Munich Parks Overview

Hirschgarten - Beer Garden | Park | Restaurant in Munich

There are a ton of parks in Munich to hit up after you’ve killed the fourth stein on that weeklong beer bender you’ve suddenly found yourself on.

The 18th-century Englischer Garten near Schwabing is a good place to start, so named because its stunning trees and flowers were the brainchild of English scientist Sir Benjamin Thompson – not to be confused with the English muffin guy. Sunbathing is a big pastime in the Garten, and folks are known to go nude on sunny days, though it’s usually the kind of people you’d prefer would leave their clothes on.

Although it was originally made for the 1972 Olympics, Olympiapark offers endless outdoor activities and great views, and is perfect for jogging, bike riding, or just laying in the grass.

Beer gardens dot many of the parks, but to escape the crowds it’s not a bad idea to pack a picnic basket and head to the Botanischer Garten (just north of Nymphenburg Park), which has more than 15,000 varieties of flora and therefore 15,000 different ways to make you sneeze.

Even better is to make for Hirschgarten, a lovely stretch of meadows on Munich’s western edge that’s home to the world’s largest beer garden. Other cool Munich parks include Theresienwiese, Ostpark, and Hofgarten.

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