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Hollywood Boulevard Arguably LA's most popular tourist attraction, Hollywood Boulevard's one-mile main stretch is packed with souvenir shops, museums, a mall, restaurants, and bars. Los Angeles United States 34.1015614 -118.3401374
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Hollywood Boulevard - Culture | Landmark | Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Arguably LA’s most popular tourist attraction, Hollywood Boulevard’s one-mile main stretch is packed with souvenir shops, museums, a mall, restaurants, and bars. Tourists from all over the world crowd the Walk of Fame... ... read full review

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    Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue and Vine Street
    Hollywood, CA 90028

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    Red Line: Hollywood/Highland; Red Line: Hollywood/Vine

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Party Earth Hollywood Boulevard Review

The Scene

Arguably LA's most popular tourist attraction, Hollywood Boulevard's one-mile main stretch is packed with souvenir shops, museums, a mall, restaurants, and bars.

Arguably LA’s most popular tourist attraction, Hollywood Boulevard’s one-mile main stretch is packed with souvenir shops, museums, a mall, restaurants, and bars.

Tourists from all over the world crowd the Walk of Fame to click photos of the brass celebrity stars embedded in the sidewalk that celebrate everyone from Charlie Chaplin and Julia Roberts to Lassie the Dog, or join the bumper-to-bumper traffic in the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue to see the Times Square-like collection of billboards, neon signs, and sprawling open-air mall and entertainment complex.

Visitors and locals alike take advantage of the shopping at such stores as H&M and American Eagle, occasionally stopping to check out street performers, incense vendors, or costumed oddballs dressed like Superman, Shrek, or Darth Vader in front of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

By night, the street comes alive with a different energy as dressed-up diners descend on trendy restaurants like Katsuya, and fashionable, high-spirited night owls hit one of the many hot clubs, lounges, or bars – like Las Palmas or Dillon's Irish Pub – that the area is known for.

Buzzing with activity 24/7, Hollywood Boulevard is a vibrant destination for sightseers, people-watchers, and those looking for the top party scene in LA.

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Tip from Emma:

If you want to watch a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you can get free tickets by calling 1-866-Jimmytix or by going to their website.

  • Crowd

    All ages from all walks of life.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Avalon features A-list DJs like Sander Kleinenberg and Carl Cox.

    The Pantages Theatre (6233 Hollywood Boulevard) offers big-budget Broadway musicals. Improv Olympic and The Second City (6366 Hollywood Boulevard) showcase up-and-coming improv comedians. Jimmy Kimmel Live! tapes shows in front of an audience weekdays at the Hollywood Masonic Temple (6840 Hollywood Boulevard).

    The El Capitan Theatre (6838 Hollywood Boulevard) shows Disney movies preceded by a live stage show. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre shows contemporary films and features celebrity handprints in the cement. The DolbyTheatre (6801 Hollywood Boulevard) hosts the Oscars and other events. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (6933 Hollywood Boulevard).

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Higher-end eateries include Delphine (6250 Hollywood Boulevard) for French cuisine, Katsuya (6300 Hollywood Boulevard) for sushi, Beso (6350 Hollywood Boulevard) for Latin American, Geisha House (6633 Hollywood Boulevard) for Japanese, and the historic Italian staple Musso & Frank Grill (6667 Hollywood Boulevard).

    More casual options include Mel’s Diner (1650 North Highland Avenue), sports bar Hooters (6922 Hollywood Boulevard), and the Hard Rock Café (6801 Hollywood Boulevard).

  • Prices

    Full range of prices.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time.

  • Close By

    Many hot clubs in the vicinity, including Drai's Hollywood (6250 Hollywood Boulevard), The Colony (1743 North Cahuenga Boulevard), Las Palmas (1714 North Las Palmas Avenue), Playhouse Hollywood (6506 Hollywood Boulevard), and MyStudio (6623 Hollywood Boulevard).

    Trendy lounges include Bardot (1737 North Vine Street), and the sports pub Dillon's Irish Pub (6263 Hollywood Boulevard). The world-famous Hollywood Bowl (2301 North Highland Avenue) offers outdoor summer concerts.

