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Abbot Kinney Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice is a lovely, pedestrian-friendly road with great local shopping and fun bars. Join the rich hippies in Venice at Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 33.9890439 -118.4624233
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Abbot Kinney - Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a cozy corner of Los Angeles where the notion of the “mom and pop” retailer is alive and thriving. Named for the 1900s-era father of Venice who worked to create an American version of the eponymous... ... read full review

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  • Address:

    Abbot Kinney Boulevard roughly from
    Main Street on the north to
    Washington Boulevard on the south
    Venice, CA 90291

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    24/7; Last call is 2am in Los Angeles

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Party Earth Abbot Kinney Review

The Scene

Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice is a lovely, pedestrian-friendly road with great local shopping and fun bars. Join the rich hippies in Venice at Party Earth.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a cozy corner of Los Angeles where the notion of the “mom and pop” retailer is alive and thriving. Named for the 1900s-era father of Venice who worked to create an American version of the eponymous Italian city, the area is lined with specialty boutiques, casual bars, and top-rated restaurants.

And like much of Venice, it’s also an exercise in duality – a combination of big money and classic hippy ideologies where the wealthy and the wealthy in spirit both find much to love.

By day, the sidewalks are full of couples pushing strollers and beach bums in flip-flops, as well as made-up ladies navigating gritty skateboarders and ever-present panhandlers.

True to its roots, the boulevard teems with indie retailers, from the pricey handmade ceramics at Very Venice and the organic baked pet food at Modern Dog to the straight-off-the-runway pumps at Mona Moore.

Few chains have been allowed in, so the proud mix of local artists, writers, and dot-commers get their caffeine fix at neighborhood institutions like Three Square Café + Bakery, tank up on hearty sandwiches from Abbott’s Habit, and dine on French/California fusion in the cottage-style comfort of Joe’s Restaurant.

First Fridays see the street packed by 6pm, when neighborhood merchants feature their best wares, special gifts, new products, and live music, complete with lots of food and drink.

The rest of the nightlife scene is small but vibrant, and even at sophisticated haunts like the former-bank-turned-lounge The Otheroom, the vibe is far from pretentious. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Roosterfish is a classic beachside dive and the only gay bar on the Westside, while The Brig is a retro-meets-modern watering hole that has been satiating laid-back singles for decades.

Romantic couples, meanwhile, take over the candlelit tables with plates of signature mussels at The Tasting Kitchen, as spend-happy young professionals gobble up chichi sushi at Wabi-Sabi, or savor the lobster ceviche at Shima.

It may not have the stunning columns and grand coliseums of Italy, but locals will proudly proclaim that Venice’s Abbot Kinney is perfect in its own little local way.

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Tip from Emma:

Before you head down to Abbot Kinney, check out the community website at They post frequent special sales at many of the local shops, so you can get in on some of that handmade goodness without breaking the bank.

  • Crowd

    Hippies, designers, surfers, skaters, foodies, beach bums, bohos, fashionistas, tourists, successful young professionals, skaters, wayward travelers, couples, and families. All ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Bar and club highlights include:
    Roosterfish (1302 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    The Brig (1515 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    The Otheroom (1201 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Hal's Bar and Grill (1349 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)

    Shopping highlights include:
    Very Venice Art and Design Gallery (1629 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Fiore Designs (1617 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    The Modern Dog (1611 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Zingara Trading (1507 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    A + R (1121 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)

    First Fridays are a neighborhood institution, when from around 6pm local merchants feature artists, gifts, and new products, and many area bands play to the thousands of happy attendees. Food and beverages are plentiful.

    The Abbot Kinney Festival takes over the street every September with an array of local artisan crafts, live music, good food, and a commitment to the environment.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Pricey dining options include:
    Gjelina (1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Joe's Restaurant (1023 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Primitivo Wine Bistro (1025 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Shima (1432 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    The Tasting Kitchen (1633 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Wabi Sabi (1635 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)

    Budget-friendly dining options include:
    3 Square Café + Bakery (1121 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Abbot's Habit (1401 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Abbot's Pizza Company (1407 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    French Market Café (2321 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)
    Glencrest BBQ (1146 Abbot Kinney Boulevard)

    Parking is notoriously difficult along Abbot Kinney, though most public parking spaces are unmetered and the street is wonderfully walkable.

