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Gula Gula - Gay Club | Restaurant in Madrid

Madrid is easily the biggest party city in all of Spain, so it’s no surprise that there are a lifetime of clubs in Madrid to fill one’s nightlife.

Revelers have no problem staying out late, and the Madrid clubs accommodate by often staying open well into the next morning. Seriously, walking in at 10pm will be like entering a post-apocalyptic warehouse because the club will be so empty. But once 3am rolls around, the rooms will be jam-packed with the young and restless dancing to DJ heavy beats until dawn.

This being Spain, flamenco clubs abound – and are often quite pricey – but so do dingy, student-driven clubs, kitschy discos, and mega nightclubs that could give Ibiza a run for its money.

Sol (El Centro) is a great place to start the night, especially along Huertas, a strip of lively small clubs that extends east of the main center and attracts a younger crowd of locals and internationals who show up to drink and dance the night away.

Chueca is packed with gay clubs and is considered the heart of Madrid’s gay culture, and home to everything from raucous, good-humored drag shows to chic, upscale dance clubs, while north of the city center in Nuevos Ministerios a largely cosmopolitan crowd enjoys a small but pricey collection of glitzy nightclubs.

Clubbing in Madrid is easy, though getting anything done after being out till 6am may be a different story.

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