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Ksar Barclub - Bar | Club in Munich

Bars in Munich might aptly be summed up as Das Bier-Hauptstadt der Welt! That’s how the English/German dictionary translates The Beer Capital of The World! And even if the grammar is off, Munich bars pretty much have the title locked in every language.

Beer gardens and beer halls are everywhere, and represent a huge component of not only the bar culture in Munich but the social construct of the entire country. For example, Munich’s (and all of Europe’s) biggest beer garden, Hirschgarten, seats 8000 people. Or Val Kilmer on a bender. Either way, it’s awesome.

The only downside to the endless revelry at the beer halls and beer gardens is that most shut their doors by midnight. However, visitors would miss out on a whole other component to the Munich bar scene if they only stuck to the famous Hofbräuhaus or breweries like Spaten-Löwenbräu, Augustiner, and Paulaner.

Buoyed by the city’s cosmopolitan and international nature, tons of chic wine bars, creative cocktail lounges, student-driven dive bars, and relaxed neighborhood dens abound in Munich as well.

Tourists tend to stick to City Center, while the hipsters and a strong gay population have both camped out in Glockenbach, home to several prominent gay bars and cool mixology spots. The city even has two massive nightlife complexes in the form of Kultfabrik and Optimolwerke where diverse crowds and party scenes can be found in dozens of bars.

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City Center

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