  • Prices

    Food and drink prices run the gamut along this stretch, and it’s as easy to get a $5 sandwich as it is a wallet-sucking plate of organic, sustainable, corn-fed, happy-until-the-end beef.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes, but trendy or casual beachwear is the norm.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any sunny day or any warm evening, so basically 350 days/year in Venice, or the first Friday night of every month for a great street party.

  • Close By

    The beautiful Pacific Ocean is just blocks away.

Abbot Kinney User Reviews

Average rating:
Make Abbot Your Habit
Julia M. May 18, 2013
Lined with one-of-a-kind boutiques and restaurants, Abbot Kinney is a must for anyone visiting Los Angeles. Settled in the heart of Venice, only blocks from Santa Monica's beloved Main Street, this street is home to any fun-loving local. Whether you're grabbing brunch with the gals or hitting the pub with some buds, you're in for a good time on Abbot. Locals can't deny themselves Abbot's Pizza or go a morning without their cup of 'Habit'. Even local celebrities can be found ordering Lemonade, wandering the street, and indulging in the vintage-chic shops that make up Abbot Kinney. Parking can be an issue, but it's never one for the regulars as most walk or bike, taking in the typical Venice sunshine as they go. But the party doesn't die down with the sunset. Every first Friday of the month, it's food trucks galore on Abbot. From spicy Mexican to killer subs, Abbot's an endless array of options for food-lovers. Whether it's Monday or Friday, you're guaranteed to find many locals inside their favorite bars such as The Brig, sharing drinks with friends or co-workers. The greatest thing about Abbot Kinney, however, is its cool, yet hip Venice vibe. It's never a boring moment with the beach bums, hipsters, fashionistas, and food-lovers that wind up here everyday. If you're in Los Angeles and looking for a Cali night out, make Abbot Kinney your first stop. You know what they say, "When in Rome..."
First Fridays
Maggie H. May 16, 2013
I love coming to Abbot Kinney for first Fridays. First, you hit the beach during the afternoon when the sun is out and the weather is warm. Next, you eat your heart out at night when all the food trucks arrive. There are a TON of food trucks all lined up on both sides of Abbott Kinney. I’ve seen a variety such as Kogi, Flying Pig, and Coolhaus. The only downside is finding parking. The food isn’t exactly cheap either, and it tends to get really crowded especially around the more popular trucks. It’s definitely an experience and something to do in LA if you’re bored on a Friday.
This is Where the Action Is
Tanya H. May 15, 2013
Once sparsely populated with antique furniture, vintage clothing, and spiritual new-age stores overflowing with towering crystals and smoldering sage, Abbot Kinney Boulevard has become the go-to spot. From thought-provoking modern art, to stylish and of-the-moment clothing with Bohemian, eclectic lean, to cutting edge restaurants showcasing fresh local ingredients, it’s all here. Give your wardrobe an update at Principessa and embrace your modern flower child side. At Abbot’s Pizza Company, have no shame wolfing down the famous bagel crust pizza (preferably the chicken curry with honey and pineapples) in front of gawking tourists. Grab a wine flight at El Vino and begin an engaging conversation with owner Bart Miali, who is only too happy to give suggestions and share his extensive knowledge of wine.
An essential California experience
Kristin A. May 4, 2013
Spend a day out in the funky-chic streets of the neighborhood known for Abbot Kinney Boulevard and escape from the stresses of daily life into the surreal atmosphere of Southern California shopping, dining, and socializing. With a community of friendly shop owners and restaurant regulars alike, Abbot Kinney brings the city together in a picturesque environment. From the bright and sunny day filled with beach-goers and trendy foodies to the vibrant sunset that welcomes the night, the energy that enlivens the streets of Venice provides the perfect getaway for locals and visitors to experience the tastes of fine Southern California cuisine as well as the culture and fashion of this city. Whether spending the day with your family or a night out with your date, Abbot Kinney provides a wide variety of mass-chain stores and specialty boutique shops that will give you the perfect combination of small-town service with true LA vibes. It is the epitome of what everyday in perfect California should feel like, and always delivers. Walk, shop, dine, and be entertained by all that Venice has to offer. Just park and start the adventure.
