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Kapital One of the most well-known and popular clubs in Madrid, Kapital is a prime example of the city's larger-than-life social scene and is just as much a tourist destination as the nearby Prado Museum. Madrid Spain 40.4096916 -3.6930262
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Kapital - Club in Madrid.
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Party Earth Review One of the most well-known and popular clubs in Madrid, Kapital is a prime example of the city’s larger-than-life social scene and is just as much a tourist destination as the nearby Prado Museum. The seven floors of musical... ... read full review

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    Th–Sa midnight–6am

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Party Earth Kapital Review

The Scene

One of the most well-known and popular clubs in Madrid, Kapital is a prime example of the city's larger-than-life social scene and is just as much a tourist destination as the nearby Prado Museum.

One of the most well-known and popular clubs in Madrid, Kapital is a prime example of the city’s larger-than-life social scene and is just as much a tourist destination as the nearby Prado Museum.

The seven floors of musical madness offer something for just about everyone, so patrons should take the time to explore them all and be prepared for a long night.

The main dance floor is on the first level and features three bars, an amazing light show, and a frenzied crowd dancing to techno and waiting for the blasts of cool air to fire down from the giant fog machine above.

Those who prefer a quieter atmosphere and their own musical stylings will feel at home in the karaoke lounge on the second level. Hip-hop and R&B fans tend to gravitate to the funky beats on the third level, while the DJ box and private area on the fourth level attract folks who just need to get away from the crowd.

Greatest hits and revivals entertain a rambunctious crowd even further up on the fifth level, where two bars serve customers who aren’t shy about belting out lyrics.

Kapital has wisely designated the top two levels as the chill-out areas, creating a mellow vibe on the sixth level where customers can get to know each other, and an outdoor terrace with two bars on the seventh-level roof for those who have escaped the chaos below and want to enjoy their cocktails in peace.

Although pricey, this is not an exclusive hangout, but instead caters to anyone who likes to splurge on an elaborate club experience once in a while. The place attracts a full range of patrons from well-dressed professionals to casual locals, expats, and travelers.

Regardless of the crowd, however, one night at Kapital is sure to supply a week’s worth of stories.

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Tip from Lucas:

Kapital is packed every night it’s open. Those who want the full experience, however, should be aware that some of the upper levels are sometimes closed on Thursdays.

  • Crowd

    Attractive and diverse, 18 to 25.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs play everything from techno and electronica to hip-hop. Karaoke on the second level.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge €15/Th, €18/F, €20/Sa. Drinks €10.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything from t-shirts to formal gowns – but when in doubt, dress to impress.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The biggest crowds show up on Fridays and Saturdays around 3am.

