Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Looking for events & art exhibits at the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA)? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this amazing museum! Los Angeles United States 34.062841 -118.357734
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Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) - Museum in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also known as the LACMA, is located on Museum Row on Wilshire Boulevard in busy Miracle Mile. The LACMA has approximately one million visitors per year and holds upwards of 100... ... read more

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Videos

A Quick Peek at LACMA - BCAM
A Quick Peek at LACMA - BCAM
LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The Apartment Live Reading from LACMA
The Megalith Arrives at LACMA: The Making of Levitated Mass
Ellsworth Kelly at LACMA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Information

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) - Museum in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also known as the LACMA, is located on Museum Row on Wilshire Boulevard in busy Miracle Mile. The LACMA has approximately one million visitors per year and holds upwards of 100,000 works within its twenty-acre campus, making it one of the largest art museums in the country.

The LACMA was built in 1961 and was initially intended to be a small museum. However, due to generous private donations the LACMA was able to expand and now holds large collections of both modern and contemporary art from all corners of the world. LACMA also hosts annual film and concert series. Recent exhibitions at the LACMA include both local and international artists such as Sharon Lockhart and Daido Moriyama.

In 2004 a decision was made to take down the original structure and build an entirely new museum. This transformation is still in progress and is called the Transformation Campaign.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) User Reviews

Average rating:
LA's Finest
David M. Aug 19, 2013
Interactive, modernized exhibits this museum brings the 21st century into a natural, understood event that will captivates you once you walk in. This museum has lots to see. You can spend hours in this place and there's lots to do for everyone. With activities such as film, music, and interactive exhibits for children, the whole family can be involved. Journey from the center of Africa to the edge of Egypt. This place is huge, and has dozens of things to offer everyone. Although closed on Wednesday, the museum has great hours, and can even be seen at no cost! Has a beautiful patio outside offering one of the best restaurants in the LA scene. A Mediterranean restaurant with everything from wood oven pizzas to moderately priced cocktails, Ray's will make your experience worth while! The staff is friendly and very helpful. Tours are run throughout the day and help show off everything this place has to offer. Showing everything from 1600 oil canvasses to the modern LA inspired art, the Los Angeles Museum of art is a traveler's dream!
Art + more
Kevin C. Jun 28, 2013
The LACMA is somewhere I would visit more regularly if I lived closer to it. I am not a serious student of art, but I do like spending time in museums to balance out all the youtube videos and tv. The LACMA definitely has a lot to see and do. It has renowned works of art like "The Treachery of Images" (The one that isn't a pipe). It has popular installations like "Urban Lights" and "Levitated Mass". There are also other noteworthy pieces like "Metropolis II" and "Untitled(Shafted)". Metropolis II is a very large and detailed model of a city with magnetized toys cars on a continuous loop through its highway system. It is pretty cool to watch the staff turn the piece on and shut it off because you get to watch a mini city come to life, and then an hour later, watch it shut down. "Untitled(Shafted)" is the largest elevator I have ever used. While you move between floors you can see more of the large print on the wall that is littered with slogans and quotes that are seemingly shouted in your face. The museum also hosts marquee exhibitions that are advertised all over the city on banners hanging from streetlights. Right now they have a Hokusai exhibit and a Kubrick exhibition that will end in the next few days. Tickets for these exhibitions are more expensive than general admissions, but include admission to the rest of the museum too. There are also numerous events and programs at LACMA, although I haven't had a chance to attend one yet. A notable one is Live Read, which is set up by director Jason Reitman. For these events Jason Reitman will gather some pretty well known actors to do a live read of a script. Tickets for this event are in high demand, so it's always good to check the website to see when they go on sale. I like visiting the LACMA when I can. If I am in the area I like to stop by and just walk around the grounds. "Urban Lights" and "Levitated Mass" are outdoor art installations and don't require admission to look at or walk around (or under). This museum is also next to the La Brea Tar Pits. When I visited last week, I saw a lot of people just enjoying a nice day in the park by the Tar Pits and LACMA. So overall, I think that the LACMA is a good place to visit. You could go see one of the marquee exhibitions and spend the whole day looking at all the different exhibits. Or you could just stop by and walk around the grounds for a little bit if you have some spare time. Oh, also I think after 3 PM, Monday through Friday, general admission is free for LA County residents.
You'll love it.
