Munich Lounges Overview

Bar Harlander - Bar | Lounge in Munich

It would be a cinch to lounge away the day in a Munich beer hall, but keep in mind the beer halls usually close pretty early, meaning the best way to continue hanging out might be at one of the ubiquitous lounges in Munich. Because it’s the third biggest city in all of Germany, Munich certainly isn’t lacking in lounges, nor is the lounge scene particularly heavy on one style or price range.

There are gritty Munich lounges with cheap booze and dark seedy corners to disappear into and there are incredibly ornate lounges with tough doors, gorgeous furniture, and even more gorgeous clientele. The famous – and enormous – Kultfabrik and Optimolwerke nightlife complexes are a good place for the indecisive to start (each is home to dozens of nightlife venues and lounges), while those looking for a good deal of swank need only drop in on the area around Münchener Freiheit in Schwabing.

Münchener Freiheit is considered a major nightlife hub, and certainly has a lounge for everyone’s budget despite an over-abundance of upscale establishments guaranteed to attract celebrities. Even City Center in Munich, known for being awash in tourists during the day, clears out considerably once night falls, leaving its chichi lounges open for those in-the-know. Glockenbach, meanwhile, is a good bet for finding a fun gay lounge where homosexuals and open-minded straights both enjoy a romping time in one of the many Munich lounges.

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