Kapital User Reviews

Average rating:
Party Kapital of Madrid
Melanie P. Nov 23, 2013
If you've never truly lived the phrase "party all night long," you will once you go to Kapital. With 7 different floors each offering unique music and atmosphere, you'll never think of a "nightclub" the same way. Kapital entices the young, wild, and free of not only Madrid, but also all major cities across the world in a paradise of dancing, alcohol, and attractive men and women. Make your experience at Kapital unique by visiting your favorite floors (mine is the Bacardi Mojito Lounge) or alternating between the lower level techno raves to the upper level, open-roof terrace and everything in between. Looking for an authentic Spanish experience while in Madrid? Hit up "The Party Zone" on level 5. Want to see your friends "sing" karaoke at 4 am? Head over to level 2. With so many flavors how could you possibly pick just one? Like most Spanish clubs, the party doesn't pick up until around 1 am at the earliest, but I promise you you'll have no trouble staying out until the metro reopens at 6 am like true Madrileños. No other club I've been to in Europe comes close to Kapital, so if you have only one night in Madrid, there's no way you should be getting any sleep.
RRPP of Kapital
Pablo K. Sep 25, 2013
Excellent place. From my point of view the best club of Madrid. Info of parties and prices: pablorrpp.com/kapital Infoline: 668 874 593 WhatsApp (Flyers, Disccunts, Vip Zone).
One of the Best Clubs in Europe
Clare H. Sep 9, 2013
If you ever go to Madrid, everyone will tell you to go to the club Kapital. Kapital is in the middle of the museum district, but is still only a 15-minute walk away from Sol if you are going to bars before the club. Kapital is a 7-story club that bumps different music on each floor. You start out at the main floor and can take pictures in front of their Kapital sign, dance on the main dance floor, or head to the stairs to go to different floors. Each floor has a completely different vibe, so the night never gets old. There is even Karoke on the second floor if you want to listen or sing to your own music. Also, if you want a quick break, the top floor has an open-air lounge. Here people can chill on sofas or drink at the bar while chatting with friends. The last night of studying abroad, my program decided to get bottle service at Kapital. I suggest doing this for any event because it is only 5 euros more than the entrance fee to get into the club if you get 4 other people to join in. This is great for an occasion because you can sit on nice couches and feel classy drinking a bottle with your friends, before dancing the night away. I have never had any trouble with the people that work there either. If you treat them with respect, they will treat you with respect back. The workers even asked me and a couple of my friends if we wanted to dance on stage with the dancers, and allowed us to go into the VIP section if someone invited us in. You would think since this is the most famous club in Madrid, Kapital is very touristy. Yes there are tourists there, but there are always lots of locals because locals agree Kapital is a great club. Kapital is famous all over Europe and it has reason to be, it is a club that appeals to all and is fun no matter what night you go.
There's more out there
Rudy M. Aug 7, 2013
Yes, Spain and Madrid are famous for their nightlife. Yes, Kapital is one of the most well-known clubs in Madrid. Yes, you will have a good time and there is something for everyone. However, there are other clubs in Madrid which are just as, if not more, fun than Kapital. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this place is terrible by any means. I'm just saying that it's a bit overrated. With that said, it's an awesome club, especially in the summertime because the top floor has an open-air lounge. With 7 stories to choose from with each having a different atmosphere and style of music, you will never get bored. The concept is great, but with all of its' fame and glory, it has become a tourist club, much like Joy Eslava. You won't find too many Spaniards, at least during the summer months, so if that's what you're looking for, I'd suggest you go elsewhere. If you're just a backpacker or tourist looking for a good time, go right ahead and dance the night away. All in all, it's a fun time in a pretty cool building.
Kapital Club
Ryan K. Jul 28, 2013
Madrid boasts some of the most exemplary clubs in all of Spain. Club Kapital is the prime reason for Madrid's exotic party reputation. The building was originally an old theatre which has been rebuilt into a gigantic nightclub of 7 floors. Each floor offers a different ambiance and feel so you are sure to find a scene that fits your style. The party scene at club Kapital is tireless and their countless Dj's keep the energy and excitement throughout the night . Although the 20 euro cover is a bit steep, you are given a drink ticket when you enter the club. There was no problem getting drinks at the bar, as the bartenders were working incredibly hard and getting them out quickly. As with most clubs in Spain the partying begins when the sun has set and it is late into the night. Doors open at 12am on Friday and Saturdays and expect to wait at least 20-30 minutes in line for entry. The only question remains is Madrid can do it all night...can you?
