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Naturbier - Beer Hall | Brewery | Drinking Activity | Gastropub in Madrid

So let’s get something straight when discussing drinking activities in Madrid. First and foremost, there’s a lot more on the menu than sangria. We’re not knocking sangria, but unless you’re whooping it up at 2am with a bunch of college kids, you might want to branch out to some of the (MANY) other options that Madrid drinking activities provide.

If you’re unsure what to order at a bar but you like beer, then just ask for a “caña,” which is a generic term for whatever happens to be on draft. Die-hard beer connoisseurs, of course, will want something a little heavier, even though many beer drinkers are of the opinion that Spanish beer stinks in comparison to other European brews. Head over to Naturbier, though, a German-style beer hall that creates its natural beer – both regular and toasted – at its on-site brewery.

Those who insist on making sangria part of their drinking lineup in Madrid might want to try a tinto de verano (summer red wine), which is a refreshing version of the fruity staple that’s made with either carbonated or bitter lemonade. Just be careful, as summer red wine can lead to one helluva winter hangover.

Finally, no good day of drinking in Madrid would be complete without downing some of the local sida (cider). Sweet and bubbly, cider is a staple of the Madrid drinking diet, and the trick is to keep your bottle high above the glass when you pour it so that it can properly aerate.

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