Hollywood Boulevard User Reviews

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Always Interesting on Hollywood Boulevard
Jake O. Oct 24, 2013
Hollywood Boulevard will give tourists a more eccentric view of the wackiness that is Los Angeles. During the day you'll see dozens of costume clad folk promoting their store, selling their story, or running around just for fun. It is a must see for tourists. Those that came out to see the movie industry in action will not be disappointed. The Chinese Grauman Theater is the central hub here where hundreds of movie premieres take place, so don't be surprised to see a red carpet rolled out. The streets don't clear at night either as the clubs open up early for anyone looking to start the party early. While some people may get tired out from the constant excitement on Hollywood Boulevard, those with the stamina for it can spend a full day and night out here.
Nightlife in Los Angeles
Roxana C. Sep 13, 2013
There is more to Hollywood Boulevard than the stars, theaters and souvenir shops. Night time is the best to explore when a more eccentric crowd comes out. There are plenty of nightclubs,restaurants, bars and movie theaters that attract all kinds of crowds to Hollywood Boulevard. Many prefer to make dinner reservations and immediately after head out to the next place to have some Tinseltown fun. The nightclubs are numerous on Hollywood Boulevard and for those who like the night life fun, it is always good to plan ahead because of the lines.
torey m. Aug 21, 2013
Hollywood Boulevard comes alive at night. There are unique and delicious restaurants around every corner and your choice of many lively night clubs! You don't truly know the magic of Hollywood Boulevard until you've experienced it at night.
Always find something
Keith A. Aug 11, 2013
No matter what day it is of the week. Walk from one side from La Brea all the way to Argyle avenue or closer... You will see Hella stuff. All kinds of different stores and everything. The walk is fun and all the stores are interesting. This is a MUST!!!
La La Land
Mariana A. Jul 19, 2013
When thinking of Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard comes to mind and that is why it is such a popular tourist location. But this spot is not only popular among tourists; even locals come to hang out on the boulevard. There are different restaurants to check out, or if you’re looking for a tattoo shop there are many shops that you can check out. You can also do all kinds of shopping. There’s a Forever 21, theaters (most notable is El Capitan). Hollywood Boulevard is most famous for its Walk of Fame. There are also an array of people who pose as famous movie characters or super heroes that range from Captain Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Batman, and others. You can take pictures with them as memento. It can get crowded and hard to find parking but Hollywood Boulevard is a location that one should check out, because even if it’s busy, it is really fun.
Welcome to Hollywood!
Tanmay A. Jun 3, 2013
If you want to see what "Hollywood" is really all about, this is the place to go. One of the most popular tourist locations in Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard has everything from the history of Hollywood and celebrity stars to local shops and stores for things to eat. The Walk of Fame runs a mile along Hollywood Blvd, with ground-planted stars of famous people you may recognize. The Chinese Theater has hand/foot imprints of stars ranging from Eddie Murphy to Donald Duck! If you're looking to spend a lot of money, you can go on a city tour around the Hollywood area. They take you to most of the high-profile tourist locations and even give you sneak peaks of some famous people's houses! If you go up to the Kodak theater, you can also get a great view of the Hollywood sign. This is definitely one of the best tourist experiences, but is not something you can do time after time.
The Perfect Place to See if you're from Overseas
Gerard Nash G. Jun 2, 2013
Just like Disneyland, Yosemite Park, and many other tourists hot spots, Hollywood Boulevard is a great place to stop by if you're visiting L.A. for the first time or if you've been a resident of So-Cal and just want to tour a great place. There are so many restaurants out here such as McDonalds, Johnny Rockets, and Subway, to allow for more variety in your meals. There's also a great mall nearby - if you're just looking for a place to relax with some friends - and even one of those old-style theaters if you want to catch a great show. You do see some street performers and some strange people who dress up for certain conventions, but that positively adds to the mysterious effect this place can have on you. If you're looking for a nice tourist hot spot, then this is your place.
