Madrid Plazas Overview

Puerta del Sol - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Square in Madrid

There is no shortage of plazas in Madrid as squares can be found all over the city commemorating famous Spanish heroes, moments of national Spanish pride, or simply used as places to hang out.

The plazas are definitely multi-functional and serve a number of purposes for Madrileños. First, they act as a great place to meet up with friends. Second, the plazas are almost uniformly surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. And third, they provide the city’s denizens with a place to kick back and relax – you know, if the afternoon siestas weren’t enough.

One of the most famous Madrid plazas is Plaza Mayor. Built hundreds of years ago, the plaza is surrounded by three-story reddish residential buildings and features a statue of King Phillip III at its center. Inside the square is a market, little shops, and a tapas bar, and the square has also served as host to any number of events like bullfights and festivals.

Other popular plazas in Madrid are Puerta del Sol, centered in the heart of the city and surrounded by famous Spanish landmarks, government buildings, restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping areas, and more, and Plaza de la Paja which is nestled between the walls of the Bishop’s Chapel.

Whichever plaza or square in Madrid you find yourself wandering into; there will always be something to do and something interesting to see. So whether you’re looking to eat, drink, shop, or simply sightsee, there is inevitably a perfect plaza waiting for you.

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