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The Emerson Theatre Looking for info on The Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for reviews, photos, maps, and more for this sexy club in Hollywood! Los Angeles United States 34.101132 -118.344414
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The Emerson Theatre - Theater | Club in Los Angeles.
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The New Ritzy, Exclusive Lampoon
Alexandra G. Jun 8, 2013
First off, before even going into how fun or mediocre this club is, if you are not on the list or are a friend of someone who works at the club, don't both going unless you are fine with waiting 1-2 hours to get in. The bouncers are very strict and forceful about people not getting in unless they are on a list, or are someone's plus one. For those who have a preconceived notion about this club since it used to be My House, wipe away all those biased opinions. Emerson Theatre looks very sophisticated from the outside and once inside the whole setting gets even better- it is a 1920’s burlesque theme with dancers dressed to the nines in every corner of the room. They were all working it, changing their dances to the beat of each song that came on, making it appealing to watch them and giving of the Great Gatsby vibe. The servers were also very alluring with their tight black outfit and were very polite and brisk about getting drinks. I suggest drinking before attending the club because the drinks are pricey ranging from $12-16 each. There is a large area to dance right in the middle of the room, with spaciously set up tables all around the dance floor. Up in the front of the room is a DJ who played all of the hot songs now, along with some older songs that were remixed (such as ABC by Jackson 5). The only small downside to the music was that it was a little too loud and it was tough to have conversations without having to scream into my friends ear. Twice throughout the night confetti was shot over the crowd and cool fog is blasted at high power, making it a nice refresher for those who are getting sweaty from dancing. The crowd who was there consisted of 20-somethings who were out to have a good time. If you are a girl, I suggest wearing minimal clothing with sky-high heels; if you are a guy, slacks and a button-down shirt. You are going to want to look your best, because everyone there is on top of their game. In terms of celebrities going to this cub, it isn’t unusual to spot someone, however don’t go to this club expecting to see someone famous. One of the best things about this club is that there is a free photo booth that can be fun for you and your friends to take home memories from the club. You can choose between options such as color, black and white, and sepia. My only cautionary word- if you are wearing high heels, be careful walking up and down the stairs because they are extremely steep and can be fatal if you try to go too fast!
Giving It The Old College Try
C B. Mar 19, 2013
Emerson Theatre is a new SBE club on the corner of Hollywood and La Brea — an area lacking in many other venues. Most of the crazy Hollywood club scene is farther east, while many of the swankier places are to the west in West Hollywood. The Emerson has a pretty façade and strict door people who take some persuading if you’re not on the list. (But bonus! No cover charge.) Once inside, with its beautiful servers, its fancy DJ booth, its VIP area, its central dance floor, and its burlesque dancers slowly grinding on various stages throughout the room, it’s trying hard to come off as a place celebs would take up residence in dark booths and order the expensive bottle service (a la Bootsy Bellows). But it’s really not. (at least not yet) Diddy and Rihanna made appearances here when it first opened, but they were obviously paid to do so. No one else big has really hit the scene— and mostly you’ll find awkward men (freshly showered and changed out of their Ed Hardy) chasing after surgically altered blondes. The dress code is club attire. I always feel naked walking in, but once inside, feel like a school marm in comparison to the other girls. If you have a good friend who feeds you drinks from bottle service and / or a good friend to dance with, then the dance floor can be fun. The techno remixes blare, the confetti comes down, and they blast you with white mist where you can’t breath or see or think for about a minute: This can be fun…Or this can be your worst nightmare. My favorite part of the Emerson Theatre may actually be the free photobooth with color, sepia, or black and white options.
Hollywood's New Hotspot
Carli M. Feb 22, 2013
My Take: One of my favorite Hollywood clubs is The Emerson Theatre. The Burlesque-themed club boasts a plush ambiance and is used to accommodate an exclusive crowd. Burlesque dancers are elevated in various corners of the club, serving as entertainment for attendees while oversized booths surround the lowered dance floor. With large, sweeping staircases and extravagant, velvet drapes, The Emerson Theatre promises a luxurious experience for its patrons. The Scene: The Emerson Theatre attracts an exclusive crowd of 20 somethings looking for a night of drinking and dancing. Confetti makes a regular appearance and it is not unusual to spot a celebrity in one of the booths. Cocktails: Specialty cocktails including a jalapeno margarita are available in addition to bottle service. Prices: There is no cover charge, but drinks are on the moderately expensive side and go for around $15. What to Wear: Ladies, don’t hesitate to dress it up for this hotspot. Dresses and heels are a must. Guys should sport a button down and jeans. Insider Info/When to go: Although the place always guarantees an exciting experience, it is particularly pumping on Wednesday nights.
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