Runyon Canyon

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Runyon Canyon Named after a Depression-era coal tycoon who used the property for hunting and riding, Runyon Canyon is a popular Hollywood hiking spot and something of a pick-up scene for fit and attractive locals and dog lovers. Los Angeles United States 34.105164 -118.348916
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Runyon Canyon - Outdoor Activity | Park in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Named after a Depression-era coal tycoon who used the property for hunting and riding, Runyon Canyon is a popular Hollywood hiking spot and something of a pick-up scene for fit and attractive locals and dog lovers. As... ... read full review

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    South entrances at the top of Fuller Avenue and Vista Street and north entrance off the 7300 block of Mulholland Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

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    Daily dawn–dusk

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Runyon Canyon Review

The Scene

Named after a Depression-era coal tycoon who used the property for hunting and riding, Runyon Canyon is a popular Hollywood hiking spot and something of a pick-up scene for fit and attractive locals and dog lovers.

Named after a Depression-era coal tycoon who used the property for hunting and riding, Runyon Canyon is a popular Hollywood hiking spot and something of a pick-up scene for fit and attractive locals and dog lovers.

As the paved lane of the strenuous 1.6-mile main trail gives way to dirt and dust higher up, hikers will be met not only by palm-tree-framed views of the Hollywood sign, sprawling hillside mansions, and even the ocean, but also by the hordes of stylish starlets, models, and actors who share the trail with them.

Savvy singles know to show up with their pooches as a laxed leash law allows the pups to play and gives their owners the best chance of mingling with other good-looking dog walkers.

There are two separate routes to the top, but those who take the easier trail will still get a great workout, where an oversized bench offers a place to rest up and enjoy the panorama.

Whether visitors are more interested in toning their own physiques or checking out those of other nature lovers, Runyon Canyon is a great place for fun in the sun with a little flirting on the side.

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Tip from Lucas:

If you’re looking for a slightly more strenuous hike with even better vistas, choose the path at the top of the canyon that leads up to Indian Rock – the highest point in the park with a view that includes the San Fernando Valley.

  • Crowd

    Outdoorsy, fitness-minded young professionals, models, actors, and locals of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Free yoga classes on the lawn at the south end of the park, Mondays through Fridays at 8:45am, 10:30am, and 2pm, and Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30am. Sunset yoga 6pm in Spring and Summer. Hiking routes range from easy to difficult.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Water, bananas, and snack bars available from independent vendor at Fuller Avenue entrance. Street parking.

  • Prices

    Free admission. Vendor items $1.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Athletic wear.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any sunny day, though weekends are much more crowded than weekdays.

  • Close By

    The Griddle Café (7916 West Sunset Boulevard) is a great spot for breakfast or brunch after a hike through Runyon.

