Madrid Neighborhoods

La Latina / Lavapiés

La Latina / Lavapiés, Madrid

Located on the southern edge of historical Madrid just a few blocks from the Royal Palace, La Latina and neighboring Lavapiés are easily some of the most authentic and traditional neighborhoods in the city. The ... more

Malasaña / Chueca

Malasaña / Chueca, Madrid

With its grid of streets packed with bars, live music venues, and alternative shops of every kind – all centered around the picturesque Plaza del Dos de Mayo – the neighborhood of Malasaña is home to one of the ... more

North / Nuevos Ministerios

North / Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid

A hangout of mainly madrileños and other Spaniards, the north of Madrid – whose main neighborhood is Nuevos Ministerios – is not quite as well known to the city’s international population and offers a different ... more

Argüelles / Bilbao

Argüelles / Bilbao, Madrid

Just north of the center of Madrid and near the enormous Complutense University are the more modern neighborhoods of Argüelles and Bilbao. Although it’s not typically thought of as a hotbed of activity, the area ... more

Sol (El Centro)

Sol (El Centro), Madrid

Reputed to be the very center of Spain, Sol’s position within easy walking distance of major attractions like the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum definitely make it the cultural center of Madrid. Virtually all ... more

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