From sun up to sun down Abbott Kinney has it all
Cutter C. Apr 18, 2013
Start your day the Venice way! Wake up and enjoy a fresh brewed latte at the hip coffee house Intelligentsia... where you can sit outside and take in the freshest air in LA. Then, once you're fueled up and ready to take on the day, enjoy a window shopping stroll where fashion boutiques, trendy gifts shops, book shops and more awaits your heart's desires. After walking in the warm sun you'll have built up an appetite, so have a laid back lunch and a fresh squeezed juice at Local 1205, the freshest and best deli counter in town! After lunch take in the art scene at the many art galleries Abbott Kinney has to offer...everything from contemporary art, to digital art to photography. The C.A.V.E. gallery is my personal favorite. After being visually stimulated, it's time to stimulate your senses with a wine tasting at Elvino wine bar. Start your night right with a glass of Pinot! The wine will induce your taste buds for a great dinner so make reservation early at Gjelina. The atmosphere of this place is the right amount of hip, charm and romance...make sure to save room for dessert, their butterscotch pudding is the best thing you'll ever taste! End your day right at The Other Room, where good conversation with interesting talented people is just a beer glass away! Abbott Kinney... a full day of fun, relaxation, good eats, and excitement all on the same street!
I could lose a day here!
Tira W. Mar 14, 2013
Oh Abbot Kinney. How you have captured my heart! This is one of the reasons I love LA. You can venture from Santa Monica to Venice and clearly feel the vibe change. The possibilities of what to do are absolutely endless. Abbot Kinney gives off a hipster chic vibe; with its unique and recognizable landmarks. First Fridays at Abbot Kinney are a must. The streets are filled with so much energy. All the businesses open up their doors and display what makes them and Abbot Kinney so distinct. Food trucks surround every corner; bars and clubs offer specials; galleries having viewings; vintage shops. It’s a one stop locale. Ahhh Abbot Kinney, what’s not to love!
Hippie = awesome
Valerie Y. Mar 5, 2013
I went to the Abbot Kinney festival once, and it was lovely! So many unique vendors! One of them made jewelry from tires, and they looked gorgeous! I didn't stay long, because my group wanted to spend time at the beach too, but I was fortunate enough to watch a band/ trapeze-type artist performance while I was there. The trapeze-type artist climbed a sheet 100 feet in the air, and performed acrobatic moves, while stabilizing herself using solely one sheet that she gracefully wrapped around different parts of her body. It was beautifully amazing. Another favorite aspect of my trip, was a street not too far from the festival, that had " I <3 YOU" written in big letters on the street. This festival made me appreciate the hippie culture so much!
Great Shopping
Steph H. Dec 3, 2012
I love Abbot Kinney. Although the parking sucks, I love all the mom and pops boutique stores in this neighborhood. They are each unique and have the most authentic stuff. The restaurants is one of the reason this street is so popular. I highly recommend this street if you are planning to spend your day in Venice!
Hip and cool street in LA
Nisha S. Dec 3, 2012