Runyon Canyon User Reviews

Average rating:
Hollywood's quintessential hangout
Carey W. Aug 1, 2013
If there is one destination in Los Angeles that embodies the "LA Lifestyle," it is hands down Runyon Canyon. Nestled north of Franklin in the heart of Hollywood, this quick but steep hike is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Though there are often lines as you trek uphill, you will find your behind burning as you brunch the next day at Urrth Cafe. Admittedly, the panoramic views of Los Angeles are usually clouded by LA's infamous smog and hikes further West in Malibu provide more sensational sights (what could be better than a view of the ocean and the green mountains and canyons that border it?). However, if your bag is celebrity spotting, yoga-pant wearing locals and pampered pets, Runyon is the place to be.
Best of both worlds
Leah B. Jul 25, 2013
Not only does Los Angeles offer an energetic city life, but it shows the outdoorsy type a great time too! Runyon Canyon gives LA that "best of both worlds" vibe and owns up to it rather nicely. I've lived in the LA area for quite a while now, but I was born and raised in the mountains of the south; and I have to say this canyon hike gets my "outdoor" vote of approval. If you're looking for an excellent workout, or just a nice hike, Runyon Canyon is a must do! From the quiet yoga classes nestled at the bottom in a shaded grassy area, to the fitness buffs, to the sweet families...this place contours to every persons individual interests. Bring a bottle of water though, it gets hot!
I'm in the Office
Lewey K. Jul 23, 2013
Tucked into the hills above Hollywood Boulevard is LA’s favorite place to hike. Runyon Canyon is perfectly close to residents from West Hollywood and Central Hollywood, making it the ideal place for locals to get their workout on. There are two ways to trek to the top of the main trail with more strenuous trails way up top. The main trail, although a great workout, is easy enough for people of all ages and sizes to make it around at least once. But the real scoop…it’s all about the people watching. From starlets to models, agents to celebrity trainers – you’ve got to pay attention to what’s happening. Hollywood-ers treat this as their second office, which you’ll notice when you see and hear people on their Bluetooth ear buds making deals or chatting about an upcoming script that they’ve GOT to read. Dancers from Millennium and Debbie Reynolds love making videos for their choreography reels at the top of the canyon. Reality stars flock to satisfy their social media followers with an early morning inspirational photo, captioned with some faux-positive/subliminal diss quote about conquering things. If you like to gussie up to work out, this is the place for you. Full faces of make-up, blow outs, and lots of self-tanner are common. Designer sunglasses are a part of the dress code, and don’t forget your Gucci fanny pack. All jokes aside, I’ve lived just below the canyon for a year and its one of the best places to go. They even have donation-based yoga classes and honor-system snacks and drinks at the entrance of the park. The only downside is the amount of dogs running around unleashed. They. Are. EVERYWHERE. In the harsh of the summer heat, dog waste is not necessarily something you want to taste in the air while you make your ascent.
Best Views in Los Angeles
Scott A. May 31, 2013
Within weeks of moving to Los Angeles, my favorite activity became Saturday morning hikes in Runyon Canyon. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Runyon Canyon offers some of the most scenic views of all of Los Angeles. On any given day you will catch an assortment of people, from dog walkers, tourists, people running, and people just taking in the views. Now don't get me wrong, this is in no means an easy hike, but the reward is spectacular. On a clear day you can see just about all of Los Angeles, including the ocean and the Hollywood sign. There are a couple different options in terms of which way you would like to hike. I personally enjoy hiking up the mountain, and finishing with a nice coast down the road on the way down alongside the mansions in the hills. There is no wrong way to approach Runyon Canyon, and for those of you visiting Southern California this should be at the top of your to do list!
Avid Hiker
Gor G. May 22, 2013
I love this place! It is a great spot for all levels of hikers. This place offers various trails. It is neatly hidden in the city, so if you do not know it is there, you will probably not find it. I love the fact that there is a table with food at the entrance. Feel free to take a snack for the hike, but make sure to leave some money in the jar because honor system is at work here. Grab water and bring a hat because this trail has some open areas and if you go when it is really sunny, you will get a lot of sun exposure.
Carry your headshots much?
Shannon D. May 22, 2013
What can I say about Runyon? Hmm.....It's not for those who are expecting just a scenic "walk around the park" (Though it does offer some great views of the LA Basin) and certainly not for those that are not mentally prepared to challenge themselves physically. On the other hand, if you are an overly pretentious, self-absorbed name dropper, this is also your place! Yes, its true, this place is a hive for celebrities and those who strive so desperately to become like them, but you shouldn't be surprised as Runyon Canyon is conveniently located just north of Hollywood Blvd, literally a short jog from the Hollywood strip. In my observations, I can say that there are two types of people that "hike" Runyon regularly, those that are serious about fitness (Those climbing "The eliminator") and those serious about being seen. Seriously, I find it comical that some people get all dolled up to just to get all sweaty. Ladies, seriously, you don't need to wear mascara to work those glutes! Other than all the walking headshots, lack of restrooms and crappy parking, Runyon is a great place to get a good workout, but make sure you go prepared with plenty of water and comfortable shoes!
