Madrid Landmarks Overview

El Parque del Buen Retiro - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Park in Madrid

A European capital city bustling with excitement day and night, Madrid has plenty of landmarks to entertain tourists and casual visitors looking for a variety of activities. Parks, plazas, museums and palaces offer plenty to see and do any day of the week.

El Parque del Buen Retiro is a bustling urban playground with plenty of activities to entertain a variety of interests. Quaint walkways, a Japanese garden, and the Crystal Palace offer a relaxing environment for strolling, chatting, and sunbathing, while the central lake is home to street musicians, vendors, and terrace cafés.

For a quieter excursion hidden among a maze of cobblestone streets, the Plaza de la Paja is the historical center of Madrid and cultural meeting point of centuries ago. Chic bars and cafés are nestled at the base of the walls of the medieval Bishop’s Castle, perfect for sipping cocktails in the sun. In the evenings, a trendy young crowd gathers at the bars and lounges for pre-clubbing drinks.

Those looking for some historical landmarks to visit should check out the Neo-Gothic Almudena Cathedral, Madrid’s largest church, or the Palacio Real, Spain’s Royal Palace and the second largest palace in the world.

From quaint cobblestone walkways to bustling plazas, trendy shopping districts to historical architecture, there is no shortage of unique sights and landmarks to visit in Madrid.

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