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Rodeo Drive Featured in films like Pretty Woman and known for its uber-exclusive designer labels and haute couture fashions, the world-renowned Rodeo Drive is LA's most famous high-end shopping district. Los Angeles United States 34.070485 -118.404186
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Crowds of people enjoying (and spending all their money at) the shops on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
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Party Earth Review Featured in films like Pretty Woman and known for its uber-exclusive designer labels and haute couture fashions, the world-renowned Rodeo Drive is LA’s most famous high-end shopping district. A short three-block stretch... ... read full review

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    Rodeo Drive between Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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    Street 24/7; Stores generally M–Sa 10am–6pm, Su noon–5pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Rodeo Drive Review

The Scene

Featured in films like Pretty Woman and known for its uber-exclusive designer labels and haute couture fashions, the world-renowned Rodeo Drive is LA's most famous high-end shopping district.

Featured in films like Pretty Woman and known for its uber-exclusive designer labels and haute couture fashions, the world-renowned Rodeo Drive is LA’s most famous high-end shopping district.

A short three-block stretch of exclusive boutiques, Rodeo has become a mecca for wealthy female shoppers and celebrities, as well as the entourage of gawkers and photographers that follow in their wake.

Sun-splashed sidewalks lined with palm trees double as fashion runways for starlets and trophy wives dressed to the nines as they dip in and out of the glossy storefronts carrying armfuls of packages displaying names like Prada, Dior, Harry Winston, Chanel, and Versace.

The inevitable flocks of tourists have difficulty deciding whether to ogle the surgically-enhanced perfection of the affluent shoppers or the mechanically engineered beauty of the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys purring by on the streets next to them.

Just off Rodeo, culinary delights like Spago and Mr. Chow will attract gourmands, while architecture buffs will want to walk down the quaint cobblestone alley of Via Rodeo.

Although a slightly snooty attitude prevails, Rodeo Drive offers visitors an experience that leaves them feeling like Alice transported to a commercial wonderland, where the pages of fashion magazines and celebrity rags have come to life to provide some of the best people-watching in town.

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Tip from Adriana:

Every September, Rodeo Drive participates in ‘Fashion’s Night Out,’ a global event in which many of the world’s most prominent shopping districts simultaneously celebrate the fashion industry. There are amazing in-store events, cocktail parties, extended store hours, and even a 200-foot Ferris wheel on the street.

  • Crowd

    Wealthy shoppers, celebrities, entertainment industry professionals, and tourists of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music


  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Spago (176 North Canon Drive) is famous chef Wolfgang Puck’s signature California cuisine restaurant. Mr. Chow (344 North Camden Drive) offers some of the best Chinese food in Beverly Hills. La Scala (434 North Canon Drive) is a classy, old-style Italian lunch spot. Barney Greengrass (9570 Wilshire Boulevard) is a popular eatery for a swanky Beverly Hills lunch.

  • Prices

    Boutiques tend to be pricey. Restaurants range from modest to expensive.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes for walking around, but classier attire may be required to enter certain retail establishments. Most shoppers wear dresses and heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any day of the week during business hours.

  • Close By

    Barney’s New York (9570 Wilshire Boulevard), Saks Fifth Avenue (9600 & 9634 Wilshire Boulevard), and Neiman Marcus (9700 Wilshire Boulevard) offer familiar department store shopping.