pretty good place to hike!
GLORIA C. May 11, 2013
I don't really like to go on hikes too much, but this place was very bearable! My friends and I spent a few hours on sit and we had a lot of fun! One thing that did sort of bother me was that there were a lot of people everywhere, it made it hard to get around at times, as there are some tight spaces where lots of people are trying to squeeze by. Also, if you are interested in celebrity sightings, you might be really interested in going to Runyon Canyon because I saw a couple of famous people just walking around like it was no-one's business! Overall, if you are looking for a nice place to hike, that isn't too difficult, i definitely recommend it!
Exercise L.A. Style
Todd S. Mar 29, 2013
Ahead of being a great place to hike, Runyon Canyon is great for tourists. The views of the mountains is great for anyone coming in from flat areas. It highlights the mountain ranges that make L.A. truly a unique and beautiful place. It really allows for just about anybody to experience what it's like to climb atop a mountain and the view you get in return for that climb will have you pulling out your smartphone and Facebooking that scenery. The people are mostly L.A. types, from high powered entertainment executives to their actor counterparts, this is a great place to people watch when it comes down to it. Many people bring their dogs, too, which definitely makes the hike up a cheerier one. Runyon has a few different spots to hike, depending on the difficulty level your looking for. The main road up is not difficult and yet, it's still a great workout. If you're just visiting L.A., a photo atop Runyon Canyon should top your to-do list. Mornings are prime -time where the weather is concerned. I've known people to take the free yoga classes at the south end of the park. High marks all around. Definitely recommended.
Amber K. Mar 26, 2013
If you enjoy hiking, definitely visit Runyon canyon. The views are very beautiful. There's free yoga classes which are offered at the south end of the park. I took it twice and felt very relaxed and refreshed. There's also vending machine a and snack bars available for you during your hike. Be sure to wear sunscreen and have tennis shoes on. It's free admission so you've got nothing to lose. Go and check it out in your free time ! It's great to see people here
Great view, not great parking
Teresa P. Mar 26, 2013
Runyon is a pretty short hike that still gets you high enough into the Hollywood Hills to see much of Los Angeles spread out beneath you. It gets steep and slippery with the sand up near the top, but as long as you're wearing tennis shoes and being careful, it isn't too challenging. Parking can be an issue though. When my friends and I go, we park in Hollywood and walk up to the park and hiking trails. It is kind of a hike just to get to the actual hike this way, but I just that's why we come!
not a bad hike at all
Duane L. Mar 25, 2013
I am going to preface this by saying I am not much of a hiker. I have never really enjoyed hiking but I will go when friends want to just because I like hanging out with people. If that means hiking, I will begrudgingly do it. With that said, I actually found myself enjoying the Runyon Canyon hike a decent amount. It may have been the company I was with but the hike itself was not bad at all. I mean, there must be a reason why it’s one of the most popular hikes in LA. I got a good workout and had a fun day with friends. Even if you’re not big into hiking, you might enjoy this trail!
Fun, Easy Hike
Kate K. Mar 4, 2013
This is a great hiking spot in LA! The main loop is pretty short, while there are off-shoots if you want a longer hike as well. Be sure to go early if you are going on a weekend as parking is on the street only and the place gets very crowded. It also gets pretty hot even on moderately cool days, so bring lots of water! There are yoga classes on the grass on some days, but you have to check the schedule ahead of time. If you have a dog, this is an ideal outing as well because you can let them roam off-leash. On clear days, there are some great spots for cool photos as you can see the entire city from downtown to westwood. While I have yet to have a celebrity siting here, I know that a lot of famous actors and actresses do come to hike here!
The Trendy Place to Hike
Alex N. Mar 4, 2013
This is the place to go if you want to be seen hiking, or see someone in the entertainment industry. This is definitely not the place to go if you're willing to get sweaty in front of other people and not care about it. Almost everyone who goes to Runyon is there to be seen, however, its no walk in the park. The trails aren't super easy and if it's anything above 70 degrees you'll break a sweat. This is a great place to go on a day date also, it fun, outdoors, and not tooooo strenuous. One time I actually saw a girl wearing 6 inch pumps on the trail. Either her date didn't tell her where they were going and she just didn't care. That should give you an idea of the people who frequent Runyon. The parking is a pain and you might find yourself driving around for a while to get a spot. Also, don't go if you don't like dogs, there might be more dogs than people. Runyon is a great outdoors activity for anyone who likes great views of the city and wants to get some exercise.