Abbot Kinney is arguably one of the hippest streets in Los Angeles! I don’t come here enough during the day, but when I do, I take advantage of all the cool perfume shops like Le Labo, furniture stores like Bountiful, and retail stores like the upscale Satine boutique. I think Abbot Kinney is such an underrated street. The cute and quaint street has tons of shops and some great restaurants like Gjelina, The Tasting Kitchen, and Axe. Venice definitely has the hipster, trendy vibe going for it. Abbot Kinney comes alive for First Fridays when people pour onto the street eager to check out art galleries and stores that are open late. I love going out to bars in the Venice area during First Fridays, because the atmosphere is always fun and energetic. The Otheroom is a particularly chill spot. I’ve also heard that there’s a great hotdog truck that parks outside of The Brig on Abbot Kinney each week. Gotta check that out! First Fridays on Abbot Kinney can get a little hectic with crowds of people in the streets and on the sidewalks waiting in line at the many food trucks that line up to serve hungry customers. Parking in this area on First Fridays is also difficult. There are some parking lots, so try to get to Abbot Kinney early to get a good spot.
Eleni S. Dec 3, 2012
Abbot Kinney is one of my favorite spots to go to. The only reason I go to Venice is to go to Abbot Kinney. It is such a nice area and there are so many shops and restaurants that you could go to! The beach is really close by, so if you go to Abbot Kinney on a sunny California day, I would for sure go to the beach! Abbot Kinney is really artsy and fun! They have a really good restaurant called Lemonade that has the best chicken paninis and dessert! If you are ever visiting Los Angeles, I definitely recommend visiting Abbot Kinney. You will have a great time!
Julie T. Dec 3, 2012
This is one of my favorite locations in Los Angeles and one of the main reasons why I LOVE Venice (except for the Boardwalk). I love looking at all the boutiques, there is a wide variety of places to wander around. The stores there are more unique, and still fashionable and fun. The restaurants and cafés there are also great like Lemonade etc. Parking is pretty easy which is a plus. I LOVE the bars there as well. The Other Room is one of my favorite places to go. I've also gone to Rooster Fish and have been dying to go to the Brig since a lot of my friends love it and I know it's my type of bar with dancing. First Friday's is also here on Abbot Kinney and everyone in West LA is out during First Friday. People are fun, young professionals, artists, there are cool mural paintings everywhere, and all the alleyways are also a great exciting place to walk around. Overall, I've never had a bad experience on Abbot Kinney
Rachel S. Nov 30, 2012
Abbot Kinney is one of my favorite places to be when I am out on a Saturday night. My friends and I love the scene because it is never the same. I have a lot of friends from high school that have moved to this area so I love to come and meet up with them and go to the bars located here. There are a lot of cool restaurants and bars that you dont find just anywhere. There are very eclectic crowds of people. It can be very trendy to very hipster. Abbot Kinney is located in a nice area and is a must see if your in town. Definitely go out here if you are visiting!
A favorite
Sarah B. Nov 28, 2012
The atmosphere is great . . . Just park and walk. You'll love the shops, the restaurants and the people. Put it on your to do list!
Keeley H. Nov 22, 2012
I love Abbott Kinney. It is such a nice area with endless amounts of shops and restaurants. The atmosphere is great and the streets are super clean and enjoyable. One of my favorite places on Abbott Kinney is LF. On nice days, it is a great place to walk around and look at all the different shops. You could definitely find things here to entertain yourselves for an entire day. One of my favorite places to relax and look around. I would highly recommend visiting Abbot Kinney and spending a day checking out everything that it has to offer.
Allie H. Nov 15, 2012
Honestly, the best place in LA. When you arrive to Abbott Kinney, park your car, get out. And walk the whole thing on both sides. They have so many little boutiques, restaurants, salons, etc... You just need to see it all. I love the atmosphere of Abbott Kinney. Its a very youthful, hipster place. It is one of the more relaxed areas of LA and I honestly feel calmer when I am there. I am never disspaointed when I go there and I always find some little yummy treat or a cute shirt from one of the stores! RECOMMEND RECOMMEND RECOMMEND!
Eden M. Nov 14, 2012
Abbot Kinney is in one of my favorite places-- Venice!! Not only does it offer great shopping with fun and cute little boutiques, but it also has some of the BEST restaurants. I defintely recommend having dinner at Gjelina's if you are on Abbot Kinney because it has the best food ever. Also, Abbot Kinney is right near the beach so you can hit that up after. The bars around this area are really fun, too, and a huge younger crowd goes there. Love it!