Rodeo Drive User Reviews

Average rating:
From an Angeleno
Lewey K. Jul 22, 2013
Now THIS is where I come to feel like a tourist in the city I call home. Amongst the high-powered talent agencies, sandwiched between Century City and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills has it all. That’s if you can afford it. Say Beverly Hills, and most people automatically envision Rodeo Drive. The small street is home to some of the shops representing the leading fashion houses in the world. St. Laurent, Prada, Chanel ring a bell? Exactly. The street is beautiful and is equally dotted with palm trees and luxury cars. Fancy restaurants and jewelry shops break up the rows of designer boutiques. Everyone knows, or should know, that Rodeo is where the serious shoppers from everywhere in the world come to lay down their AMEX Black Cards. And what do the regular people do you ask? They dream. Or go to Sprinkles. Sometimes my friends and I will walk along Rodeo just for a change of scenery. It’s actually a great place for a walk and talk, and for locals, a front row seat for tourist gawking. If you are like me, and you know exactly what you want to buy when you get there, park in the garage at Barney’s New York on the southern end of the street. They provide free 2 hour parking validation. That’s plenty of time for you to walk Rodeo and make it back to get your ticket stamped by one of the helpful sales associates. Tip: Celebrities tend to make their way to Rodeo on weekdays in the earlier part of the day. There are much less tourists allowing for a lot more space for the paparazzi to “catch” them.
Budget, Budget, and Budget Some More!
Matthew S. May 11, 2013
In the heart of Beverly HIlls, the infamous Rodeo Drive is home to some of the most note-worthy and expensive stores in the world , including Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Armani. People want to see Rodeo Drive to go into all of these stores, and have a true celebrity-esk experience shopping for a day. However, a problem tends to arise when people are living like celebrities without the celebrity bank accounts and credit cards! My personal suggestion is to budget your money for the day if you are going to see Rodeo Drive. Do not start binge spending as so many others have foolishly done. In fact, you can take a short trip to downtown Los Angeles and find the same looking, fake Louis Vuitton bag for a fraction of the price and fool all of your friends into thinking you bought it on Rodeo Drive!
Shopping, shopping, and more shopping
Sandra C. May 7, 2013
Rodeo Drive is quite the sight. Driving through there, you see nothing more than expensive, brand-name items. Yet, that's the point of interest. If you keep exploring, further off to the side than the main road, you're bound to find something a little more in your price range. All in all, venturing off to Rodeo Drive is a good excuse to dress up and bring your camera along for pictures. It's a beautifully decorated shopping center and you never know- you may even be lucky enough to spot a celebrity there. If you're still deciding whether you should go or not, remember that going window shopping is definitely an option.
The Stars Are Out! The Wallets Must Hide!
shimon m. Mar 28, 2013
Glamour, glitz, grandiose! Rodeo drive is the epitome of luxury. It is the modern day Versailles Shopping Center; the streets lined with expensive shops and cafes. Everything from Louis Vuitton to Starbucks, on one block. Do not fear, not all that stroll down this golden road make these hefty purchases. Rodeo drive welcomes tourists, visitors, and those that are just hoping for that lucky lottery ticket. There are plenty of places to catch a bite and people watch, one of the greatest things to do on Rodeo Drive. All in all this is a great place to take friends and family from out of town, maybe not the best place to take them shopping though.
Good place to explore
Jasmit N. Mar 26, 2013
Rodeo drive is such a nice area. You have so many places you can visit such as Sprinkles and all the other store. It is very rich area, so you we see some really nice cars. This one time when I went they had a car show with about 100 cars. They were all head end cars. A lot of places are really expensive and most people just go to look around. You can also grab a bite from here. They have some really good restaurants and good dessert places like sprinkles and crumbs. I just love driving through here and exploring everything they have.
Pretty fun!
Amandeep K. Mar 26, 2013
Rodeo drive is fun but to a limit. When u get there you are usually amazed by all the amazing stores and how nice it looks. If you want to go shopping make sure you bring plenty of money. It id fun at the beginning but gets tiring as you go on. I guess its for the reason that it isn’t so mixed up. You might get lucky and see someone famous if not that then you will definitely see some nice cars. Overall rodeo drive is an experience you should go to in order to determine if you like it. Rodeo drive is ok but not the best.
Risa C. Dec 12, 2012
Do you have lots of money and like walking around the streets in incredibly impractical outfits and heels so people can maybe photograph you while you're shopping at huge designer flagships? Then Rodeo Drive is for you! Do you not have any money but really enjoy tormenting yourself by hanging around unaffordable designer stores dreaming of owning thousand dollar dresses and heels while taking pictures of the above people in hopes that perhaps you'll catch a celebrity? Then Rodeo Drive is also for you! Do you like to ridicule both of the above kinds of people? Then Rodeo Drive is also for you (but just for a shorter period of time) Do you hate fashion, pretention, snootyness and consumerism? Then stay off the drive.
From NY
Cadie C. Dec 12, 2012
