Argüelles / Bilbao, Madrid.
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Just north of the center of Madrid and near the enormous Complutense University are the more modern neighborhoods of Argüelles and Bilbao.

Although it’s not typically thought of as a hotbed of activity, the area is actually quite rich and provides plenty to see and do, including art galleries, top-notch restaurants, and the pristine Parque Oeste.

From the squeaky-clean, tree-lined streets to the exceptional shopping on main avenues like Calle Princesa, Argüelles and Bilbao are a magnet for young, affluent professionals who descend on the area for both work and play.

Despite the slightly higher prices and more upscale image, their proximity to the university still makes these two barrios a frequent hangout for students. Fun yet affordable options like boisterous pubs, wine bars, and small clubs offering a bit of good dancing rub shoulders with the posher venues to create a welcoming environment for both professionals and students.

And although Argüelles and Bilbao may be somewhat livelier on the weekends, there are still plenty of nightlife gems that draw diverse crowds all week long and provide a haven for anyone unwilling to let little things like work or school get in the way of a good time.


Where to Go in Argüelles / Bilbao

  • * Argos 30s / 40s / Breakfast
  • * Chapandaz 18 and over / Bar / Budget-friendly

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