this is a MUST
Chloe H. Nov 14, 2012
Abbot Kinney Boulevard is one of those areas that is a well kept secret but a destination must for those who are looking for small boutiques and some amazing food. It has a very cozy vibe to the area and all the stores are smaller, you will not find an Urban Outfitters or Steve Madden here. I like to go to Abbot Kinney especially on Saturdays and Sundays when they have jewelry fairs where the manufacturers sell their products for market price. I have found countless fun and interesting pieces there not to mention one of my favorite restaurants: Gjelina. The location is great especially if after a long day of shopping you want to end up at the beach. Abbot Kinney is close to Venice and Santa Monica. Put this place on your to-do list!
lots to see
Sarah D. Nov 13, 2012
I always go here with my family when they visit. The shopping is great and there are also lots of little interior decor stores that are fun to pop in. My favorite store is Skylark, I never leave without at least a handful of things from there. You won't find many brands you recognize at the stores here, there's more unique cool stuff. Also Intelligentsia is a really popular coffee place here, and with good reason. Very industrial interior and great coffee, I stood behind Ke$ha in line once and it was a monumental moment for me.. It's also fun to walk down Abbot Kinney because it leads up to the beach, so you can see all the shenanigans on Venice beach afterwards and perhaps indulge in a giant henna back tattoo.
What's not to like?
Brehan F. Oct 5, 2012
Abbot Kinney is AWESOME! Truly. There is so much to do, day or night. Great people watching (especially if you're into a good looking crowd), yummy restaurants, fabulous stores, and lots of dogs! It's also couples central so if you have recently broken up with someone, you may want to avoid Abbot Kinney for awhile - everyone always looks so happy and in love. I have never been to First Fridays - dying to go - however I have enjoyed Abbot Kinney many a time. Both during the day as a prime brunch locale, and later at night to meet a friend for dinner. If you stray from Abbot Kinney, be sure to check out the homes in the surrounding area. They are generally architecturally original, in fact quite creative looking, and pretty swanky. Don't forget - you're pretty close to the beach. Bring your bike and make a day of it. Abbot Kinney is awesome.
Great place!
Sunset E. Oct 5, 2012
Abbot Kinney is where all the locals in Venice go!!! You have amazing shops!! All of which are totally unique!!! Tons of art and great clothing stores!!! You will also find plenty of great restaurants!!! What's sooo fabulous is its a great place to walk around!! There are a few bars that you can also go to where locals hang out!! Love that it is sooooo close to Main Street so that you can take Abbot Kinney to Main Street and go shopping there as well and also check out the delicious restaurants on Main Street! Or if you want to bar hop from Abbot Kinney check out Main Street!!! Venice has some great bars!!! Beach is super close to so you can tan in the day and shop in the late afternoon on Abbot Kinney. Hope you enjoy!
Abbot Kinney will forever hold a place in my heart!
D1ΔИΔ Ø. Oct 5, 2012
Once a local, Abbot Kinney was where I spent most of my time shopping and eating. Here you will find some of the cutest boutiques, best restaurants and bars...seriously! And if you don't like where you're at, just walk to another business within this small stretch of street. Some of my favorite places include: AXE: Great gourmet food and salads....order their cookies for dessert, trust me! Abbot's Habit: Sub sandwiches are the best, also have vegetarian available. My personal fave is the Pauly Abbot's Pizza: Best Pizza in town hands down! The Other Room: Nightlife all the way. Nice lounge/bar/restaurant Rossterfish: GAY BAR...enough said, great place Ohm Salon: Pricey, but they get the job done right. About $100 for cut/blow dry. Girls here are extra sweet and the place is darling. Market Gourmet: This is off the main area of Abbot Kinney (South of Venice Blvd.) Great spot to grab a quick lunch or to buy gourmet treats to make dinner at home. The French Market Cafe: right across from Market Gourmet. Authentic French dishes! Huge salads, savory crepes, sandwiches, etc. (Once met Zack de la Rocha here) There is so much more to cover, but go for yourself and see what place best meets your needs/wants. Don't forget artwalk every 1st friday!
