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Santa Monica Pier Searching for concerts at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for the Pier's schedule & experience this cool live music spot for yourself! Los Angeles United States 34.009471 -118.497322
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Santa Monica Pier - Event Space | Landmark | Live Music Venue | Outdoor Activity in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Santa Monica Pier is a 100-year-old SoCal landmark and popular destination for tourists, locals, and beach-goers of all ages. The pier is located on Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica and is comprised of two separate... ... read more

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Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica West Coaster Front Seat on-ride POV Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel w/Fireworks
Glow @ Santa Monica Pier 2008
Exploring the beauty of Santa Monica Pier 2009
Santa Monica Pier Pinkapalooza, Fall Out Boy Akon Cover

Santa Monica Pier Information

Santa Monica Pier - Event Space | Landmark | Live Music Venue | Outdoor Activity in Los Angeles.

The Santa Monica Pier is a 100-year-old SoCal landmark and popular destination for tourists, locals, and beach-goers of all ages. The pier is located on Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica and is comprised of two separate bridges: the Municipal Pier and Pleasure Pier.

The Santa Monica Pier offers attractions for both daytime and nighttime adventure-seekers. Attractions at the Santa Monica Pier include an amusement park, a carousel from the 1920s, an aquarium, and a variety of shops and restaurants. The pier’s most notable attraction is its humongous Ferris wheel that looks amazing when lit up at night.

The Santa Monica Pier has been used in a number of major films including Forrest Gump, Titanic, and Iron Man. The Pier has also made appearances in television shows such as South Park, Gilmore Girls, and 24.

Santa Monica Pier is the quintessential Southern California beach destination that offers a fun, laidback atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!