Was visiting from NYC and had to see all of LA's tourist spots, this being one of them. Easily could be compared to NY's fifth avenue shopping. However, being a college kid on spring break, this was not a place I fit in. Be ready to either spend big or feel poor. The streets were lined by people's parked "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" (reference to song by lloyd banks). The only thing I bought was a sweatshirt from their Niketown. However, I was very amused to see that the Gucci, Fendi and Prada stores were right next to each other. "Gucci, gucci, louis, louis, fendi, fendi, prada" (reference to song by keyshawn). On a nice day it is actually a nice place to walk and window shop (if you can't afford to actually shop), and was also a nice break from NY's fifth avenue where it is crowded with busy, in-a-rush New Yorkers. Although I could not afford to be there, it is a must-see on a tourist's trip to LA.
Great place
Zoë C. Dec 3, 2012
If you are visiting Los Angeles, you need to visit Rodeo Drive. Even if you can’t afford to buy anything, it is worth heading over there to window shop and people watch. I was expecting to see the most expensive shops in the world like Prada, Versace and Chanel, but I was surprised to see how what a small of an area it is. Rodeo Drive is only three short blocks with all of these elite shops lined up on the street. If you are simply driving down the street, don’t blink because you could miss it. The better option is to get out and take a scroll along the palm tree lined sidewalk and lose yourself in the fantasy of being able to actually buy these luxury items.
Julia Roberts
Steph H. Dec 3, 2012
Who didn't like "Pretty Woman"? Everyone wants to see this shopping mecca. Great architecture and lovely restaurants. Of course great shopping. Wish I could afford it. Sales staff always kind when you look. No one has treated me snooty.
Sydney S. Dec 3, 2012
Rodeo drive is definitely something that you need to check out at least once. It is gorgeous and is a really fun day. However, the stores are all very high end and very pricey. With that being said, I enjoy the scene as well as looking through all the top brands. People watching is also amazing, as well as amazing restaurants to end the day of shopping. If you are in need of a designer bag, this is the place to find the perfect one!!
If you want to feel like a big spender
Caroline B. Dec 3, 2012
If you want to feel like a big spender come and take a stroll down Rodeo Drive. You will be surrounded by top tier shopping such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, flashy cars lining the streets and beautiful window arrangements that will make your credit card run and hide. To anyone visiting or living in the Los Angeles area, a stroll down the street with most likely give you a serious case of deja-vu because of its numerous appearance in movies and television shows. A trip here won't take too long, the street only lasts for a couple blocks and is definitely worth a visit.
Perfect for a girls day
Lauren B. Dec 3, 2012
Even if you can't afford to actual shop at the designer and couture stores, Rodeo is absolutely so much fun to just walk around for the day. The stores are just absolutely beautiful and a dream come true for every single girl. Tourists just have to remember to be courteous in the stores as they generally have high security and do not appreciate people taking pictures in stores or being disrespectful. And while you may not be buying clothes, you absolutely have to stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes ! The most amazing cupcakes in the entire world that are the perfect addition to a girls' day.
Great tourist destination
Brigid K. Dec 2, 2012
As a new resident of Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive was a must-see destination. To put it bluntly, it did not disappoint. While I only window shopped, the people watching was great and the shops were absolutely amazing. The shops were stunningly clean, some were literally sparkling, and the security guards at each entrance indicated the value they contained. Rodeo Drive is a very manageable walk and it’s quite entertaining to take in all it offers. We found a winding cove-like area (that included one entrance to the multi-story Tiffany’s and Co. store). The parking wasn’t difficult to find and wasn’t terribly expensive either!
Eleni S. Dec 2, 2012
Living in southern California my whole life, I have been to Rodeo Drive several times! It is very and pretty, however it is really expensive to shop at! It is a great place to walk around with friends and get dinner or dessert. There is a Sprinkles Cupcakes right off of Rodeo Drive that is amazing! I've been there with my friends several of times! I've taken my foreign cousins to Rodeo Drive, and they think it is amazing, so I definitely recommend going if you are ever in the LA area! It is beautifully decorated during Christmas time and is a great place to take pictures. They have a beautiful christmas tree too!!!
Very big for Tourists
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
Rodeo Drive is way too expensive to shop in. Although it may be located in the beautiful area of Beverly Hills, it is pretty much only good to walk through unless you're a celebrity. It tends to be a very big tourist attraction. WHen I visit Rodeo Drive, I love stopping at Crumbs for some delicious cupcakes! It is a lot of fun to window shop here and look at all of the beautiful designer clothing. However, it is nearly impossible to walk through this area without looking classy or nice. I made the mistake of not dressing up to walk through the area, and some of the sales people were not kind.
High-end, Tourist Destination
Kirsten H. Nov 30, 2012
Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive has all high-end boutiques, but has the problem of attracting way too many tourists. All the top designers have a store on Rodeo drive. Great place to people watch; you can always spot where the celebrities are because their are a ton of paparazzi surrounding them. There are always Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis driving down the street. If you have money to spend or just want to check out one of Los Angeles's most popular tourist destinations, I definitely recommend heading to Rodeo Drive. Just make sure your dressed to impress, or the sales people won't take you seriously.
