La Latina / Lavapiés, Madrid.
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Located on the southern edge of historical Madrid just a few blocks from the Royal Palace, La Latina and neighboring Lavapiés are easily some of the most authentic and traditional neighborhoods in the city.

The medieval walls and cobblestone streets form a charming labyrinth that confuses even lifelong residents – but of course, getting lost in La Latina is part of the fun. The area contains a maze of narrow, winding streets that lead to dark and noisy taverns where life-loving Spaniards indulge in copious amounts of wine, beer, and tapas – especially on Sunday evenings when they gather in clamorous defiance of the work week ahead.

Just across Calle Toledo is the old Jewish Quarter of Lavapiés, home to a significant portion of Madrid’s immigrant population. Here, a wide variety of small ethnic restaurants and bars are full of friendly, working-class people chattering away in whatever language they manage to find in common.


Where to Go in La Latina / Lavapiés

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