Sandra C. May 7, 2013
First things first, LACMA is very affordable. Trust me, it'll be worth it's price. With its grand array of new and old artworks, LACMA thrives in ensuring that everyone who visits will something that draws their attention. LACMA is great for people of all ages and is also great for any location. As a plus, the popular urban lights can readily be found next to the museum and, while they aren't as big as one may have imagined, they're still a beautiful sight. If you're on a budget and simply cannot afford a visit to LACMA just know that snapping a few pictures at the LACMA urban lights will come at no cost to you at all. You'll definitely want to see what the rest of LACMA has to offer.
Not Your Mom's Art
Kristin A. May 4, 2013
If you live in LA or are visiting LA, experiencing LACMA is absolutely crucial to your experience of LA overall. Whether you're a connoisseur of museums or, like me, are only educated by college courses in the history of worldly art, LACMA is a truly enjoyable experience from the city in which it dwells to every corner of the museum itself. Spend the afternoon wandering through the wings of the museum, setting your eyes on art you've never seen before. From stacks of paper cut intricately into elegant shapes and designs to a 10-foot tall, 10-foot wide miniature urban city solely centered on the Hot-Wheels cars racing around the skyscrapers, the installations this museum brings are sure to show you the best time you've ever had in a museum. And for all the aspiring Instagram models out there or people looking for new Facebook profile pictures like me, LACMA never fails to deliver beautiful scenery, like the Urban Light installation, that is famously recognizable as a go-to trendy spot in Los Angeles. Once you've seen all the art that LACMA has to offer, head a couple of blocks down the street to enjoy dinner at The Grove, and you've officially completed a successful day in LA.
Don't be Kind of Blue, go Forget Your Troubles and, Come on, Get Happy!
Aubrey P. Apr 15, 2013
While "LACMA" is fairly well known as a term thrown around in artsy conversation, the museum happens to hold many a hidden treasure. Perhaps most widely recognized by its Urban Light installation - you know, those big lights in the Ashton Kutcher rom-com - it happens to host, in my opinion, one of the greatest secret gems of Los Angeles. Three words, people. Free. Live. Jazz. Now, I happen to think jazz is largely under-appreciated by many a teenager these days, but let me call out to my fellow ladies. Think about it for a minute. If a guy took you to see live jazz at a museum, with the street lamps of Chris Burden's romantic creation back-lighting the musicians, would you not be swept off your feet? Fellas, if you happened to do this, and perhaps, if you happened to grab your date and start dancing among said street lamps, she's yours, I can guarantee you. Even I - and I happen to be a very cynical person disinclined to romanticism - have swooned a little in such a circumstance. But this is a perfect destination for couples of all ages, for the tunes played harken back from generations past; but of course, as music is universal, the wailing of a sax can be felt in the bones of anyone regardless of age or decade. The acts playing under the Urban Light are, as LACMA advertises, "a celebration of L.A.'s finest jazz musicians" and include Grammy-award-winning artists (for example, Arturo Sandoval and his nine Grammys play this Friday). "Jazz at LACMA" takes place April through November, so it has just now started up again! Go and listen to some bop!
From Ancient to Contemporary, LACMA Has it All
Paul P. Apr 12, 2013
LACMA is doing what few museums around the country are able to accomplish: providing an astonishing survey of both old and new art. The museum has an impressive collection of both Eastern and Western sculpture, from ancient to contemporary, as well as paintings, crafts and decorative arts. This being L.A., film and video hold a prominent place at the museum. The museum's great film program is curated by cinema critic and historian Elvis Mitchell, and his programs and live talks with directors and stars are always well worth the price of admission. Exhibits are presented in the museum's ever-growing campus that is composed of a series of buildings that line "Miracle Mile" -- a portion of Wilshire Blvd. For those most interested in contemporary art, the museum has a strong collection of present day paintings, prints, sculpture and multimedia works. Recent purchases include Christian Marclay's 24-hour video production, "The Clock," which is shown periodically in special round-the-clock presentations -- you can even get breakfast at the museum the morning after. The current Stanley Kubrick exhibition is a must for all fans of the storied director. You can spend days wandering the buildings and still not see everything. Take your time, wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the museum's courtyard, restaurants and cafes, and of course, the art.
Don't Miss
Ramandeep K. S. Mar 26, 2013
I'm not an art snob but I do love checking out museums once in a while and LACMA is definitely one of my favorites. I have been going to this museum since I was 5 and it never disappoints. From their older pieces down to their contemporary pieces it is a must see. The curator's are very helpful but you can definitely explore the museum yourself. While the LACMA Urban Lights have become a Los Angeles icon, the museum is worth the effort. Every time I've visited it hasn't been too packed, which I really appreciate considering that LACMA is a tourist spot. You can get lost in the art without other people intruding.