Tourist hot spot!
Gor G. May 22, 2013
So many people everywhere. You see tourists, homeless people, others trying to get to work, street performers, street vendors. There is always something going on here. You can stop by the mall and get some shopping done, and get some food after wards. You can walk around the boulevard and take pictures with the stars on the ground. You can buy some souvenirs for your friends at the countless souvenir shops. If you like McDonalds or Starbucks, they are near by. You can stop and watch the street performers do their thing. Bring some change to tip them because they have to get paid too. You can stop by the wax museum or ripley's believe it or not museum. You can also take a tour around Hollywood if you'd like.
Very Touristy Location
Maggie H. May 16, 2013
This place is fraught with tourists! I would come here maybe once every few months but no more than that. There are ALWAYS people leading tour groups here and it does get a bit annoying. It is a good place to shop. There are a variety of options for clothing as well as dining. Prices aren’t exactly low, but it’s Hollywood so you can’t expect anything to be too cheap. If you haven’t gone, it’s definitely one of those places you have to visit. The Hollywood and Highland shopping center is pretty popular and right across the street. There are always street performers and people in costumes asking for donating and if you want pictures. If you take a picture with them, be sure you plan on donating because they WILL follow you for money.
Hot Spot for Tourists and People Watching
Kristen D. May 15, 2013
There are so many exciting and unique things that Hollywood Blvd offers. There are always street performers in front of the Chinese theater and tons of shops and eating facilities. You never know what new thing you will find. Additionally, there will occasionally be larger event being filmed right in front of you. Movie premieres happen here as well as some of the most well known awards shows. Who knows who you will see. Beware that whenever you are on Hollywood Blvd. that there will be a lot of people and it is highly touristy. Most shops are trying to cater to the non california residents. However, whether you are from california or not, it is a place to check out. There is always something going on and it's just an all around good time walking around.
Glamorous !
Amber K. Mar 26, 2013
Anyone who is visiting LA must visit this place. It's all glitz and glam. But even if you're From la like me, this place is fun visiting again and again. Sometimes we tend to forget that we're living in such a glamorous city but every time I visit Hollywood, I remember it again. Keep your eyes open because there's a very good chance you might meet a famous person or celeb here. I've personally met a few here as well and gotten pics with them too. Check out the Chinese theater which is very popular and pretty. There are many nice places to eat. I like eating at Hard Rock Cafe usually when I visit. Be sure to take your camera! be really to get a glimpse of Hollywood and the glitz and glam. I highly recommend this place for people of all ages!
Touristy to the max!
Les S. Mar 22, 2013
Hollywood Boulevard is one of those places where you can find tourist all around! Obviously it is a must when visiting California for the first time, but once you've seen it once I doubt people go back for seconds. Tourist have this imagine of Hollywood Boulevard and the walk of fame, but it is not the glamorous as they have it pictured out to be. The street is mostly fixed with sex shops, tattoo and piercing shops as well as souvenir stores. Most people go there at night for the clubs that are located there since they are fairly close and people can leave one to go to another.
Glitz, Glam, and Grime!
Bobbi G. Mar 13, 2013
As someone who's lived walking distance to Hollywood Blvd., I can assure you that you 'll find hours of entertainment just walking around and people watching. I once saw a woman doing a live photoshoot in a bikini right on the blvd. in the light of day, saw a movie being filmed, and also somehow maneuvered my way into the green room at Jimmy Kimmel on a random Thursday afternoon. There's always some kind of action going on, mainly because it's also one of the biggest tourist traps in all of Los Angeles. Visiting the blvd. on Saturday afternoon can feel a little claustrophobic and overwhelming, but you have to take it with a grain of salt knowing that you might catch of glimpse of Brad Pitt at a movie premiere or even land a chance to be an extra on a movie set. Can it get dirty? Absolutely. At night the hobos and weirdos are out wandering about, the streets aren't necessarily the cleanest, and there are almost as many sex and weed shops as there are in the former red light district of Amsterdam. But, if you walk around Hollywood Blvd. expecting that, you will have yourself a merry little time. Halloween on Hollywood Blvd. is by far the most epic time with costume and wig shops galore, and everyone coming out at night to galavant around in the streets showing off their best attire. Overall, it's a smashing time, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite thing to do in LA.
