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When thinking about cafés in Munich, it seems apropos to mention how Germans have a word for everything. And that word is “alles.” Seriously, we just put the word “everything” into Google Translate and that’s what came up.

But the German’s also have this other word: “Gemütlichkeit,” which loosely translates into “sociable relaxation in a comfortable environment.” We don’t know what it tightly translates into, but one thing is for sure: a great way to experience Gemütlichkeit is to go to a café and sit down with some friends for at least a couple of hours, chatting away or simply watching time pass by.

The people of Munich may have beer in their veins, but they have café culture in their soul, from barebones shacks with dank pot coffee to high-end cafés with a dress code.

You can have it all and more at Munich cafés; places where you can bring your granny to sip coffee, poke at a bit of cake, and listen to Mozart, and places where skinny 17-year-old models wiggle around drinking €20 White Russians. Or both, hey, we don’t judge. Just warn grandma.

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