Kodak Moment
Valerie Y. Mar 5, 2013
This review is on the giant street lamps alone. They are that note worthy. Even if you do not want to visit a museum, you MUST take pictures with the street lamps. They are beautiful. Especially at night. The symmetry and patterns they create are definitely photo worthy. My friend and I had an hour photo shoot there to take a break from studying. It was totally worth going. Since I am not a big museum- goer, I think that even if I did go to the museum part of LACMA, I would enjoy the street lamps more than the actual museum part.
LACMA: Redifining 'Museum'
Thom S. Mar 3, 2013
It's true: Los Angeles has struggled for decades to make its mark alongside other international tourist destinations as an arts-and-culture city. But it's also true that finally, L.A. has succeeded in joining the ranks of great cities such as New York and London offering tourists and hometown residents world-class venues where they can enjoy great fine art in interesting, accessible and pleasing settings. While its privately owned hilltop cousin, The Getty, gets most of the credit for pushing L.A. across the finish line to claim her place among the Montreals, Bostons and Sydneys of the world, a publicly owned museum along Wilshire Boulevard’s Museum Row deserves some credit too. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is an extraordinary venue to which one can hike, bike, take the Metro or drive in just minutes from almost any Fairfax, Miracle Mile, West Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, Melrose Hill or Hancock Park neighborhood. For the effort of making the short jaunt, visitors get to take in some of the most acclaimed art in any museum’s permanent collection. LACMA patrons can nearly always see Picassos, Gauguins, Rembrandts, Warhols or Monets – just to mention a few artists whose works call LACMA one of their permanent homes. Tony Smith's massive painted-aluminum sculpture, entitled "Smoke," is 290 x 564 x 396 inches in overall size – and a familiar bit of artful welcome under which regular LACMA visitors never tire of taking a stroll. Grab a hot cup o' joe or an iced latte from a reasonably priced new gourmet coffee house at LACMA called C+M (for coffee and milk). Apparently, it’s got delightful pastries in town just waiting to be devoured. Speaking of pastries, if taking in great photography from the likes of Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson makes one hungry, LACMA’s got a new dining hot spot. Ray’s is getting rave reviews, including two from the Los Angeles Times and Esquire magazine. Ray’s joins the museum’s staid favorite, The LACMA Café as well as a new upscale watering hole, called Stark Bar. There’s always a plethora of visiting exhibits, special programs, educational symposiums, film festivals and a lot more happening at LACMA. In fact, the depth, breadth and diversity of events, activities and exhibits at the venue have overturned notions about the purpose of museums. LACMA is much less a stodgy hall of fine art than it is a neighborhood-gathering place. As the current headline at LACMA.org boasts: "This Weekend at LACMA: Ming Masterpieces from the Shanghai Museum, Young Directors Night, Sidewalk Sale, and Much More!"
Art on Art on Art
Naomi Y. Feb 28, 2013
The first time I went to LACMA was solely because I wanted to get a Facebook profile picture with the 'Urban Lights', which was actually way smaller than I expected. However, I decided to walk around and I am so glad I did because it made me want to visit more museums and see more art exhibits in the future. There were various buildings, each with unique exhibits to mull over and reflect on on a relaxing Saturday afternoon. Between buildings, you can take a break and admire the amazing art pieces outside, including the Levitated Mass, or sip on a coffee at the cafe. The whole place is an art piece in itself due to the architecture. It is definitely a must see for art lovers and tourists.
A Bustling Art Center You Must Visit
Eva R. Feb 26, 2013
Besides being one of the most important art museum in Southern California, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art seriously takes into consideration the bustling lifestyle of Angelenos. To that end, they keep the museum fresh. Head to the information desk on any given visit and you can get a helpful sheet outlining all the activities for that day from closing exhibits to free concerts. The museum not only offers changing and permanent shows but also focuses on enriching Los Angeles' culture with film screenings, concerts, and lectures - most at no cost. You can even just roam outside and see the giant rock "Levitated Mass," the many pretty lights called "Urban Light" or the yellow spaghetti-like plastic tubes hanging outside. Perfect for a casual, fun visit or a more serious, introspective look at art.
Really Special Exhibits
Kelsi B. Feb 19, 2013
I can’t say anything bad about LACMA. Sure, naysayers like to critique that the permanent collection doesn’t stand up against MOMA or The Met, but who goes to an art museum again and again for the permanent collection? At LACMA, it’s the special exhibits that always have everyone talking, and they’ve had some amazing exhibits: Tim Burton, James Bond, Mexico’s Female Surrealists (including Frieda Kahlo) and currently, Stanly Kubrick. And they have all been unbelievable. But, honestly, my favorite reason to visit LACMA is the weekly film screenings—all in 35mm, of course. They show Hollywood classics Tuesday afternoons, and new works from independent filmmakers in nearly every genre. For interesting exhibits and new ideas about art (and its connection to pop culture), go to LACMA.