world famous area with lots of cool stuff nearby
Duane L. Mar 5, 2013
One of the great things about Hollywood Boulevard is its central location that is close by a lot of awesome areas. The Hollywood Bowl, where you can enjoy amazing concerts (I saw a Disney Pixar orchestral show there recently and it was incredible), is right up the hill. There are also many restaurants and shops around the area that are cool to visit as well. The Hollywood and Highland Center is one of the most well-known malls in LA, and it’s right across from the El Capitan theater, a world-famous institution where many premieres are held. Speaking of premieres, the Chinese Theater is another such famous location that is right next to the Walk of Fame (with the celebrity handprints!). Hollywood Boulevard is an excellent tourist attraction with a taste of old and new Hollywood.
Glitz and Glam abound at the Hollywood Boulevard
Christian T. Jan 11, 2013
Take in everything that Hollywood has to offer on the Hollywood Boulevard. It's the quintessential Hollywood experience, thanks to the Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Dolby Theater, home of the Oscars ceremony. Consisting of some of the most recent generations of celebrities, the Hollywood Boulevard also plays home to street performers and oddball impersonators. When was the last time you saw Wolverine, Optimus Prime and Captain Jack Sparrow in one area? Check out some of the nearby shopping centers for some retail therapy; get the perfect fridge magnet for Mom and Dad or find the right postcard to say "Wish you were here!" to a friend. The Hollywood Boulevard shifts into another gear at night time, providing plenty of social options and a cultural culinary experience. If you're not in the mood for anything too exotic or posh, you can keep it casual with a light meal at Hooters or the Hard Rock Cafe. If you're still yearning for more entertainment, then you can check out a live taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Tickets are free and can be obtained by calling 1-800-jimmytix or by visiting their website. Visitors can also spend a night like Marilyn Monroe with a stay at the Roosevelt Hotel, who lived there for two years during her modeling days. In the mood for a nightcap? Then visit the popular Teddy's in the main lobby of the hotel. All in all, Hollywood Boulevard gives you a glimpse of Tinseltown on one block: lights, camera, action!
Cool place
Zoë C. Dec 3, 2012
Hollywood Boulevard is one of the most famous places to visit in L.A. If you’ve never been, you have to go see it to say you’ve been there. This is an eclectic street with a mixture of all types of businesses from all different eras – old and new Hollywood. Probably the biggest tourist attractions are the Grauman’s Chinese Theater and Hollywood Walk of Fame which has 2,400 five pointed stars set into the sidewalk honoring actors, directors, producers and musicians in the entertainment industry. Animated characters like Mickey Mouse and Shrek, two Muppets, Godzilla the monster and real animals like Lassie are also honored with stars. It’s fun to see your favorite stars, so look up their location on the Walk prior to visiting.
A must-see for all
Brigid K. Dec 2, 2012
Hollywood Boulevard is an absolute must-see for all California visitors and residents. Not only is it an amazing place to take pictures – from the stars to Kodak Studios, it is also a place to meet the celebrities of your dreams (or, more accurately, their look-alikes). During my visit, I was able to take a picture with Batman, the Joker, Darth Vader, and Jack Sparrow – all in the span of about four minutes. It’s customary to tip the characters and the spare change is definitely worth it! The Hollywood trinket shops are also a blast to walk around in if you need that one dollar magnet or mug to take home to mom and dad.
Eleni S. Dec 2, 2012
Living in southern California my whole life, I have been to Hollywood Boulevard several times. I personally think that it is very overrated and dirty. There are SO many tourists and people walking on the street that it tends to get overcrowded. I also think the street is kind of sketchy. Yes, it is cool to see the starts on the boardwalk, however the area is kind of trashy. When visiting LA i would definitely recommend seeing the stars, however I would leave asap and go to places like santa monica or venice. However, there are some good restaurants close by and some good shopping. There is a pretty big shopping mall on the street that has a CPK and some other good restaurants!
