Madrid Cocktail Bars Overview

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Folks will certainly argue about what makes a great cocktail, but no one can argue that there aren’t a large variety of great Madrid cocktail bars. What did you expect from one of the most party-happy cities in Europe?

Seeing as most cocktail bars in Madrid (or any bars for that matter) don’t get going till well after 10pm, you can either drop in early to avoid the crowd and slowly sip an artisan drink or show up later to let loose with the locals.

Del Diego in Sol is very popular with a young crowd of cocktail connoisseurs, and the Pisco Sours served up inside the bright and airy venue flow like water long into the night. Infantile English speakers might snicker at the name, but the opulent Bar Cock over in Malasaña takes its libations very seriously, and patrons at this Madrid cocktail bar are encouraged to order drinks that aren’t on the menu.

Over on a small street in one of Madrid’s business districts, Fortuny is a lavish mansion-style chalet whose elegant Mediterranean restaurant and upscale lounge and club cater to the city’s elite, with equally elite cocktails to match. From casually hip to unapologetically exclusive, Madrid cocktail bars make it just as easy to get a great cocktail as a great serving of tapas. Okay, maybe not THAT easy, but nothing – not even a cocktail bar in Madrid – can compete with the holy tapas bar.

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