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Info The Jazzclub Unterfahrt is known as Munich’s leading venue for jazz. It is located just East of the city center in Au-Haidhausen. The history of Jazzclub Unterfahrt stretches back over thirty years when Mike Uitz, Herbert Straub and Fritz Otto opened Zur Unterfahrt in a local pub in 1978. In 1998 the club was renamed Jazzclub Unterfahrt and moved to its present location on Einsteinstrasse. Initially the focus in the club was on free jazz, but after 1980 the range of jazz in the club expanded. Today, Jazzclub Unterfahrt offers a wide range of European and International jazz performers as well as local young musicians and daily concerts. Performances ... more


Einsteinstraße 42
81675 München

Munich Jazz Clubs Overview

Jazzclub Unterfahrt - Jazz Club in Munich

Munich is a bustling metropolis full of people with varied and demanding musical tastes, and it’s obvious that quite a few of them demand jazz, for jazz bars and jazz clubs in Munich only seem to increase in number every year.

One of the best known Munich jazz clubs is Jazz Unterfahrt, which hosts live concerts daily inside its cozy subterranean space and features an entrance covered in the photographs of practically every jazz great to ever visit Germany.

Mister B.’s is a sweet little bare-bones jazz bar where bartenders pour out heavy handed but affordable cocktails during concerts three nights a week, while Vogler – an intimate candlelit jazz bar that looks like somebody’s poorly decorated living room – has nightly live concerts in not only jazz, but Latin, soul, big band, boogie, and even a little classic rock.

Fusion jazz clubs are actually pretty big in Munich, no doubt influenced by the diversity of the city itself, and especially evident at spots like Jazz Cantina, a Mexican jazz bar with free concerts and a décor that’s heavy on the sombreros. Kalango’s Boteco Brazil is another example, which looks like one of the dingiest bars in town but doles out nearly three-dozen types of caipirinha cocktails to go with its bumping Brazilian jazz shows.

No matter where you are in Munich, it’s easy to find bars and clubs with cool jazz. Or, as they say in German, with “cool jazz” (except they say it with a German accent).

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