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Party Earth Review As a neighbor to the Universidad Complutense, Spain’s largest university, Bar Campus (as its name would suggest) attracts primarily a student crowd whose residences and dormitories are within walking/stumbling distance of the bar’s door. Chatty Spaniards and international scholars pack the smoky corners and huge wraparound bar to mingle and take a break from their studies, while those in need of a quieter space can go upstairs where a small seating area provides some refuge from the dancing crowd and foosball players below. The action starts to pick up around 10:30pm, when the whine of feedback from the microphones in the corner signals that it ... more


Paseo de Juan XXIII, 22
28040 Madrid

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Madrid Karaoke Bars Overview

Bar Campus - Bar | Karaoke Bar in Madrid

Madrid nightlife is legendary for its electric pulse, and no form of nightlife may be as high-energy as karaoke. Madrid karaoke bars are spots where the fun is turned up to level 11. Backpackers and university students are especially susceptible to the embarrassment/glory duality that is singing in front of friends and strangers.

Typical university watering hole Bar Campus packs in Spanish and international students, who dance, shout conversation, and play foosball to get away from the stress of their studies. The action really starts to pick up around 10:30pm when the whine of feedback from the microphones in the corner signals that it’s time for karaoke lovers to show what they've got. The talented get their chance to bow to adoring crowds, while the, um, others, are forgiven for their tin ears. Karaoke is all in good fun, no matter what the venue.

Alcohol is pretty much a prerequisite, as some rock gods need a little bit of liquid courage. Karaoke bars in Madrid such as Taberna Elisa, La Maripepa, and Brindis offer karaoke nights that pair well with their jovial vibes. Taberna Elisa is frequented by musicians, though, so your singing competition might be a bit fierce.

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