"Meet me in the club, it's going down."
Evelyn F. Apr 8, 2013
For an all-out club experience, Kapital is the place to get your groove on. Kapital is practically seven different clubs stacked on each other, so there is a music and a scene for everyone. However, "everyone" tends to be a young universal crowd. So if you are looking for an authentic Spanish night out, I would try somewhere less touristy. With that said, Kapital offers a good time in an entertaining club (that is bit a pricey) and an opportunity to meet people from every corner of the world. Dress code is not casual, so dress up and drink up when heading to Kapital.
Viva Kapital!
Gérald H. Apr 7, 2013
"Wow". The first word that came to my mind when I entered into one of Madrid's most famous venue. Being an old theatre rebuilt into a giant nightclub, this 7 floors building will absolutely blow your mind. Voted as one of the best clubs on Earth by the famous DJ Mag magazine, you'll definitely love Kapital and its music, different on each floor. Moving from an electro-house ambient to a rap/hip-hop one after having taken a break on the top floor terrace is an experience you can only find there. Also, the energy there is fantastic, so don't expect going out from Kapital before 5am (the club closes at 6). Anyway, you would need 2 nights to visit each floor! Kapital is definitely one of the best clubs I know, where every clubber on Earth should go at least once. Don't forget to grab some Churros when leaving Kapital to have a 100% Madrid night!
Amazingly Fun, Big, and Expensive!
Erika H. Mar 27, 2013
Kapital is one of the most well known clubs and Madrid- and not for nothing! This massive 7 story disco is situated right in the center of Madrid (right next to the Atocha train station) and has something for everyone- literally. You can take your pick of the style of music you like because each floor has a different genre, you literally can’t fail. The only drawback to this impressively large club is how impressively large it is! Coming in smaller groups is better because you’re practically bound to lose at least 1 or 2 throughout the long night you’re in for! Also, the prices are pretty steep, but that is the perfect opportunity to hit up a bar or pub before- 1 of my personal preferences is O’neills Irish Pub. I’m all for making my way from the amazing lights and dance music on the first floor (which has 3 bars) all the way up through more relaxing or more wild settings until I hit my fave- the rooftop terrace on the 7th floor. This gorgeous terrace features yet another 2 full bars and is ideal to take a breather and meet some new people!
Something for Everyone
Lucy C. Feb 26, 2013
Kapital Madrid is of the most emblematic clubs in Spain, if not Europe. The iconic seven floor design makes it unique in comparison with other clubs, and this isn't just an architectural quirk; Kapital truly provides something for everyone, including house and dance music on the huge main floor, R&B and funk music on the third floor, and more relaxed chill out zones, bars and terraces. As is typical in Spain, partying begins only when the sun has well and truly set, so don’t expect to experience the full potential of Kapital until after 2am, and the best nights are understandably Fridays and Saturdays. Doors open at 12am and Kapital often offer free entry before 1am, so be prepared to wait in line for entry if you want to take advantage of this. The standard entry price for most nights is €15-20, which includes 2 drinks of your choice, and bearing in mind the cost of branded alcohol, this can often work out cheaper than buying drinks individually. Kapital can only be described as a spectacle, you really have to experience it to believe it; I personally have never been in any other club with trapeze artists swinging above my head and clowns on stilts casually strolling past me, and if you get as engrossed in energetic dancing as I did then the blasts of cool air pumped from above the dance floor are a welcome bonus. I have been several times with a variety of different groups, including people with what can only be described as incompatible music and nightlife preferences, and yet Kapital is the one place we can all unanimously agree on for a guaranteed great night out. For foreigners and locals alike, I can honestly say that this club has something for everyone; my only piece of advice is that you will probably want more than one night there to truly experience everything that Kapital has to offer!
If you love to dance, you will love Kapital
Amun K. Feb 14, 2013
