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Party Earth Review Ranked as one of the best cocktail bars in Munich, Havana Club is an upscale bar with a soothing island ambiance and an original Cuban flair. Low-key and elegant, the bar draws an equally chic and vibrant crowd ready to savor the rum-based cocktails Havana Club is known for. The décor features signature slow-moving ceiling fans that circulate the smoky air around the bar, where dim lights glint off the vast array of rum and whiskey bottles that line the shelves. Funky lounge and Latin music provides the backdrop for the cool conversation of the posh young crowd perched on red velvet sofas, sipping specialty drinks and smoking Cuban cigars. There ... more


Herrnstrasse 30
80539 Munich

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Munich Rum Bars Overview

Havana Club - Cigar Bar | Rum Bar in Munich

Finding a place to consume alcohol has never been a problem in Munich. From beer halls and cocktail lounges, to rum bars and bodegas, Munich has a venue for whatever craving a thirsty person may have.

The most popular rum bar in Munich is Pusser’s. Located in the city center, Pusser’s has consistently been voted one of Germany’s top-three bars. Decorated with British naval paraphernalia, and frequented by both an older and younger international crowd, almost every drink on the menu is rum-based. The haunt’s signature libation is the Pusser’s Painkiller, a flavor-filled mix of rum, orange juice, coconut, pineapple, and nutmeg.

Also in the city center is Havana’s, which has been competing for years with Pusser’s to be Munich’s best rum bar. What Havana’s has on Pusser’s is rum’s best friend, cigars. In Havana’s, the chic and vibrant crowd can sip on tasty cocktails while puffing away like Castro.

On the exorbitantly expensive end of the spectrum is Rum Club in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. At Rum Club, one can enjoy a fine cigar and sip on some of the world’s most expensive alcohol alongside the ultra rich and beautiful. For an undisclosed price, patrons can also rent a private, chilled locker to store their favorite bottles.

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