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Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Want to see the best events at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid? Check out Party Earth for updates, photos, & videos for Real Madrid CF plus other cool events! Madrid Spain 40.453005 -3.688488
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Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - Culture | Stadium in Madrid.
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INFO Sports buffs can experience football action firsthand at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid football, which is considered by many one of the greatest clubs in the sport’s history. Inaugurated in 1947... ... read more

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    Santiago Bernabéu

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    91 398 43 73

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    Season autumn–late spring, occasional summer games; Check website for schedule

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    All Ages, All Types, Anything goes, Burgers, Cover charge, Football, Football Fans, High Energy, Locals, No Liquor, Rowdy, Snack Food, Soccer, Sports, Sports Fans, Sporty

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Videos

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Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Information

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - Culture | Stadium in Madrid.

Sports buffs can experience football action firsthand at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid football, which is considered by many one of the greatest clubs in the sport’s history.

Inaugurated in 1947, Bernabéu Stadium holds over 80,000 fans, and a good thing, too – Madrid completely shuts down when there’s a match on as fans flock to the stadium to cheer wildly from the seats.

To keep the often violent rivalries at bay, alcoholic beverages are not sold or allowed in the arena, but the devotion and passion of fans of all ages – who are all decked out in the team’s colors of white, deep blue, and purple – is all the intoxication one needs to revel in the excitement of the event, especially when the home team scores and the masses explode into a communal scream of GOL!

For a real taste of Madrid’s sporting culture, football enthusiasts should take in a match and, if the team beats its main rival FC Barcelona, join the ecstatic celebration in the streets that is sure to follow a victory by Real Madrid.

The match. Fans will also be celebrating at nearby bars before and after the match.

Food / Miscellaneous
The Stadium has a formal restaurant, but most fans snack on French fries, hamburgers, and other greasy favorites at the fast food stands stationed throughout the building.

Tickets €20–€400. The official website lists prices and available tickets.

When to Go
Any time there’s a match between major rivals – just be sure to book tickets in advance. Evening games last more or less from 9 to 11pm.

Real Madrid fans just go insane, and their passion is contagious – first-time spectators may even find themselves cursing the refs toward the end of the match!

Buy tickets online in advance if possible; if they are sold out, head over to the stadium around 9am and get whatever tickets are left for that day. If Real Madrid wins, follow the crowds for a wild night out – victory celebrations are serious business in this city.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu User Reviews

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The Home of Real Madrid Football Club
Ross M. May 30, 2013
When I first set eyes upon the great venue of "Estadio Santiago Bernabeu", I was shell-shocked. No other football stadium in the world can compare to it, the sheer size of the arena, its tier upon tier structure and most of all eerie atmosphere. Its a revelation! Although as all venues do unfortunately have downfalls, so too does the home of "Los Galacticos". From my point of view, the stadiums' structure is too steep which can result in lacking of atmosphere during games which, we all know, is poor for the beautiful game that is football. Nevertheless, "Estadio Santiago Bernabeu" is in my eyes if not one of the best stadiums in the world "the" best. The atmosphere with the fans is most of the time electric, and can be very contagious to first time visitors.
One of the greatest football stadiums in the world
Jeremy A. Apr 11, 2013
Some sport teams are world renowned, and their venues are often just as famous. You have the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium, The New York Knicks at MSG, and The Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Santiago Bernabéu, home to Real Madrid CF, undoubtedly belongs on this list. Take a tour of this historic stadium and you will all too quickly understand why. A tour of Santiago Bernabéu takes you through the halls of the stadium, from the upper bleachers where the die-hard fans sit, to the players area where greats like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Mesut Ozil make their initial walk onto the pitch. Real Madrid has a long history of success in both the Spanish League and on an international scale. A quick walk through their trophy room is all one needs to see the strength of this powerhouse football team. The tour guides are extremely informative, knowing information about football history that extends beyond just Real Madrid. It's an easy metro ride to this beautiful and historic football coliseum, definitely something that any sports fan (and especially football fans) should visit.
“Noventa minuti en el Bernabéu son molto longo...”
Joe M. Apr 7, 2013
"90 minutes in the Bernabeu are a very long time..." This phrase, spoken by Real Madrid legend Juanito in 1984, warned the opposing team of just that - a football match lasts 90 minutes, but these 90 minutes are going to be the longest of your lives. As you step into the stadium boasting 85,000 seats (and usually the people to fill them) then you can see why. In terms of pure architecture and historical importance, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (named after a former chairman) has to rank amongst the greatest football stadiums in the world. And when you visit, you get the feeling that this club knows it. On matchdays, Placido Domingo´s dulcet tones belt out the club anthem – Hala Madrid – over the speakers, and as the dramatic, operatic music rises to its crescendo you half wonder what all the fuss is about. It´s just a football match, right? Why all the drama? However, the other half of you, the half that listens to neither rhyme, nor reason… Well, that half is like a kid on christmas eve. The hairs on the back of your neck prick up as the sheer number of people begins to make an impression on you, all united in communion to visit their church, where nobody knows what´s going to happen. And it´s magic. And these 85,000 (possibly 83,000, let´s say 2,000 tickets are allocated to travelling fans) have a responsibility. To paraphrase another footballer - this time from Real´s mortal enemies, Piqué of Barcelona – “their job is to make the opposing team hate being a footballer for 90 minutes.” As a fan, however, you don´t feel the same. 90 minutes pass by rather quickly, and then, as suddenly as it´s begun, it´s all over. Grandmothers, lawyers and priests that were screaming all kinds of insults a matter of seconds ago are once again grandmothers, lawyers and priests. The match wraps up with another round of “Hala Madrid” for good measure, and it´s hometime. Luckily enough the stadium is very well connected via public transport – buses and taxis are in abundance and it even has its own metro station: Santiago Bernabeu. It´s only once you get home and reflect that you realise how addictive an experience match day in the Santiago Bernabeu really is. With tickets from around 35 euros upwards it´s not as expensive as most top flight European leagues (England, Italy) but not as cheap as some (Germany). The stadium itself is magnificent – it includes a massive club shop and café, and you can even take a guided tour where you can learn more about the history of the club and see the press room, changing rooms, and go pitchside. Even if you´re not a football fan you should visit to appreciate the architecture, the atmosphere, and most of all, the feeling of communion on matchdays - 85,000 people united in one place and for one reason – to worship their Gods at the temple of football.
Spectacular Cathedral of Football Lives up to it's Billing.
Paul W. Nov 5, 2012
In the pantheon of sports greatest venues, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium surely ranks among the very best. The imposing size and historical significance of the venue is hard to better. The 85,000 seat stadium has been home to Real Madrid, one of Europe's most successful ever football teams, for over 60 years. The stadium has also played host to the Champions League Final on no less than four occasions. Visitors to the city and tourists alike, regardless of their footballing allegiance, visit the stadium daily, to be shown around on the popular stadium tour. If you are lucky enough to have a match ticket, you are in for a treat. The fanatical support for Los Merengues transform the stadium into a white hot cauldron, driving forward their beloved team of Ronaldo, Casillas and co. Not a sports fan? Why not pay a visit to the RealCafe, a restaurant, bar and terrace with stunning views across the stadium and hallowed turf. The Santiago Bernabéu is located on the Paseo de la Castellana. The stadium is served by its own metro station along the Line 10 called Santiago Bernabéu. It is also served by bus routes 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147, and 150.
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