Oh Rodeo
Audriana L. Nov 30, 2012
Rodeo is a fabulous day trip- hours of eating, shopping, people watching, and celebrity scoping. Almost every high end store imaginable is on Rodeo or surrounding streets, and its super fun to walk around and explore--but of course it is very expensive shopping. The only negative aspects of this area are the tourists and an unusually pretentious vibe about many employees. There are always a ton of tourists running around, snapping photos, and asking questions--not the most relaxing thing ever but it is relatively entertaining. Because of the amount of concentrated wealth in the area, employees tend to be snobby and dismissive if you don't seem to be ready to drop some $$$. Other than that, it really is a must-see in LA and totally worth any negative aspects that may arise.
Best stores
Rachel S. Nov 30, 2012
Rodeo drive is obviously known to be the flashy area where all the celebrities are caught buying their expensive wear. However, if you have that money too this is the place to come and spend it. All the best stores are located here. All the designers and small boutiques which are very expensive can be found here. There are amazing cars that drive by and celebrities. If you are a tourist this is the place to come as well, you may not chose to buy anything but it is definitely a site to see if you are not from Los Angeles.
Overrated, Touristy, but worth seeing
Georgina S. Nov 29, 2012
Of course everyone is familiar with Rodeo Drive. It's full of out-of-towners trying to fit in and take pictures and window shop. I'm guilty of window shopping there as well, but as a native of Los Angeles, I don't go out of my way to shop on Rodeo Drive. I always feel like store employee's are judging me and sizing me up before greeting me; and I absolutely hate that feeling. I love the restaurants in the area though; the food is pretentious, but hey! It's really good. Rodeo Drive has some of the best Italian food in the city, so if you're a fan of Italian, it's 100% worth checking out. I wouldn't go to Rodeo Drive without being dressed up, ready to impress, because everyone is so obviously judging everyone. So just be prepared for that.
It's Fun to Pretend!
Kimberly O. Nov 28, 2012
So of course not everyone can afford to regularly shop on Rodeo Drive (myself included), but that doesn't mean you can't go visit! I love going to Rodeo just to pretend I can live the life of a celebrity. This sparkling boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills is a great place for people watching. If you go mid-week, you might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity, in big shades, carrying a small dog and hands full of designer shopping bags. It's also fun just to window shop. Next time you're there, play my favorite game, "Find the Most Expensive Item in the Store". And hey, just think, if you can't afford a $1000 blanket for your baby, maybe some day you will. It's something to look forward, right?
Tourist Attraction
Lauren E. Nov 28, 2012
Rodeo Drive is one of those attractions that aren't all that great, but if you are ever around the Los Angeles area in your lifetime, you need to see it at least once to be culturally literate, just because it is featured in movies and such. If you're actually looking to shop, it appeals to those who are interested in higher end boutiques and have more to spend (think Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, etc.). Not good for anyone with a limited budget (college students like me!). Additionally, finding parking is very difficult (a frequent problem in Los Angeles.). However, if you're trying to celebrity watch you might be successful in this area.
A Glamourous Day Out
Georgia B. Nov 28, 2012
This infamous shopping centers is one of my favorite places to spend the day. WIth beautiful architecture, glamourous shops, expensive restaurants, you really feel like you are living the California dream. However, unless you are ready to drop a lot of cash don’t expect to actually shop. The only stores on this street are the highest end brands, and extremely high fashioned trends. It is very common to celebrities (I saw Honey Boo Boo and her mom last month) and their are companies that give bus tours on the hunt for celebrities, and the cameras make your outing a little awkward and uncomfortable. Besides the expensive factor Rodeo is a gorgeous part of LA and if your spending the day out and about, it is a must see for any tourist.
Ana S. Nov 26, 2012
Rodea drive is a landmark of LA and definitely a tourist destination. For those who haven't seen it, I would recommend a visit when you're in town as it boasts pristinely groomed streets and the highest end retail Los Angeles has to offer. However, I feel no need to visit often. It is over the top and overly priced. The stores are mostly couture and especially on a young adult's budget, it is way out of the question. Even if I did have the money, I always leave the stores feeling overwhelmed from the pushy salespeople. And not to mention it gives a false sense of the city of LA and capitalizes on the celebrity and superficial aspect. LA has so much to offer and I don't like how this adds to the snobby stereotype. However, some good (but expensive) restaurants are nearby.
Real Glamour?
Jackie D. Nov 25, 2012
It's difficult for me to say whether or not I actually like Rodeo Drive. Most of the time that I spend there I feel as if I am walking on a movie set because of the superficiality of it. Most of the people there are tourists who are window shopping and snapping photos and then there are the few people who can actually afford the luxuries being sold. The extravagant wealth of this area of LA materializes in the form of cars that cost 6 figures, women addicted to cosmetic surgery and the sterile pastiche architecture that create "European" streets. While I think that Rodeo Drive is a fun place to visit as a tourist, you won't find me hanging out there just for kicks.
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