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Wurstküche (Venice) - Beer Hall | Restaurant in LA

Finding a place to drink in Los Angeles is easy – we’d say “too easy” but that’s like saying someone is “too sexy” – so why not take your foray into Los Angeles drinking to a new level?

Drinking activities in LA abound, and range from the gloriously kitschy to trendy as hell. For a solid sample of Oktoberfest fueled by authentic German beers and waitresses that look like they could crush a brick with their thighs, patrons will want to head to the Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake, which offers both dimly lit booths to hide behind a few steins and an outdoor beer garden to really let loose in.

Despite its out-of-the-way location in the Downtown Arts District, Wurstküche (“sausage kitchen”) draws a diverse crowd that flocks in to sample the venue’s legendary sausages, which include alligator and rattle snake, as well as two-dozen carefully selected Belgian and German beers on tap.

Not too far away and perched on the east corner of the ultra-mod Standard Hotel’s rooftop is a surreal German wonderland called The Biergarten, where a kitschy ticket booth marks the entrance and $8 buys an oversized paper ticket – the only currency accepted in this adult carnival.

And no account of LA drinking activities would be complete without a nod to Angel City Brewing Company, a 27,000-square-foot warehouse of German-style hops that combines authentic German flavor with contemporary American flair. Willkommen, dude!

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