Munich After Hours Overview

Wirtshaus Zur Brez'n - Beer Hall | German Restaurant in Munich

Munich is well known for its culture of beer. Münchners (as people from Munich are called) like to drink and stay out late.

Unfortunately for beer lovers, but perhaps a godsend to the locals, most of the beer halls and beer gardens in Munich close at midnight. So after hours in Munich starts when the beer halls shut down and the well-lubricated masses of locals, other Europeans, and international tourists fan out into the night for more revelry.

Two popular late-night destinations for after-hours drinking in Munich are the Kultfabrik and the Maximilianplatz. The Kutlfabrik, which has been called a “playground for adults” is home to several different venues catering to a wide variety of tastes in music and ambience. The party here doesn’t really get started until 11pm and keeps going until at least 4am, if not later.

Within Maximilianplatz, located in the center of the city, clientele tends to be slightly more mature, wealthier, and better-dressed. Here one can find several venues to drink at until the sun comes up.

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