the water was too cold to my taste). Go prepared with a swimsuit if you plan to get in the Eisbach, the clear water makes the Englischer Garten all the more lovely. If you get thirsty, you can try one of the beer gardens nearby. There are ice-cream sellers around and also the Chinese tower if you want to go to a fancy restaurant. Oh, and don't forget to wear sunscreen ;)
Jamie V. Aug 16, 2013
This garden gets a five out of five, or funf in German. This spot puts the 'fun' in 'funf' when it comes to atmosphere and tasties! The pints flow liberally vom fass (draft) and the taste is pure and clean with the specialty being the pilz! The Englischer Garten is perfectly suited to meet the need and wants of just about anyone, from the very old to the very young. There is always something going on here and it is great place to immerse in the local culture while relaxing with friends, a good book or a pint!
A relaxing way to spend a hot summer day
Cyril T. Jul 22, 2013
After a night of drinking Englischer Garten is a prime place where locals go to sweat out all of the beer ingested from a previous nights festivities. There are many places to lay out a blanket and enjoy the sun in the massive park but most choose a spot near Monopteros, a Greek-style temple, as there is a large open area with a clear river flowing through that is refreshing to soak in. There is many activities to do ranging from surfing on the Eisbach, a man made river, to kicking the fusbal around or float on the lake in a paddle-boat like the many ducks that vacate the park. Even just being a spectator to all the action can be enjoyable. The Chinesischer Turm Restaurant offers an elegant dining experience, where they treat customers like royalty, or the two beer gardens, one of which is on the lake, will satisfy appetites as well. The huge park is part of the reason why Munich is a splendid place to be during the summer. To miss out on the Englischer Garten experience would be a mistake for any tourist old or young.
Watch-out you may forget tomorrow is Monday!
Liepa O. Jun 8, 2013
Have you been partying the whole week and now need a Sunday chill? Your dog is "crying" to take him out? Or maybe you are planning to charm a girl with a picnic? Then Englischer Garten is the perfect place. Take off your shoes, lay-back, breathe the summer air and feel as if you were 5 years old kid enjoying the sun. NOTE: you will forget all your problems and the time will pass fast so watch-out, you will even forget that the following day is Monday.
This is exactly where you will find me!
Marlize B. Apr 15, 2013
On the very first sunshiny day, when I arrive in Munich in June, this is exactly where you will find me! With a beer and a pretzel in hand as this seems to be the treats of choice… and of course my camera around my neck. Since I have never been to Germany, I will take the opportunity to intermingle with the local and international visitors while hanging out at all the good spots in the park. Who knows, after a beer or two my basic German language skills might be developed without any embarrassment.
Best park in the world!!!
Jura A. Feb 20, 2013
Englischer Garten is definitely the most gorgeous and biggest parks in the world. It is the best place during the sunny days to relax and enjoy the company with beer as it is legal to drink alcohol in public!!!! It is the best place to meet friends to play Frisbee, football or any other game or just simply play with guitar. On the hot day you can just jump to the river and swim. If you are interested in surfing, it can be great place to practise. It is even amazing just to see them swimming and you will always find surfers there! In the Chinesischer Turm it is great to have some dinner and German beer. Food is great and very traditional and not that expensive. Overall, you can just go for a walk and explore how big Englischer Garten is. You can spend over 3 hours walking or just lay down on the grass and read the book. It definitely has something to offer to everyone. Best place to be and essential to visit in Munich! It is the park with a spirit!
Great Park
Jody P. Dec 11, 2012
I missed this park the first time I went to Munich but it was in the fall (closer to winter) so I don't imagine it was hopping. However, when I returned to Munich in the summertime, I had an opportunity to wander the park and see all that it has to offer. It is a beautiful park and there are tons of people picnicking and hanging out. There are some interesting attractions in the park like the little surf area in part of the river - it is very unique. There is also the famous chinese tower (beer garden) and another beer garden int he park. I am really glad that I came here the second time I visited Munich and wish that I had gone sooner. Definitely worth checking out.
favorite place by far.