Santa Monica Pier User Reviews

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John R. Aug 21, 2013
Come to the famous Californian beach that is Santa Monica! Its a bit on the dirty side, but entertainment on the pier makes up for it. You can ride the ferris wheel and get a breathtaking view of the coast. There are vendor games you can play for a reasonable price and restaurants nearby. I highly recommend going to the Bubba Gump Shrimp establishment. Dip your feet in the sand and enjoy the pacific breeze.
Prominent landmark in Southern California
Esther L. Aug 18, 2013
What's a trip to Santa Monica without visiting the Pier? Sure, it doesn't compare to the piers of Orange County and San Francisco, but for Los Angeles it ain't half bad. Versatile, colorful, and relaxing, SMP offers something for everyone. You can sit and watch the waves. You can sit on rides. Little food vendors greet you all over. Free concerts? Seafood restaurants? Count me in! I'll see you at SMP for the ride of a lifetime!
Definitely one of the most fun touristy things to check out in So Cal for locals or tourists.
Diego C. Aug 15, 2013
Welcome to the pier my frienemies. They have it all here from fun zone roller-coaster and ferris wheel rides to carnival midway games a few restaurants, ohhh and occasional summer free concerts! Don't plan to park here though as parking is a nightmare most of the time. However the fun for tots and elders makes up for it usually. Pro Tip #1: Pier side parking is $15 The fun zone definitely reminds you of a place like Coney Island or the Newport Beach fun zone on steroids. The rides over the water present a great time for all comers and present an awesome sunset photo op! Pro Tip#2: If you park at 3rd St Promenade a few blocks away, the first 1.5 hrs is free and the next hour only costs about $2! The proximity of the pier to 3rd Street Promenade allows for a fantastic date night. You can stroll along the beach, pier, and a million restaurants easily. Just make sure you have flip flops or sandals on so you can cruise through the buttresses under the pier as well as walk down its length on a hot day and avoid any splinters as the pier is mostly made out of wood. The free concerts during the summer add an extra quality to the location and liven it up with a huge crowd draw. So that can be both good and bad at the same time, just be cognoscente of it when you head down.
Must Visit Landmark in Santa Monica
Cassandra B. Aug 6, 2013
Santa Monica Pier is the perfect spot to take a date or for a family fun outing. If you want to see a beautiful view of Santa Monica then this is the place to go to. The Santa Monica Pier has amusement park rides like the famous Ferris Wheel that lights up at night creating unique fluorescent shapes like a happy face. Another favorite past time is the roller coaster that takes thrill seeker on a quick and scenic ride overlooking the beach. If that is not enough to get you interested there is an assortment of restaurants and games to try. Another choice is to have a picnic on the beach and hopefully catch a view of some dolphins surfing by. Overall Santa Monica Pier is a fun place to visit that generation after generation most visitors recall pleasant memories of this location. Plus parking is inexpensive and is very close to shops.
Nice First Date Spot
yj W. Aug 2, 2013
I have been asked to list where I went for dates, and Santa Monica pier is one of the spots where good memories is left. I like this place because it is so versatile. beach, sea view, old fashioned small amusement park and many other attractive things can be found here. I would not deny that this is a crowded tourist attraction, but it is one of few places local people also would enjoy. Hanging around the beach and watch the sunset together with people I like is pretty romantic. Besides, Santa Monica is everything but a boring place. Even an aquaphobia will like this seaside place. Shopping centers, bars, cute restaurants, crepe shops, boutiques, countless fun spots are around neighborhood. Pier itself is cute, big plus for the exciting environment. Remember to bring a jacket if you are planning a romantic night out there, it can be a little too cool at night.
Lesser Known Entertainment
Kristin H. Aug 1, 2013
The Santa Monica Pier one the most popular locations in Southern California and bring tourists from all over the world. While the pier itself provides a variety of entertainment itself (street performers, shops, amusement park, etc), you should also take the opportunity to head south of the pier to the traveling rings sets. If you want a little break from the people around you on the pier, you will usually be able to catch people performing various tricks and stunts on the rings, ropes and balance beams. It’s almost like watching a free circus. When it comes to parking while visiting the Santa Monica Pier, you can opt to park at parking lots near the pier, or you can choose to park in one of the nearby parking garages for cheaper. Depending on the time of day, you may be able to park a parking garage for free. While you’re at the pier, don’t forget to look out into the distance. If you keep your eyes open you may be able to see dolphins swimming off the shore.
A So Cal Fave
Paula S. Jun 28, 2013
When I get an opportunity to head South, about once every 5 years, I always make it a point to include a stop at Santa Monica Pier, preferably for the entire day and evening. I love both the day long activities; beach fun, sunbathing, surf photography, and shopping, as well as the night life up on the Boardwalk, including riding the famous Ferris Wheel, and playing at the Arcade. If I am here for a weekend, and I wake up for Sunday brunch, I head south on Santa Monica Blvd., away from the crowds, and find small spots, that serve up some mean grub, and strong coffee. I never leave Santa Monica without spending at least one hour riding a beach cruiser up and down the Boulevard... but when I really want to cruise, I head down a little further south to PB, Pacific Beach, in San Diego... this is home of the beach cruiser, surfer dog world, and I just love me some PB. Look for my review of PB.
For those of you who like Long Walks on the Beach
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
