Munich Drinking Overview

Hofbräuhaus - Beer Hall | Drinking Activity | Historic Restaurant in Munich

Nobody will ever accuse the Germans of not knowing how to knock back a few steins, and with a plethora of expansive outdoor beer gardens and cavernous indoor beer halls, it’s no surprise that most of the drinking activities in Munich involve beer.

Ticking off every great beer garden in the city would be a drinking activity of Olympic caliber, and what better place to start than Olympiapark? Built to host the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, the park remains an inviting green haven for lovers of the great outdoors, and Olympiapark Beer Garden promises lovers of great hops will have a fabulous time here too.

Across town in the middle of Englischer Garten, Chinese Tower is reportedly the second largest beer garden in the world and can accommodate up to 3,000 guests at its row upon row of picnic tables.

Still need drinking activities in Munich? Then go check out what is arguably the most famous beer hall in Munich, Hofbräuhaus, where exuberant patrons flock every day and night of the year to sample some of the best Bavarian beer and food in the city. Or check out the Löwenbräukeller beer hall, where you can rest assured you’re getting the freshest brew possible seeing as the Löwenbräu brewery is right next door.

Of course, if all these ways of drinking in Munich have you worried about your waistline, it’s hard to beat Mike’s Bike Tours for unique sightseeing trips around the city. The tours regularly include a stop for some suds but, hey, you’ll have burned it off by then.

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