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6 Amazing Nights Out in Munich

6 Amazing Nights Out in Munich

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Aug 24, 2016 —  The capital and crowning city of Bavaria is home to almost six million people, so naturally it attracts a lot of tourists and that means nightlife. If you’re out in Munich, then you have a lot of options available when it comes to pubs and other places to pour yourself a beer. If you’re after a little more of a unique experience, though, check out one of the following options:

Call Me Drella

The name of this club is apparently from a nickname for renowned pop art trailblazer Andy Warhol. That’s a big origin for a big club, the interior of which is possibly one of the most interesting in Munich. Cross Bram Stoker with Walt Disney and you might have an idea of it.

On Maximiliansplatz, this club mixes up some art, kitsch and quality atmosphere with some classic club tunes permeating the air. The drink menu is nothing special, but it’s not bad either and that’s all you need for a great night in Munich!

Augustiner Keller

If there’s one thing Bavaria is renowned for, it’s beer halls and beer itself. That means you’d be remiss to stick to nightclubs when you’re out on the town in Munich, and that’s where the Augustiner Keller comes in.

Locals love beer gardens, and the Augustiner Keller delivers. There’s a huge amount of outdoor seating, but if it does rain then there’s a house cellar that used to be used to store beer and now stores customers.

Augustiner Beer is a treat in itself, so that ought to motivate you to head down there. If you’re in Munich in the summer, then this beer garden simply can’t be beaten.

Jennifer Parks

Berlin has a lot of funky, alternative bars with quirky designs and a cool crowd enjoying drinks at non-extortionate prices, so it’s nice to know that Munich can deliver on that front too. That delivery comes in the shape of Jennifer Parks, near St. Stephan.

Jennifer Parks boasts a score (literally) of different beers and their own original cocktails at prices that won’t totally break the bank, plus a house DJ to lend the place a unique atmosphere rather than the same generic songs you hear at every other bar. 

Monaco in Munich: Casino Royale Monaco

A list of nights out in major cities is never complete without mentioning the option of putting on your metaphorical (or literal, if that’s your bag) tuxedos and having a James Bond style night out at the baccarat tables with a cocktail in one hand and a rack of chips in the other. Where better to have a James Bond style night than at the Casino Royale?

Casino Royale Monaco holds the honour of being Munich’s first privately-owned casino, having opened in November 2006 at Dachauer Strasse 17. Despite the name’s association with the gambling in Monte Carlo, “Monaco” actually comes from the Italian name for Munich, Monaco di Baviera.

Our personal recommendation is blackjack. Why? It’s easy enough to learn a basic strategy for blackjack that means the house edge is the lowest of all casino games, so you have a better chance of financing the rest of your night out with your winnings. Plus, it’s just a really cool game to chill out and socialise at with a drink or two.


This venue on Reitknechstr. 6 boasts that it is “Munich’s most alternative club”. You might not think so from the nondescript entrance, but if you’re into rock, heavy metal, reggae or anything of that ilk then you’d be mad to visit Munich and not take a trip Backstage.

Backstage combines a club with a concert hall and a mosh pit, featuring a nifty beer garden. It’s basically the perfect antithesis to the often hip and trendy nightclub scene in Bavaria, and there is basically a concert every day.

Another plus? It’s open until 3am on Thursdays and 5am on Fridays and Saturdays, which ought to satisfy almost every night time reveller.

Making magic: a new kind of chemistry lesson at Das Labor

The little Das Labor is hard to spot, but if you find it then you’re in for a great night. Located near Stachus, opposite Schlosserstrasse, Das Labor is a pretty unique experience for locals and tourists alike.

Featuring bartenders in white lab coats, shots served in racks of test tubes and even radioactive and flammable drinks make this bar an experiment you’ll want to repeat again and again – for scientific posterity, of course.

Thursday is a day worth going, because it’s happy hour (all night) and features a beer pong tournament with €50 up for grabs. So, win that and buy ten shots – what a great night!

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