Madrid Cafés Overview

Chocolatería San Ginés - Café in Madrid

There is an endless assortment of classic cafés all over the city of Madrid. You would have to drink an incredible amount of coffee – and no doubt be peeing like every ten seconds – if you tried to go to each different classic café spot.

The rich tradition of Madrid cafés goes back generations. Throughout Madrid´s history, intellectuals, artists, writers, thinkers and just plain posers have retreated to Madrid´s cafés to speak authoritatively – if not necessarily knowledgeably – about the events and intellectual issues of the day.

Coffee is, of course, a popular drink in the cafés of Madrid, including café con leche (with lots of milk, much like a latté), cortado (less milk), or negro. A popular summertime variation as the Madrid heat settles in is café blanco y negro, which includes cold black coffee and a scoop of either horchata (authentic) or vanilla (also popular) ice cream.

Cafés in Madrid naturally serve other beverages, such as vino tinto (red wine), cerveza (beer) and agua either with or without bubbles. Madrid café food tends toward tapas and basic snacks such as slices of tortilla española, salads, or sandwiches, but some cafés, such the Cafe de Oriente, can serve surprisingly sophisticated meals for a bargain price.

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