Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Looking for events & art exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in LA? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, & more for this amazing museum! Los Angeles United States 34.05344 -118.250662
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Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) - Museum in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Museum of Contemporary Art, commonly referred to as MOCA, is an art museum with three locations in Los Angeles. Founded in 1979, MOCA is the only museum in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to contemporary art. The... ... read more

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Videos

Lady GAGA World Premiere of "Speechless" at the MOCA Event in LA
Lady GAGA World Premiere of "Speechless" at the MOCA Event in LA
Teen Night at MOCA: The Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A.
Art In The Streets Moca-Los Angeles
Exhibit of Dennis Hopper's art opens in Los Angeles
Art In the Streets @ MOCA Los Angeles
Kaki King at MOCA in Los Angeles
Moca: Art in the Streets -10min walk through -Graffitti Exhibit - Los Angeles

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Information

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) - Museum in Los Angeles.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, commonly referred to as MOCA, is an art museum with three locations in Los Angeles. Founded in 1979, MOCA is the only museum in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to contemporary art.

The original space located in Little Tokyo is now known as the Geffen Contemporary, while the main branch is located on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. A third location was opened in 2000 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

Home to over 5,000 works of art, exhibits at MOCA consist mainly of American and European contemporary art made after 1940. Some well-known exhibits include “Hall of Mirrors: Art and Film since 1945" (1996) and "Art in the Streets" (2011), focusing on an overarching theme of postwar art.

Programs at MOCA include Sunday Studio, where participants collaboratively create art, and Engagement Party, a free public program that presents work by new and emerging artists.

Parking is available at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the main gallery.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) User Reviews

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Cool place
Zoë C. Dec 3, 2012
I have had the opportunity to travel to museums in Europe and in America and I have seen both Modern Art and Contemporary Art. I did enjoy seeing art from the Impressionists, but to me, it is like listening to my grandparents music in their lifetime. In comparison, Contemporary Art as I think of it is simply art being created in my lifetime, and is based much more on socially conscious issues. It is art from the 1960's or 1970's up until this very minute. I highly recommend everyone go to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). I found it very impressive and inspiring to be more creative.
Nice collections, difficult location
Jackie D. Nov 18, 2012
Maybe I shouldn't speak too much about MOCA's location since they're building an incredible new museum right next to the Disney Concert Hall/REDCAT theater, but it's an issue. It can be really confusing to get to if you don't know your way around DTLA, but once you're there and have figured out parking, it's a nice place to visit. It's certainly not a museum to dedicate your whole day to, but they tend to have pretty good shows. I went when they were showing part of their permanent collection, which offered a range of well known art works by Pollack, Rauschenburg, Rothko, to name a few. Since MOCA isn't overwhelming in its size, it's a good place to get started if you're just getting into contemporary art.
Experience Forward-Facing Art
Daniel B. Oct 25, 2012
MOCA's director Jeffrey Deitch has taken more than a few blows from the high art community for his celeb-obsessed shows (among other things). But I think that if James Franco helps expose blushing hordes of hipsters to a little Rauschenberg, so much better for the art world. I haven't been to the Pacific Design Center yet, but I hear really good things about the exhibits there. The Grand Avenue location houses the permanent collections which displays a thematic or periodic selection on one side of the gallery. The other side houses new exhibits that range from immersive replications of psychedelic drug trips to architectural models highlighting the interplay between fashion and architecture. The Grand Avenue exhibits can feel a little stuffy for my tastes so I prefer the more progressive Geffen Contemporary. The Art in the Streets exhibit recreated a walkable decrepit inner city covered in street art and brought out everyone from Space Invader to Henry Rollins while the AV Club was like a roaming interactive art festival with video projections that put the viewer literally in the artworks. Membership is really worth it for the events alone. I got to see Cai Guo-Qiang set off hundreds of explosives on the side of the Geffen building, leaving behind a smoldering alien messiah in the burnt remains.
Location is great for all things art
Nikki L. Oct 22, 2012
The MOCA is really lovely, but you don't necessarily need a full day there. Luckily, it's right in the middle of downtown, and there are plenty of other art things (like the FIDM museum) to occupy you. This includes the Geffen Contemporary -- a branch of the MOCA not too far away. Your MOCA ticket actually works for both locations AND acts as a shuttle pass for the little tram they have going back and forth between the two. The Geffen has the most AMAZING exhibitions. The patio makes for a great event space. Recently there's been a special extended exhibit of Cai Guo Quiang's gunpowder and firecracker drawings and a whole month of free concert/festival/gallery/food truck events curated by Mike D from the Beastie Boys -- including a Santigold concert. PLAY MOCA was held there, too, and just recently hosted Drew Barrymore. The MOCA Grand Avenue usually has less hipster and more artistic installations. Exhibitions on feminist works or the deconstruction of image. The permanent collection is pretty small, but includes a gem for anyone interested in contemporary art. There is also a cute little Lemonade in the courtyard if you want to stop for lunch. Just try not to get duped by the massively expensive parking meters out front. Parking is cheaper around Little Tokyo, and it's super close.
Hayley B. Sep 6, 2012
I have attended a few shows at the Museum of Contemporary art including, "MOCA presents Ends of the Earth: Land Art" and the display of photographer Weegie's "Naked Hollywood" Collection. The Land Art display was MOCA's first showcasing of historical land art. Although the pieces themselves were not present, the museum's use of dynamic photography as well as intriguing historical explanations made up for the absence of the actual art. Although this was not the most beautiful or exciting presentation I have ever seen, it was nevertheless interesting. Weegie's "Naked Hollywood" collection was absolutely amazing. This photographer used camera lenses as well as popular icons to create images similar to the effects produced in photoshop before it was even invented! The museum of contemporary art always has something interesting to look at and they do have free admission every Thursday from 5-8 PM! Make sure you check out the gift shop for great gifts and art books! Also stop by the cafe Lemonade for delicious sandwiches, salads and funky flavor lemonades (like cucumber)!
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