Munich Beer Gardens Overview

Augustinerkeller - Beer Garden | Beer Hall | German Restaurant | Historic Bar in Munich

Munich beer gardens are where locals and tourists from all walks of life cross paths to down a few beers in a lighthearted atmosphere.

The beer garden at Park Café overlooks the Old Botanical Garden and features a bocce ball court, an enormous fountain, and plenty of vibrant green trees. Easygoing groups grab a patio table and while away the afternoon, sipping beer or one of the bar’s craft cocktails. After dark, the bar’s proximity to a variety of clubs makes it a popular meet-up destination.

Backstage’s beer garden functions as more of a respite from the intense shows that take place inside the venue than a destination in itself. The music changes from night to night, ranging from electronic dance DJs to heavy rock bands, so the crowd fluctuates as well. No matter the scene of the night, the garden is a welcome spot for the energetic patrons to chill out for a minute and drink a beer, or play some foosball at one of the handful of tables.

Check out the intimate beer garden at traditional Bavarian bar Löwenbräukeller to feel like a king amidst the stone lions and checkered flags. Since the bar is right next door to the Löwenbräu brewery, you’re guaranteed one of the freshest pours in the city.

Day or night, the beer gardens in Munich make for great spots to relax and enjoy good conversation with friends under a canopy of trees.

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