Must see
Julie T. Dec 8, 2012
LACMA is a must if you're visiting Los Angeles and like museums!! It is also in general a tourist attraction with famous art pieces that everyone has as their Facebook profile picture at least once- the LACMA Urban Lights is one of the most commonly photographed places. As a note as many people don't really know this, LA is a huge center for the arts in the world and LACMA is one of the places for artists to come together, share work, and view past artists that were huge contributions to art history. There is always great exhibitions going on, events, and talks so definitely check it out!
Eleni S. Dec 2, 2012
LACMA is such a great place to visit if you are ever in Los Angeles! They have amazing exhibits and the art is beautiful! It is such a relaxing place to visit. The light post display is sooo pretty, especially at night (a few movies have been filmed there). Its a great place to take pictures etc. Even if you don't know too much about art LACMA is still a fun place to visit, since the collection of art is amazing and spectacular. After going to the museum, there are plenty of places to go and eat afterwards, since you are in the heart of LA! Overall, LACMA is the perfect place to go with your friends and family!
A Great Source of Culture
Carolina I. Nov 28, 2012
As the second most visited encyclopedic museum in the US, LACMA is a must-visit spot if you are in Los Angeles. The different galleries hold such a wide range of works from different periods and parts of the world, so there is something for everyone. Also, with a coffee shop, a bar, a cafe, and a sit-down restaurant, you'll be comfortable staying on site all day. Be sure to check out the recently famous "Levitated Mass" towards the 6th Street side of campus!
Fun but huge
Margaret L. Nov 26, 2012
LACMA is such a great place to explore the beauty of art. There are literally so many different exhibits and buildings, it's definitely impossible to get through the whole museum in a day. They have wonderful exhibits that come and go. For example, two years ago I saw a wonderful exhibit that featured ancient women's clothing. Parking is super easy... I know there is a cheap lot near by. The little store features tons of cute artsy gifts, but is pricey. You can take photos of all the art, which I LOVE, but you can't have your flash on for obvious reasons. The lampposts in front of LACMA are an iconic place to snap photos with your besties!
Awesome and diverse exhibitions
Jackie D. Nov 18, 2012
LACMA is a great museum to wander around and get lost in. It's exterior is massive and provides you with a taste of just how much they have to offer inside its walls. With two main buildings, you can spend hours within each. The temporary exhibits are housed across from the ticket office and feature big names in the art world such as Charlie White and Ed Ruscha. Their more permanent collection is house in the opposite building, but also has rotating exhibits in it as well. Tickets are $15 for students, but students also get in for free after 5 pm on weekdays. Street parking is also easy to find if you drive two blocks north. I'd recommend grabbing a bite at Ray's, which offers fresh, local, contemporary cuisine. Spend a day here and you won't regret it.
Good escape from LA bustle
Amy D. Nov 14, 2012
LACMA is one of LA’s hidden treasures. If you’re just running by, the light post outdoor exhibit is eye-catching and just a peek of all their amazing exhibits. The light-post set up is an attraction of its own. When walking around Wilshire for lunch or work, I always stop and appreciate its massive art appeal. Inside, LACMA exhibits are the perfect place to reflect and have a relaxing weekend afternoon. The restaurants inside are delicious, although pricey, and often times scattered with school groups. However, in the midst of the bustling LA city, LACMA serves as a calming and gentle escape.
LA's Most Expansive Collection
Daniel B. Nov 2, 2012
LACMA is sort of LA's (much) smaller version of the Met in New York. While MOCA handles most of the modern era and the Geffen hosts contemporary exhibitions, LACMA offers Angelenos the chance to walk through centuries of art from all over the world. The collection is no where near as expansive as the Met's, but LACMA makes up for it with one of the best permanent contemporary collections in the world at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum. The building houses some of the best and most iconic work by legends like Koons, Ruscha, and Warhol. If you're a fan of Japanese art, check out the Pavilion for Japanese Art by the sculpture garden. The pavilion is an architectural gem in its own right . Come on Sunday evenings for free classical concerts and pay-what-you-want admission. And for an equally artful experience without the pretentious layers of art world fluff, check out the authentic pieces at CAFAM (Folk Art Museum) across the street.
Far more than simply a museum once you walk in...