Los Angeles' Euphoria
Adam H. Feb 28, 2013
On a February afternoon at a chilly 75 degrees, there actually may be no other suitable alternative (other than the beach of course… and our underpaid overworked jobs) than hiking Runyon Canyon. There are worse things in the world than being surrounded at a 1:1 ratio by LA’s most attractive residents and their incredibly adorable canine companions. Tucked neatly behind Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, Runyon is a word with which almost every Los Angeles resident is familiar, and few tourists are aware. Even the heart of Hollywood, the striking, starving residents thirst for a sense of community. Runyon Canyon offers such an experience with its honesty-policy snack and water cart at the entrance, donation-only yoga in the park, and the ice breaker proven by science to be effective 100% of the time… puppy mingling. Do not expect any dogs on leashes. Quite the contrary- you may be walking up the steep stairs, working your quads, appreciating the reverse side of that extra you saw last night on Grey’s Anatomy, when you’re surrounded by the unconditional admiration of a smashed-faced French bull-dog named Florence, greeting you with those bug eyes that say “keep it moving folks.” It is the definition of euphoria. Whether you’re in the mood to be the discomfited guy in the back of the yoga class because your girlfriend made you go, a light jaunt with your room mate, or intense calisthenics after one too many margaritas schmoozing the boss last night; Runyon will undoubtedly calm you and center your brain before going back to the grind on Monday morning. Just don’t forget a little extra water for the likes of Florence and her charming chow friends.
Pretty people's hangout
Zoe R. Feb 22, 2013
If you fit the stereotypical look of Hollywood's hotties, you'll fit right in! Not only are the people absolutely gorgeous, but they're bodies and canines are also perfection! As if the people weren't enough to handle, Runyon Canyon also offers amazing viewpoints that overlook the city and the world's most famous Hollywood sign. I was a bit disappointed that the hike wasn't more strenuous, but I had a great time engaging in the surroundings of the beautiful city.
Dogs & Stars, but no Paparazzi
Dave D. Feb 7, 2013
I don't know why, but every time I've ever gone to Runyon Canyon, i've seen a British Celebrity: Colin Farrell, Robbie Williams, Robert Pattinson, Gerard Butler, and that girl who was in that movie... you know her, right? I've seen American stars up there, too, but for some reason they aren't as interesting. Anyway, I've always wondered why there aren't any paparazzi. But, if you're a tourist, it's a great place to see celebrities in their natural habitat, while getting a good workout. Everybody is pretty friendly, and there are a million cute dogs running around. OH, and you also get to see fit parents jogging up hill with their toddler on their shoulders, or passed out in a baby backpack, with their arms and legs dangling. That always makes me smile. The only thing I don't like about the place is that on warm, sunny days, the smell of doggie doo-doo can be a bit overwhelming in spots. So, just remember to hold your nose, and run.
Runyon Canyon is the Underemployed People's Playground
Lisa H. Feb 7, 2013
I love Runyon for several reasons, all of which because they include a form of fun fitness for a zero to tip price. Put them all together and it is a ball of fun that can keep you occupied potentially all day. If you live in Hollywood, it's probably not too bad of a walk there since parking gets a little hectic sometimes. I also find it adorable that they have an unattended, fully stocked vending cart with drinks and snacks with a sign listing the prices and a title that just says "Honor Code." Here are some of the things that you can experience at Runyon FO' FREE: 1. Hiking. Obviously. The trails vary from mild to strenuous. If you are scared of heights or slipping, I would not recommend going down the stairs, because they are VERY steep. Wear shoes with good traction. 2. Yoga. They usually have three classes every day of the week on the lawn near the front entrance on Fuller/Franklin, depending on the weather. You can see who's instructing on their Facebook page, "Runyon Canyon Yoga." It's donation only, which is fabulous. 3. Dog Walking. Or watching. If you are a puppy lover then you'll have a field day here. There are dogs of all different sizes, breeds and yappability. It's basically a dog park in disguise. 4. Scenic views. You can see all of Los Angeles, downtown and the Hollywood sign at the same time. I would recommend tourists go here to see the sign if they don't want the longer hikes of Griffith Park. You can also see the amount of smog that this city accumulates.
An almost too trendy (but not quite) hiking hot spot with many trails to choose from and some of LA's best views.
Ryan M. Jan 5, 2013