Rachel S. Nov 30, 2012
Hollywood Boulevard is one of the most touristy spots in all of Los Angeles. I worked on Hollywood Boulevard this summer and I was bombarded by tourists with their cameras. If you are visiting it is an obvious place that you need to spot by at. THere is the walk of fame which is always fun to look at. Also there are a lot of great restaurants in the area. I love loteria and beso. Also as you walk down the boulevard you will see all types of people dressed up as different characters, which makes it more fun and you can always hop on a bus for a tour. Definitely a must for a tourist.
Trashy, Touristy
Audriana L. Nov 30, 2012
Personally, Hollywood Blvd rubs me the wrong way. It is dirty, a huge hassle to find parking, and packed with tourists. Though it is an occasionally entertaining spot for an LA-native, mostly its a "to-be-avoided" spot--especially during the day. There are obviously restaurants, theaters, tons of shopping, bars, clubs etc. which are fun..but there are classier spots for sure. A must see is the Walk of Fame, famous for stars marking celebrities--exciting to see and totally worth it if you're an LA first timer. Hollywood Blvd is definitely worth going at least once...but you may decided to go as a last resort past that first time. It also gets a bit more sketchy at night so make sure to go with a group and pay attention to your stuff..I have friends who have been pickpockets etc. So just be safe!
must visit!
Kayla N. Nov 29, 2012
Hollywood Boulevard is a must visit place when coming to LA, of course! It’s awesome to see the Walk of Fame, and there are tons of cool shops there. This is definitely the place to go when in search of a costume…it’s where I got my Halloween costumes! Whether you look in one of the bigger, mainstream costume stores or in a smaller one, you are bound to find just what you are looking for or even something cooler. However, the bigger shops will be more expensive, so try looking in the smaller ones first! There are also some pretty cool restaurants on the street, so you can stop for a munch break while doing your shopping and checking out the Walk of Fame!
Aimée O. Nov 29, 2012
You have to visit Hollywood Boulevard at least once while you are in Los Angeles. It is definitely very touristy but with good reason. Hollywood Boulevard is known for the stars on the ground and it can be fun to go and look for a certain celebrity's star. There are a lot of stores to go shopping for either normal clothes to go out in or for fun costumes. However, the costumes are not always as cheap as you might like them to be. There are also a lot of good restaurants on Hollywood Boulevard. You can definitely find a cheap and casual place to go for food or a fancier place to go as well. Definitely recommend coming here at least once!
A must see for tourists
Georgina S. Nov 29, 2012
Touristy. Everyone from out of state comes here to check out the Stars and the strange scene and people that Hollywood Boulevard has to offer. I come here to find weird costumes for themed parties, but I usually still end up paying a good amount of money. The costumes and weird accessories are by no means cheap!! But I always end up having the best costumes so I'd say it's worth it. I come to Hollywood to get my makeup done for sorority invites, and I definitely recommend that. I go to Napolean Perdis, which is right in the heart of Hollywood. The makeup is high quality and I'm always super confident after I get my makeup done there. There's one super chic restaurant that I adore in Hollywood that everyone must try sometime: Yamishiro. This place is a treat to go here because it's pricey but oh boy....the restaurant and scenery is amazing.
Get your star on!
Sarah B. Nov 28, 2012
It's a classic and touristy thing that everyone should do. Great place for people watching , finding costumes and good food.
hollywood blvd
Keeley H. Nov 22, 2012
Hollywood Blvd is a very fun place to visit. It is very famous for all the stars that are lying in the ground which are very cool to look at and try to find your favorite celebrities. I have found Hollywood a great place to go to get costumes for parties. There are so many different costume stores all up and down the street. During the day there are also so many street performers and tourist walking around and checking out all the stars. The crowd on Hollywood Blvd is definitely very diverse and it can get a little scary at night. I would recommend going with bigger groups of people if walking around late at night.
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