Hanqing Z. Oct 24, 2012
The only time that I've been to LACMA was in 2011, because I wanted to see the Tim Burton exhibition. However, I quickly found that the amazing things about LACMA are not limited to Burton. Other parts of the museum are equally interesting. Leaving the antiques and knowledge aside, the lamps in the front would take up a considerable portion of your visiting time. This is great spot for picture taking, and you will have the chance of interacting with a piece of art already! The exhibits are mostly modern arts, which are more than breathtaking for most people. There are many pieces that make me question about the corresponding objects in our lives, such as chairs and advertisement signs. Do they have to be designed and structured in a certain way? LACMA tells me no. In addition, the architecture of the museum itself can be counted as a huge installment of art. Although it's been more than a year since I went there, I still remember the giant elevator and the post-modern style. Therefore, you will definitely enjoy this place and experience fun in your own way!
Yes, I'm crazy about modern arts!
Junu P. Oct 22, 2012
Even though I have been to many museums in the LA area, I feel that LACMA is different from other museums. LACMA more focuses on modern arts and artists. You can easily see many innovative and clownish works of arts in the museum. If you are interested in modern arts, LACMA is one of the best museums for you. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about arts, LACMA is still a nice place to go to. This is because LACMA is really huge, just looking over all the buildings in the museum would be a good exercise like taking a walk in a park. Moreover, in LACMA, just taking pictures in front of many peculiar works with your date would be a nice. Oh, don’t forget to ride the world biggest elevator.
Lamps, Tim Burton, and the Hollywood Sign
Michelle S. Oct 18, 2012
Having used to consider museum visits as merely a thing of school field trips past, I was pleasantly astounded of how much I enjoyed my visit to LACMA. I've gone at least three times and every time I go, I'm wrapped up in an endless array of art I've never seen before. I'll admit I first went because of the huge hype over the Tim Burton exhibit, which was no less than amazingly Burton-esque. But I've gone back since then and have enjoyed the exhibits no less. Many of the exhibits are both complex enough for the trained eye and commercial enough for people like me to understand and appreciate. The architecture of course adds a lot to the overall experience and the glowing, luminescent lights can create quite a romantic atmosphere. And finally, let's not forget about the awesome view of the Hollywood sign!
Levitated Mass?
Paul F. Oct 16, 2012
I'll just start off and say that LACMA is amazing. It's an architectural masterpiece. The exhibits are second to none. There's constantly something new. They have events that are both fun and educational. The grounds are stunning. Etc. Etc. Now I want to talk about the Levitated Mass. So, I'm led to believe that the "artist" took 50 something years to find the perfect rock. That's not art. Then I would assume he hired engineers to haul that thing in a feat never before seen. Not art. Then concrete and metal slabs were constructed outside LACMA to hold the thing up. Not art. Then you walk underneath it, you look at, it's a big rock that's been taken off a mountain. Not art. Also, it's not levitating. If they had used some incredible magnetized thing that actually levitated the sucker - still not art - but would've been way cooler. I know people will say it's what you make of it. The rock symbolizes how small we are. Or it's meant to reflect on who we are and what we do. I'm calling complete BS on the rock. It's a rock. And I will give full credit to all the engineers, architects, and day laborers who made this happen. The "artist"? Maybe if he had carved something in it, I'd be more apt to think differently. I'd prefer LACMA use that outdoor space for someone who actually made something.
More art please!
Alyssa R. Oct 7, 2012
As an art enthusiastic and aspiring photographer, you should all go visit this place. Their theater inside is awesome and vintage-y (did you even know there was one there?) all the buildings are so nice now that they have expanded and its a freaking awesome museum! Yes "Urban Lights" is awesome too but its becoming cliche and as sad as that makes me its true. What I like about the open space there is it lets you clear your head if you need to after seeing multiple exhibits at once. Especially if its a beautiful California day you'll want to be outside. What makes it even better to visit this museum are the free days! Duh! Students need to get in on that and go see free awesome art! The parking sucks however lol. But afterwards go out and find an L.A Food Truck!
Museums are not just for field trips
D1ΔИΔ Ø. Oct 5, 2012
Get yourself a LACMA membership! It pays for itself, seriously. Membership is great if you want to check out the exhibits without having to see if it is sold out ; you can come to open panel discussions and meet artists/directors, come to live music events and movie screenings. There is always something to do here, so check their calendar of events often. Parking is available either on their lot or on the street (meters do accept credit cards). Also, there are a few things to do in/around the area so you can always grab a bite to eat before or get a drink after! Great for family, friends, or for a nice date!
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