Runyon Canyon is a picturesque LA hiking hotspot. Trail options range anywhere from paved-road bunny slopes, for children and those less inclined to the trials and tribulations of outdoorsmanship, to steep and winding paths that are by no means an easy task to surmount but at least have a worthy payoff at the top waiting for you. The pay off is the view: the quintessential Los Angeles skyline and a panoramic perspective of the Santa Monica mountains and beautiful Pacific Ocean. Resting in between is the bittersweet, golden, smog laired city for as far as the eye can see. After hiking up to the pinnacle for about an hour this view is a well earned resting point and area for contemplation, water breaks, and quiet moments with yourself, friends, or family. My only qualms with this place is its popularity which can sometimes detract from the kind of introspection and tranquility that I normally enjoy on hikes. Expect crowds any given day of the week and particularly on weekends. Although crowds are an inevitable part of a place that so conveniently blends beauty, nature and outdoor recreation, I am not saying the experience is by any means ruined by the volume of attendees. The faint echoing of a passerby's extremely loud iPod headphones or the gentle murmuring between gossiping Hollywood locals is not nearly enough to impede on your enjoyment of this beautiful Los Angeles exercise hot spot. Hey, maybe you'll even see someone famous, but I can't say that was my primary concern.
The Place to See and Be Seen
Erica L. Dec 5, 2012
Some people consider Runyon Canyon the place to see and be seen. You might find Matthew McConaughey running down the mountain or Jessica Alba hiking with her dog, but this venue is not just for the rich and famous. Runyon Canyon is a great place to get a tough or easy workout, depending on your workout needs. Whether you are an athlete looking for a steep mountain, or simply looking for a meandering walk, Runyon Canyon is a slice of Los Angeles that ends in a panoramic view of the city. From the smoggy skyline of downtown, to the ocean tides of the Pacific Ocean, if you want to get an all encompassing look at the City of Angels get your workout shoes on and get ready to sweat!
great hike
Hayden F. Dec 4, 2012
this is a great place to go on a hike. there are a few different routes you can choose to take and it is beautiful. you can make it as hard as you want. some people run it, some jog, and some (like me) walk it. either way, it is great. there are also some pretty places to stop and enjoy the scenery. regarding parking, there is a parking lot near the entrance and the earlier you get there the more likely you will be to get a spot. this place can get crowded so i would recommend going earlier rather than later. it will also make it so that you wont be hiking while it is too hot out!
Maggie W. Dec 3, 2012
If you are like me... you love canyons. I cant get enough of them.. So I know a thing or two about em.. The should be outside and they should have dirt! This place has both of those things! There are great views of buildings and dirt from all over this canyon! You will never want to leave! Grab your running shoes, a smile, a friend, a book, a smoothie, a snack, a towel, and a shovel and get on down here!!!!!
Excercise and sightseeing at the same time!
Nicole B. Nov 28, 2012
Definitely a must if you love doing outdoor activities and I also highly recommend it if you're a tourist or person that wants to go on a hike! It's cool cause of course you get to see the Hollywood sign and it's not the longest trail either. It's right in the middle of Hollywood so you don't need to go just to hike, there are plenty of things to do afterwards. It's great cause you can enjoy nature while also enjoying a great view of the city. You can go alone to just relax or even bring friends and pets for a fun time together! Try to go if you can!
Great Hike!
Samantha L. Nov 28, 2012
If you are an outdoorsy person like me, then you will LOVE Runyon. It is a great place to go for a hike, whether you are trying to get a really great workout in or are just going to enjoy nature. If I am going for a workout, I will try and run some of the path or do it multiple times. If I am just going to enjoy nature, however, its not too bad of a hike. It doesn't take too long to get up and down, maybe an hour, and its a great place to go for a study break or to revitalize your week. It's located in the middle of Hollywood and so there are great places to go out to eat after your hike, as well as great markets to stock up on healthy foods! All in all, I love this hike!!!
So Much Fun
Lindsey S. Nov 20, 2012
Honestly, this hike is so much fun- you get to see a terrific view, as well as be with close friends. I went last year on the hike and took a little less than an hour (keep in mind we kept stopping to take picture) but it was a great experience. Make sure you go when the weather is nice and you can even take your dogs for a walk. It is a beautiful hike because you get to see all of Hollywood and at the end, end up pretty close to the Hollywood sign. Honestly, you don't have to be crazy outdoorsy to do this hike, it really is more touristy. Check it out !
Great outdoors in the middle of the city
Jasmine U. Nov 19, 2012
Runyon is right in the middle of hollywood so its very close to anyone in LA. Its a great little hike taking tops 45 minutes to get up and back down. Usually if Im really trying to get a workout in I do it twice or try to run some of the less steep parts. At the top you get a great view of all of downtown LA especially on days its not too hazy. If you are a dog owner its a great place to bring them as there are places that don't require a leash. Sometimes it is a bit crowded so if you dont like being around too many people I suggest going early in the morning. Wish I could do this hike every day!
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