Joy Madrid

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Joy Madrid A popular destination for those looking for a dose of techno, Joy Madrid is a high-energy club where sexy house dancers take to the stage and trendy revelers take to the floor to lose themselves in an electronic sea of light... Madrid Spain 40.4171709 -3.706342
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Joy Madrid - Club | Concert Venue in Madrid.
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Party Earth Review A popular destination for those looking for a dose of techno, Joy Madrid is a high-energy club where sexy house dancers take to the stage and trendy revelers take to the floor to lose themselves in an electronic sea of... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 11:30pm–6am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Joy Madrid Review

The Scene

A popular destination for those looking for a dose of techno, Joy Madrid is a high-energy club where sexy house dancers take to the stage and trendy revelers take to the floor to lose themselves in an electronic sea of light...

A popular destination for those looking for a dose of techno, Joy Madrid is a high-energy club where sexy house dancers take to the stage and trendy revelers take to the floor to lose themselves in an electronic sea of light and sound.

The spacious sunken dance floor, spectacularly illuminated by the blue lights and undulating special effects projected on the back wall of the stage, is surrounded on all sides by rows of sleek tables and sofas where patrons taking a breather can sit and enjoy the view.

When things get too hectic, revelers can wend their way up to the horseshoe-shaped balcony that wraps around the edge of the dance floor to create a soaring party space with a vibe all its own.

No matter where one turns, it’s impossible to miss the myriad futuristic lighting and laser equipment that works its way up the walls of this cavernous room and culminates in a giant disco ball over the stage.

Night owls will want to stick around at Joy Madrid, because after 3am, the house lights dim, the volume is cranked up even more, and a chaotic collection of wires and gadgets spring to life, thrumming and pulsating to create what is easily the most elaborate synchronized light show in Madrid.

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Tip from Adriana:

This club has an incredible setup and is full of trendy people. Check it out any time around 2:30am, but only if you’re ready for a full-fledged, all-night club experience.

  • Crowd

    Well-dressed, stylish people of all ages and nationalities.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Disco, techno, and fast dance music.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge €12/Su–Th, €15/F–Sa, includes one drink. Beer €4–€6, cocktails €12.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays between 2:30 and 3:30am.

Joy Madrid User Reviews

Average rating:
Not the Best
Clare H. Sep 9, 2013
Joy is known to be one of the best clubs in Madrid. Even though it is located smack dab in the middle of Sol, where all the bars are, I still preferred to go to clubs other than Joy. Joy is a typical nightclub and is not that special compared to other clubs in Madrid. Joy has one main ground floor and a big stage where people dance. The floor and the stage never get too crowded and there is always good music playing. There is also a huge disco ball in the center of the floor that shines light on everyone dancing below. My main problem with Joy is their arrogant bouncers outside. The bouncers here are very strict and kick people out of line purely for their own amusement. One night I was with 20 of my study abroad friends a bouncer decided to kick us all out of line because one girl had a copy of her passport on a piece of paper. I think they are obnoxious to tourists on purpose because I have seen them act nicer to locals. Although Joy is located in Sol, if you would rather make the most out of your night and money, go to Kapital. It is only a 15-minute walk from Sol and you will have a great time guaranteed. You will most likely get into the club with no problem and will have more music and floors to dance on.
Saturday night in Joy Madrid
Laura T. May 23, 2013
I went there on a warm June night, right after having dinner at a Galician restaurant (whose name I can't recall), but I would totally recommend anyone to eat at any of those with typical Galician food, which can simply get you from "satisfied" to "speechless"! Anyways, if you go to Joy you'd better not expect an adult audience, especially on a Saturday night, because then you and/or your friends could be the only ones that might look like actual grown ups. And even though drink prices are not precisely cheap and music can sometimes get way too "popish", they actually go from modern music to oldies, so you don't really have to get bored and be looking forward to go elsewhere, which in the end is a relief since you previously pay for the entrance. What I liked the most about this place was its location. It's literally in the city center, close to Puerta del Sol. Lively pub close to a lively area! But like it or not, there's nothing a good company can't fix! So it's definitely up to you!
Best on Thursdays
Arianna S. Mar 5, 2013
Joy has been the go-to Thursday night spot for my group of friends while studying abroad in Madrid, and for a fair number of other Erasmus students. I would say that this club is best for people who like electro/pop music, and don't mind dancing close to new people. The prices are decent, and usually come with two copas upon entry, and they are very generous with the mixer:alcohol ratio.With that being said, I would definitely advise imbibing in the number of bars on/near Calle Arenal that offer "chupitos gratis" before heading to Joy, as drinks are somewhat on the pricey side! Ultimately, Joy has always been a good time for our group of friends, and we have definitely enjoyed the proximity to San Gines and the fact that you can re-enter Joy with a hand stamp. Sometimes, you've just got to take a dancing break for some chocolate and churros!
An average night for an average price...
Pamela G. Feb 23, 2013
Joy Madrid can be described in a single word—convenient. It’s not the most glamorous or happening of nightclubs in Madrid and aside from the nights it features guest DJs or performers, the music is about as average as its clientele and its prices. But its location on Calle Arenal, a stone’s throw away from the famous Puerta del Sol and in the smack-dab center of Madrid’s party scene, saves the club from fading completely into the party skyline. Don’t get me wrong, the club has a fair amount of glitz being as it’s located in a renovated theater with a fair amount of laser lighting for good measure but to be a top club in Madrid, Europe’s party capital, they’ll need a bit more than just fancy lighting, a big screen, and partygoers at 5 in the morning. Every club has that… The great clubs have that and more. That being said, its convenient location shouldn't be overlooked. A night at Joy can be the anchor of your night as you can stumble in after a rendezvous at one of the many neighboring pubs like Dubliners and later stumble straight from its doors into the Cafeteria San Gines for some late night churros and chocolate, less than 30 seconds away. With the right friends, attitude, and plenty of drinks, a night at Joy will leave you satisfied, if not blown away. Just stay wary, its central location makes it ideal for tourists and study abroad students but also for locals looking to prey on foreigners with sleazy pick up lines and the distorted idea that all American girls (or Brits or basically all Anglo-Saxons) are easy. For the best Joy experience, don’t go before Thursday to avoid the highest concentration of shady characters and because many of the club’s sections may be closed due to low volume. And remember, always take a friend!
Want to go Loco? Joy can help
JD K. Jan 30, 2013
I went to Madrid to see a friend of mine who was living there for a few months trying to learn spanish. I went on a Thursday night, which is suppose to be the best night to go to this club. This place got wild. The music had everything from 80's hits to new DJ mixes. The place was extremely international and everyone parties until at least 5am. The americans there were mostly students. The club was huge. Three levels and at least 2 bars on each level. They give you a deal that gives you 2 drinks with your entrance fee, but after that the cheapest drink you can get is a Carlsberg beer for 9 Euro. If you don't know what to do or where to go in Madrid go to Joy. It is in the center of the city and is very easy to find because of its huge neo lights. Proves to be a good time.
Tipsy Tourists
Risa C. Nov 19, 2012
I went here with a group of girls on a random weeknight and had a decent time. The DJ's played a mix of popular American music AKA pop, 80's and top 40 which probably explained the international crowd, but was also good to get the sparse crowd dancing. The decor was also pretty fancy schmancy. Weirdly enough, we ran into someone from our college back in New York, but also met friendly (and good looking) locals that were willing to buy a group of girls a few drinks. When I got back to the states and told my boss that we went here, he told me that when he had gone 5 years earlier the cab driver had also randomly directed him to the same club. I get the sneaking suspicion this is where locals go to pick up tourists....
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