So just a couple of words to describe this place: mesmerizing, magical, and magnificent. On the off chance that you get to come here, definitely bring a date because there are miles of shoreline where you guys can just stare off into the sunset and talk. Nearby, they have ferris wheels and something called the Sea Dragon that really bring out the kid in you. Around the night, however, you do meet a lot of strange people and the place often gets crowded, especially the amusement park in the pier. It's one of those must see places if you're in Southern California, and it's especially so if you want to really show someone a beautiful coastline and fun time, or have nothing to do with some friends.
Good for Any Time
Lauren N. May 23, 2013
I've been to Santa Monica Pier during the day and during the night. During the day, you'll see a lot of tourists roaming around. They have rides and restaurants. While I haven't actually tried any of the rides or the restaurants on the pier, it's nice to just walk around and take in what it really means to live in Southern California. With LA weather, there's no way you could go wrong with going onto the pier. I've also been here in the middle of the night when I needed just to relax and have a late-night talk with my friend, but I found that a lot of people come here to fish at night, which is pretty cool to just watch. If you're a fan of people-watching, come enjoy the pier!
Pretty but crowded
Maggie H. May 18, 2013
Where else to go other than the beach on a warm sunny day in Souther California? There's so much to do around here! There's restaurants, a carousel, and the beach. With LA weather, you really can't go wrong coming here. The sand and water can be a little dirty, but it's still relaxing. It can get a little crowded especially on a really hot day. Everyone is just laying on their towels tanning. The pier bathrooms are pretty gross. Park at the temporary lot if you're only going for a few hours but park at the all day lot if you plan to spend the entire day there. Bring your friends and family!
Amazing and Gorgeous
Maria P. Mar 27, 2013
This was one of the most beautiful spots in the Los Angeles that I've visited. It was completely perfect just to walk along the shoreline with my family, and taking in the beautiful Californian sun and water I lack here in the East coast. The stores and restaurants nearby were not at all a disappointment, as any restaurant we walked by looked appetizing and interesting. The only thing is, if you are on a serious budget, I suggest you do not venture to this area thinking you will save a couple of dollars. You will be spending money and you will have fun.
Fun but expensive
Anthony James B. Mar 26, 2013
If you want to have fun on a budget this may not be the place for you. Everything here is completely over priced. From the food, to the games, to the rides, expect to pay for anything and everything. If you're planning to just come here and relax/tan/go in the water, then this really is a fun place to be. One of my favorite things about the SM Pier/Beach is I often see a lot of advertisements for weekly events during the summers. They offer a lot of free concerts and movie screenings, which I think is a really cool and fun idea. Though I've never been to any of these events, I have had a ton of friends who have gone any they've all said it was an enjoyable experience. Now that summer is approaching I hope to get to check out one of these events!
A day by the beach
Anmol R. Mar 26, 2013
Santa Monica Pier is an amazing place to visit and enjoy. I have gone biking along the ocean shoreline and it was an amazing experience and a beautiful bike ride. The Pier is a wonderful place to take some beautiful pictures. Not only that but just relaxing on the beach is super fun too. In the summertime it is so much fun to go in the water and just chill with your friends. It is a very relaxing place and super beautiful. The Pier has really nice place to eat at and shop. It’s a wonderful place to spend the day at.
Visit once or twice, and that will suffice
John I. Mar 22, 2013
The pier is historic. It is one of those places where if you are in the area, you might as well visit it. It is fun if you have never been before. It is like a carnival over the ocean. It offers acrobatic lessons, small carnival rides, and concession stand food. If you’re with kids, the merry-go-round is worth it. The ferris wheel and roller coaster are expensive, but it is worth splurging just for those two. The views are impressive, and the fact that the roller coaster is above water makes it that much more exciting. I wouldn’t bother eating on the pier. It is always crowded and loud. Go back to Santa Monica, plenty of food options there. In short, it is a very crowded tourist site.
Another fun tourist Site
Kimberly A. Mar 18, 2013
Definitely someplace you have to go if you are visiting Los Angeles. It is a little pricey to go on the rides but I had fun going on the roller coaster. The ferris wheel is also pretty romantic. Make sure to walk all the way to the end of the pier and watch the waves for a while. The best time to go is during the day when the sun is out. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! There is also a fun aquarium where you can look at starfish and things. But if you really love the beach I would say try to go up the coast a bit because it is a pretty dirty beach and it is usually packed.
Beautiful Place
Valerie Y. Mar 3, 2013
The pier is a beautiful place to walk around. There are sometimes some side shows put on by entrepreneurs trying to make money off of donations. Their shows are pretty entertaining, so it is worth giving them a dollar or two for their efforts. The view is gorgeous. The weather is kind of chilly most days, but still lovely. Great picture spot. There are many aspects of it to check out, whether it is the street venders, arcade, food, or rides, they are all totally worth checking out! It’s a nice change of entertainment from the typical source of entertainment of movies, TV, and your average food source.
Never been to LA and need an escape? Why not here?
Christian S. Feb 28, 2013
The Santa Monica Pier is one of the world's famous locations. This is a place to just chill and walk around while enjoying the Southern Cal sunshine. The pier is small yes, but it is a good place to just mellow out. There is shopping in the outlet malls surrounding the pier if you want to work around more. Also, the Santa Monica Pier houses one of the best southern seafood and shrimp restaurant chains around, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. A place to enjoy the weekend and get some sun and relaxing night life, the Santa Monica Pier is where you should check out.
A NIce Place to Walk Around