One of the Best in the West
Shannon T. Sep 5, 2012
Abbot Kinney personifies what life is like in Los Angeles’s Westside: intentionally relaxed, accepting of all personalities, consciously progressive and unkempt, but in an artistic way. If you are lacking an agenda or something “to do” Abbot Kinney serves as casual place to walk around to feel purposeful yet aimless. The Abbot Kinney strip is bordered with New Age shops, art galleries, beach boutiques, stylish bars, hipster coffee shops and gourmet restaurants. All ages are welcomed, but this street is the most enjoyable to the groups of friends and couples that are 21+ in age. It’s ideal to bring a date on a warm LA night. If you want to a club feel you have two options: The Brig ( a mellow bar with an enjoyable dance floor) and Roosterfish ( a gay bar where people can socialize). Those with little to spend will enjoy its pizzeria, Mexican stand and the ever present food truck. Head a couple of blocks west and you fall upon the eclectic Venice Beach. Venturing south will deposit you in the less active area of the Marina. Tread a couple of blocks north and you will discover Main Street—Santa Monica’s version of Abbott Kinney. True to Los Angeles, stay west and stay entertained; go east and you might feel a little lost.
A piece of Europe in Los Angeles
Rébecca O. Sep 3, 2012
Whenever you walk on Abbot Kinney, it feels like you took the plane to Europe. It's one of the friendliest communities in LA county. The Arts are everywhere and in all sorts of forms! It is a hybrid of the posh world with the artsy community, which welcomes anybody who's ready to party! You can shop, wine and dine, or just have a people-watch session because there are always tons of peeps walking around and looking for an excuse to sit down for a drink. You could spend an entire day on this street and still find something to do or somewhere to go. Plus, the beach is only a 7-min walk away! My two must-stop spots: Gjelina's patio for brunch and Altered Space Gallery for inspiration.
Great way to spend the afternoon
Jayson M. Aug 21, 2012
Tons of free galleries, special sales, music on the streets, and lots of friendly people make First Fridays a first-rate favorite for festive folks who like to….um….be fabulous? Oy, that ended badly. Anyway, I Iove this street. It’s everything that makes Venice great. Yeah, the crowds are a pain but most popular events are. Of course, Abbot on any sunny day (which means pretty much all year) is a great place to lay low, with plenty of restaurants and a few solid bars to help you pregame or just enjoy the warm air with a warm belly. Like most popular stretches in any city, parking can be a pain, but driving a little further south usually frees spaces up.
The Melrose of the Westside!
Rania R. Aug 17, 2012
When I'm not using Abbot Kinney as a quicker route from the Venice/Marina border that is Washington Boulevard to Santa Monica's Main Street, I am more than likely window shopping and enjoying a tasty libation along this super cute thoroughfare. Abbot Kinney has it all: cafes, bars, bistros, boutique shopping, art galleries, and of course a touch of that eclectic charm only Venice Beach can offer. A few blocks east of the famous boardwalk's bustling hoards of tourists, artsy vagabonds, and sidewalk vendors, lies Abbot Kinney, a calm and more upscale escape from the typically wild storm of souvenir and sage shops. As a struggling twenty something, I look forward to the day when I can actually afford all of the beautiful clothes, jewelry, and furniture being sold by plenty of lovely Abbot Kinney shop owners. Till then though, I gladly admire their fine goods and wander through the awesome bookstores in between getting a cocktail at The Brig, a pint of craft beer at The Other Room, and a late night bite to eat from the friendly hot dog vendors or gourmet food trucks passing through.
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