Munich Art Overview

Haus der Kunst - Art Gallery in Munich

There is a wide array of amazing art, museums, and cool exhibits to check out in Munich, so no matter what kind of artistic experience you are in the mood for, it probably won’t be very hard to find.

The young and the young at heart will have a ball at the Deutsches Museum, which is a massive complex full of nature and science exhibits that are made to be touched, prodded, played on, and experimented with. There are even full-sized airplanes on display, old tram and train wagons, and much more.

The Museum Mensch und Natur is, as its name translates, a museum all about "Man and Nature." Here, guests can see how people have essentially destroyed the planet and how we’re all going to die if we don’t change our acts pretty soon. Lovers of nature we haven’t yet ruined should head to the Botanische Staatssammlung und Botanischer Garten. Located near the castle of Nymphenburg, these beautiful botanical gardens cover nearly twenty-two acres – including a massive indoor greenhouse – and feature some fourteen thousand different kinds of plants, so visitors can witness the kind of art Mother Nature is capable of.

For more avant-garde Munich art that might fall under the category of “Only in Germany,” it would be hard to beat the Kartoffelmuseum, a private museum devoted entirely to showcasing the wonders of…the potato!

Of course there are plenty of other amazing art galleries and museums to see in Munich, including the famed BMW-Museum Zeithorizont, the mountaineer’s dream Alpines Museum, the cool tech-centric Computermuseum, and much more.

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