Ashley A. Feb 22, 2013
The Santa Monica Pier is just like the ones you see in the movies. A boardwalk that leads towards a mini amusement park, a fantastic, energetic place to walk around, and a plethora of interesting people to watch. It isn't somewhere that can kill a whole day, but as it is conveniently located next to the beach, it's a wonderful place to take a break from all the sand and surf. The pier isn't as busy during the winter months, for obvious reasons, but it's an exciting place to walk around during the summer. The pier offers a variety of different restaurants, little vendors selling trinkets, and beautiful views. It's definitely worth a visit!
Great Atmosphere
Jocelyn K. Feb 19, 2013
I have been to the pier a few times and I loved it every time! The atmosphere is great and there is so much to do. From the shops along the sides of the walkway to the many restaurants, you will find something that draws you in, no doubt! I particularly enjoy the personalized trinkets. With a name that's not so common, I always love finding places that can put my name on souvenirs! The view of the ocean is spectacular. I love seeing the waves come in and if you get the chance to go by the beach and the pier towards the end of the day, the sunset is a can't-miss!
Just Like The Movies
Olivia P. Feb 19, 2013
As seen in countless romcoms, the pier at the end of the Santa Monica beach is a must see to any LA tourists. I can see why the locals are unamused; beyond the standard carnival games and rides, the pier is just another piece of home. I've visited the pier every time I've been in LA and each time I find something new to enjoy. Whether it's the breathtaking views of one of LA's most beautiful beaches or a cool new surf shop at the edge of the pier, this place is a staple to any visitor's LA tour. Buy a lifeguard sweatshirt from the novelty shop, grab some icecream and listen to one of the local bands preform or take a ride on the giant ferris wheel!
A Tourist Trap Best to Avoid
Marie C. Feb 1, 2013
Don’t go out of your way to visit the Santa Monica Pier. The pier is known for its classic carousal and a Ferris wheel that lights up at night. Built in the early years of the 20th century, it has earned landmark status. Aside from that, visitors will find little more than rickety rides, carnival games and unimaginative food. Unlimited rides for those seven and under costs $13. For anyone older it's $20 for an all-day pass. I was offered a single snapshot of myself and a pal on the roller coaster for $18. No thanks. Along with the Taco Bell and Pizza Hut stands near the rides, the pier features seafood-themed restaurants like the over-franchised Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and the overpriced Santa Monica Pier Seafood. If you find yourself hungry at the pier, your best dining option is Pier Burger. Nothing on the menu tops $8 and the frozen custard is better than any soft serve around. The silver lining at the Santa Monica Pier may be the aquarium. Kids get in for free, a deal that can offset an otherwise costly family outing. All marine life at the aquarium comes from the Santa Monica Bay.
Santa Monica Pier Fun, a Day in the Sun!
Allie H. Jan 31, 2013
The Santa Monica Pier is a must stop when traveling along the West Coast. Full with street vendors, rides, and a beautiful view, this place is always hopping. If you’re a beach lover it is the perfect place to lie out and get a tan while being able to grab lunch right on the pier. It’s not uncommon to come across a Frisbee tournament or casual pickup games of beach volleyball while strolling around. This place is great for kids who love rollercoasters and arcade games, and the Ferris wheel provides a romantic place to take that crush of yours. Located between Colorado Ave and Santa Monica Blvd., it is in the perfect location between the shops and the beach front. It offers a fun, laid back atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend this hip beach front for a fun and exciting day at the beach.
Beauty and a the Band: Why I like the Santa Monica Pier
Leslie L. Jan 16, 2013
After we've hit a few bars and had our fill of shopping and people watching on the Third Street Promenade, my friends and I like to wander over to the Pier to gaze at Malibu for a while. To be honest, I've never been on a ride at the Santa Monica Pier, but it's a nice change of pace if you've been hoofing it through the streets of Santa Monica all afternoon. My favorite thing about the Pier is Rusty's Beach Shack, where the Red Elvises, one of my favorite touring groups, plays on a regular basis. My friends and I always find reasonable parking for the show and I always meet cool people at Rusty's. Yeah, some of the people can be weird, but it really is one of the more beautiful places to hang out in Los Angeles. And if you're there with your boyfriend/girlfriend or first date, the end of the pier is a great romantic spot.
Pretty but not worth the trouble to actually wander
Craig B. Dec 12, 2012
My experience with Santa Monica was that anything and everything goes, so it was no surprise that the Pier was filled with some pretty wacky people. Street performers, kids running around everywhere, even a BDSM couple (one of whom was on a leash). And of course, there's the blatant disregard for the law in the form of open drinking. Nobody got caught or written up, but maybe it was just because the police were baffled and didn't know what to do about the massive influx of ultimate frisbee players for Lei Out, a beach tournament. Anyway, the Santa Monica Pier is a great part of the beach skyline, but I wouldn't waste your time wandering it. Stick to the beach.
Pretty nice
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
This is definitely a tourist destination. I think the main reason to go would be to say that you did, because the pier is one of those "iconic" piers that has appeared in so many movies and is just famous for having "the look." Despite that, it's actually pretty nice. I think I was there in the off-season, so it wasn't as crowded as I would expect a pier or beach boardwalk to be. I went in January and spent some time just chilling on the beer, hit up one of the bars, and enjoyed the nice Southern California weather. (I am from Seattle, so SoCal in January is like heaven!) Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ride the Ferris wheel, but I think it's probably cooler to look out from below anyways.
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