Nicole B. Nov 29, 2012
The English Garten is definitely my favorite place in the world! I grew up there and go there during both summer and winter. Both seasons, the gardens are a beautiful place to tan, hang-out, have a snowball fight, drink beer at the beer gardens, or go for a casual bike ride. This was and still is my childhood park! It has a cute lake in the middle where you can foot paddle on boats and chase the ducks. I usually go there to grab lunch at the beer gardens with my friends. It's the best tourist place, too. When I went on my eurotrip and my friends visited me this was our go-to place during the time and instead of spending an hour there, we spent a good four hours cause time went by so fast while drinking beer and just chatting. This is a MUST-GO Park!!!!!
an inner-city gettaway
anna j. Nov 26, 2012
Despite its close proximity to Altstadt, the English Garten is another world. The enormity of this garden could make for a full day of walking, passing by topless sunbathers, children cycling and surfers. When you've had enough walking, have a beer (or a radler if you're looking for something refreshing) and watch the paddleboats in the lake. During the winter, the long trails are more quiet and relaxing. There's a nice view, especially at sunset, of the Garden and Altstadt from a small temple in the southern part of the park. To get to the park, just get off the U6 Metro anywhere between Universität and Freimann and walk East!
Naked geezer and hot surfers in one park? Only in Munich
Amster M. Nov 18, 2012
Watch out for old naked men! And there's always more than one, in the summer that is. Other than that, it's the most beautiful piece of Munich out there. And c'mon, surfing in a river?! Those guys have some excellent moves. The ducks are uber cute too. We played frisbee there, walked around the forest, and of course spent time at the beer garden. AND It's a great place for photos to send home.
Surf's Up Bro!
Daniel H. Nov 15, 2012
Englischer Garten is the place to shred in mainland Europe. Right under the bridge near the Haus der Kunst art museum is a standing artificial wave that has allowed the emergence of a tight-knit Munich surf scene. The 20ft wide stream is always teeming with a line of surfer in wetsuits on either side of the banks, taking turns on the wave. I had the pleasure of hanging out and filming a lot of these guys, and some of them actually surf really well, having mastered the wave to the point of being able to do sharp turns and chop-hop airs. I'd suggest spending a few hours here, as it's one of the cooler and more unique sights you'll see in Germany. The water is freezing, but on a sunny day you can stroll down the banks a little way and jump in for a dip, or lie out on the sprawling grass gardens for a tan.
City Gem
Jayson M. Sep 21, 2012
Definitely one of the jewels of the city if you like to be outside in Munich! This huge park – on of the biggest in the world, I believe – offers a veritable Fahrvergnügen-load of things to do. Big open fields, bike paths, the famed Eisbach river which is calm and bucolic in parts and raging enough in other areas that people can actually surf on it. How do you say, “yeah brahz” in German? Technically you aren’t allowed to swim in it, but I (and many others) have taken dips into the cool water on hot summer days. Then you’ve got the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese pagoda) with its massive beer garden. The gorgeous Monopteros hilltop temple. Kleinhesseloher Lake with boats and (yet another) beer garden. And tons and tons of sunbathers…clothing optional. How do you say “good god, maybe you should try shaving?” in German? LOVE.
Lovely Bavarian Jaunts
Steph D. Sep 20, 2012
The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is home to Germany's Oktobrefest in September, but when it's not home to the world's largest beer festival, it is a vast lovely arena for walking and site seeing. I adored my time gallivanting the enormous grounds, with notable observations like the surfing scene at the mouth of the artificial stream that runs through the park. And, of course, the lovely Monopteros. The park is a bit dreary on the off-season and nothing like when it is filled with lights and beer during September, but you can always be guaranteed a pleasant walk amongst the native foliage, and alongside locals walking their beautiful dogs. The trails that traverse the park deem it a great place to go for a walk, a jaunt, or even a run if you have it in you.
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