If you love to dance, regardless if you prefer to shuffle to the latest techno beats, get low with hip hop and R&B, salsa with the best latin dancers or enjoy some oldies, you will love Kapital. With seven different dance floors with seven different music genres you cant leave Kapital without hearing your favorite songs. The first floor is probably the most crowded and for good reason. The DJ was on point when I was there! Each track was better than the next, and he was one of the sexiest DJ ever. The crowd was fun and lively, some Spanish people but mostly travelers from across Europe and the States. The lights and sound system were awesome and so was the fog machines and misters. It is crowded though, so if you prefer to enjoy the music without bumping into others, I would recommend going up the stairs which are one the right and left of the main stage and watching from the balconies. Watch out for the security though, they will kick you out if you try to stand on the stairs, they don't want you to block any walkways (and they are a bit pushy so be warned). The third and fourth floor are hip hop and R & B probably the best I have heard in Spain (and I am from LA so I have been craving some good dancing music). All of the floors have huge glass windows looking out to the 1st floor and it is a great view of the main DJ so check it out. Also you will see little lounges where people are smoking shisha (hookah). The fifth floor is latin music, if you want to meet Spanish people obviously go here. Its a friendly and fun place to learn some latin moves! I loved the music. You will have to pay cover, try to find a promotional flyer and you can get in for 15 euros or maybe less if you talk to them in Spanish. If you speak in English they will rip you off and make you pay the full 20. Also, just be prepared it is really busy and the security will push you around if you are in the way, even in the coat check line they do not hesitate to shove you along. But regardless, it is one of the best clubs I have ever been in, Vegas does not compare to Kapital. The vibes are amazing, the people are there to party and the music is spectacular.
Seven Floors and a 6am Deadline
Lorena A. Jan 11, 2013
Flashing lights, high ceilings, choreographed dancers on stage, and seven floors of madness are only a few of the elements that make up the infamous Kapital. This is the sort of place that caters to every partygoer’s deepest desires, with each floor drastically differentiating one from the other. The first floor is quite possibly one of the biggest and the one that attracts the most attention. At the front of the room there is a massive stage on which both male and female choreographed dancers move in sync with every drop of the bass. Towards the center of the room there are two separate mini dancing stages on which there are dancing polls where you can see a couple of tourists and even some local Spanish girls dancing on. Yet, there is still an aura of highly sophisticated elegance that emulates through the one hundred foot ceiling. In addition, there is a smoke machine that every few minuets releases seconds of a rapidly fading cool breeze. Combined with good music, it’s easy to forget that there are still six other floors, which you have yet to uncover. The second floor is where the main DJ resides, and is much smaller of a dancing arena than that of the first floor. Unless you reserve a table, this section is mostly reserved for VIP guests. The third and forth floor cater to every type of song that a hip-hop and R&B enthusiast could ever ask for. The fifth floor is the home of Latin music. While they mostly play classic salsa, there is still a wide range of bachata and merengue played, which adds a nice balance in between songs. The remaining two floors exist for the sole purpose of relaxation and conversation. The rooftop terrace is exceptionally nice, although it only tends to be open during the summer time. While Spanish locals tend to see Kapital as more of a tourist hang out, it’s definitely the sort of place everyone in town should experience at least once. Kapital is sure to leave one in a blissful daze of exhaustion from all the dancing but overall lingering feeling of complete satisfaction.
First night in Madrid at Kapital
Laryssa A. Jan 10, 2013
The study abroad group that I was studying with decided to take us on our first excursion to Madrid. I had only heard things of this city and couldn't wait to see what it had in store for us. After a long day of museums like the Prado and the Reina Sofia, a classmate and I decided that we would venture out into the city and see what fun we would run into. We crossed the street of our hotel to have a few tapas and sangrias. Our waitress was very friendly and recommended Kapital, which just so happened to be right across the street from where we were eating. She was glad to hear that we were eager to have fun, and set us up with a few complimentary chupitos after we paid our bill to build our excitement. We walked towards the structure and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We were led into an alley with a line that stretched so far back that we thought we would never make it in. What we didn't realize at the time was that the club was SEVEN stories high, and that the line was going to flow smoothly no matter how many people jumped into it. When we finally made it in, we paid our 20 euro cover (a bit steep, but worth it) and were also given a drink ticket. We had no problem getting our drinks at the bar, as the bartenders were slinging drinks left and right and getting them out quickly. The crowd began to fill the dance floor and we danced the night away! Each of the seven floors had its own theme, which was really awesome. From techno, to house, to reggae, there is something for everyone at Kapital! I most enjoyed the top floor which was very elegantly decorated in white, giving off a lounge-chill vibe. If you're looking for a great club experience in Spain, Kapital is definitely the way to go!
Interesting concept
Jody P. Dec 11, 2012
