Madrid Jazz Clubs Overview

Bogui Jazz - Jazz Club in Madrid

Ay dios mio, there is a lot of jazz in Madrid! Spain’s capital has seen quite an explosion of live music venues in recent years, and jazz clubs and jazz bars are no exception. From smoky dives to bumping clubs, jazz bars and larger jazz clubs in Madrid attract stunning talent and make for a great way to prime the night.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Madrileños love their nightlife and being out till the sun comes up, and seeing as cover charges are rarely outlandish – and often include a drink to boot – grabbing a jazz performance early in the evening gets people into the bars and into the mood to party.

Located in the heart of the sizzling nightlife of Huertas – a legendary strip of clubs and bars on the eastern side of the city center – the critically acclaimed Café Jazz Populart is one of Madrid’s oldest and most popular jazz clubs, which presents a diverse roster of live performances that include reggae, jazz, Afro-Brazilian, blues, and salsa.

For a more modern kick, El Junco is an unassuming, funky little jazz club that attracts a clientele of young and vivacious music lovers who crowd around the stage to dance and cheer. Even at the far end of Calle de La Palma, just where the clamor of Malasaña appears to fade away into residential tranquility, the nightlife suddenly picks up again with a series of energetic bars – the crown jewel of which is the jazz and Brazilian-centric Café La Palma.

Looking for more Madrid jazz clubs? Just ask the next person you see: ¿dónde está el jazz?

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