Madrid Parks Overview

Campo del Moro - Park | Tour in Madrid

Madrid has mucho parks, more than most European cities by far. More than forty Madrid parks await inside the city limits, with plenty of room for everything from a pickup soccer game to a quiet afternoon siesta.

At the center of the city, The Retiro is probably the most famous of the parks in Madrid, and includes the Rosaleda (a rose garden), the Palacio de Cristal, the Palacio de Velazquez, and a boating lake. Retiro was originally the garden grounds of the Palace of the Buen Retiro, but was turned over to the public way back in 1868.

There’s also the expansive Casa de Campo, home to an amusement park and the city zoo, as well as many smaller gardens like the Jardín Botánico and the Fuente de Berro Park.

The best landscaped Madrid park is arguably Parque del Oeste, which was designed specifically to provide great open grass spaces and copses to the people of Madrid, and has an awesome cable car ride to Casa de Campo with spectacular views of Madrid's skyline. Parque Enrique Tierno Galván, meanwhile, is a cool place to go check out the city’s planetarium.

No matter where you find yourself in Madrid, if the pressures of urban life suddenly start to weigh you down, grab a picnic basket and head to a grassy expanse nearby to recharge.

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