I was hesitant to go to Kapital because i'm not big into the club scene but i'm glad I went. It is a very interesting concept. I thought the idea of a seven story club sounded kind of ridiculous, but you have to see it to understand. Each floor has something very different. The first floor is most like a typical club with the smoke machines and laser light shows and house music. Each of the other floors has something different - different music style, etc. There is even one area where they have karaoke which i thought was really unique. The top floor is more like a chill lounge which is a nice break after a lot of clubbing. It is a bit more quiet and you can sit and relax a little bit.
very epic
Siqi L. Dec 5, 2012
seven different levels, you will definitely find what you like. it is great for dancing to all different types of music (house, salsa, rap, ...). They have live dancers on stage and strategically placed on various perch like stages through out the club. The dancers were very erotic and created quite a stir among the club goers when they came out on stage. This is also an incredibly touristy spot. The many of the people there are not from the area.
Obnoxiously large monsta-club
Lauren H. Nov 7, 2012
One of the most well known discotecas in madrid this 7 floor club is always a good time. Each floor has something new. On the main floor has a stage with dancers to entertain you, another floor is a smaller bar, karaoke bar, hiphop themed, then a quieter floor upstairs to chill, rest your feet and drink some more!! Unfortunately the open rooftop hangout closes as it gets colder.
The Best Night of Your Life
Adam F. Oct 31, 2012
How can one sum up the experience had in Kapital? This mammoth of a nightclub features seven differently themed floors and and incredibly diverse atmosphere. Upon first approach, one will be turned off by the endless line stretching around the block however, I promise it is worth the wait. The cover is reasonably priced and includes a top shelf free drink to kick start the evening. Once entering the club, many first approaches would be towards the dance floor containing more energy than many music festivals. From the center of the dance floor, you can see the 100 foot ceiling and the six other floors that surround the club like a doughnut. With many ins and outs, this club is very mobile and easy to get around. However, I suggest sticking close to your friends because if you lose each other, you can guarantee not to reconnect. The second floor of this beastly club consists of the main DJ and surround VIP tables. Although the bast majority of ravers populate the bottom floor, hundred more reside above. The third floor, is a less international crowd that features hip hop and dancers with skills surpassing the common fist pump. Elevating even higher is the fourth floor of R&B and the fifth floor of salsa/samba. The salsa floor can be intimidating to those uneducated in the beautiful dance, however with a little imagination and the help of a friendly spanish girl, you may dabble with some moves. Further North, the sixth floor can serve as a lounge or whatever theme chosen by the club for the particular season. The rooftop or terrace, open in summer, serves as solitude from the busy rush below. With an Arabian vibe, one can find TVs, couches, pool table and a chill social scene. In beginning your descent, you cannot leave without ample time spent on the main floor under the main DJ. Upon every main bass/beat drop, the ceiling emits an atomic explosion of CO2 gas that instantly cools the sweaty ravers yet instilling an adrenaline rush propelling the crowd with new energy. While dancing and enjoying the splendor of this party warehouse, you may catch trapeze performers flying high above the crowd with spectacular stunts and lighting effects. Your night is guaranteed to last until the sun comes up and to your own surprise, you will be reluctant to exit. When reminiscing about this legendary night, you will feel as if you party hopped to seven of the best clubs in the world. There is not enough time in the night to fulfill the common thrill-seeker at the immense and extravagant Kapital.
complete madness
Sam A. Sep 30, 2012
Kapital is an overwhelming club. It is completely massive. There are seven floors to roam up and down --- most of them with a very different scene. Expect different music on each floor along with a different vibe. Kapital will not get crowded until late in the evening so don't expect much until 2-3am. The Madrilenos get going early but don't arrive in the clubs until late. I believe the club stays open until 6 or 7 in the morning so get ready to go all night long.
The single best highlight of my Europe trip
Tammi Y. Sep 18, 2012
I studied abroad in Spain and when friends and I spent the weekend in Madrid, we heard about this place. At the hostel we were staying at, the buzz was KAPITAL. We had a blast! Interestingly enough clubs in Spain get super busy in the wee hours of morning, a la 3AM. There's seven floors of different atmospheres. We hung out mostly on the main dance floor, every couple of minutes there's a super refreshing cool blast of air and fogginess/haziness, which was AWESOME. We didn't even really have time to hang out on the other floors either! Seriously this is one of the best clubs I've been to. Very memorable night, we have a lot of stories from this place, I'm sure you will too!
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