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Pantages Theatre - Theater in Los Angeles.
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INFO The beautiful Pantages Theatre, located in the very heart of Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard, has become one of the most significant landmarks in Los Angeles. Opened in 1930 as part of the Pantages Theatre Circuit... ... read more

Pantages Theatre Videos

FOO FIGHTERS and PETRA HAYDEN (Acoustic at Pantages Theatre)
FOO FIGHTERS and PETRA HAYDEN (Acoustic at Pantages Theatre)
Phantom of The Opera at the Pantages Theater
Alicia Keys - Piano & I - Live One Night Only Pantages Theater
ROCK OF AGES - (February 15 - 27, 2011) - Pantages Theatre
Sheryl Crow & The Thieves - "Long Road Home", Live @ the Pantages Theatre
THE ADDAMS FAMILY -- June 5-17, 2012 -- Pantages Theatre
Spring Awakening at the Pantages Theatre

Pantages Theatre Information

Pantages Theatre - Theater in Los Angeles.

The beautiful Pantages Theatre, located in the very heart of Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard, has become one of the most significant landmarks in Los Angeles. Opened in 1930 as part of the Pantages Theatre Circuit, the venue was forced to operate primarily as a movie theater during the Great Depression.

From 1949 to 1959, the theater served as the home of the prestigious Academy Awards ceremonies, while simultaneously being a major venue for roadshow movie releases.

In 1977, the auditorium officially closed as a movie theater, was restored to a capacity of almost 2,700 seats, and became what is now considered one of Los Angeles’ main performance venues for live theater. A number of acclaimed Broadway musicals have been shown at the Pantages Theatre, such as Wicked, The Lion King, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, and West Side Story.

There are also regular music concerts at the Pantages, with past performers including the Foo Fighters, Shakira, and The Cure. Additionally, the venue serves as a popular filming location for movies, TV shows and music videos. It is not surprising that the Pantages boasts an impressive guest list, filled with Hollywood directors and A-list celebrities.

Pantages Theatre User Reviews

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Come to the Wonderful World of the Pantages
David R. Jun 14, 2013
Walking into the Pantages Theatre is like entering an ornate and wonderful dream. The building has a vintage feel, and the architecture is visually stunning, which makes being in the Pantages a joy even before the show begins. Then the show begins, and wow! Every seat offers a comfortable chair with a great view of the stage, making for a remarkable and memorable viewing experience. I saw Book of Mormon there, and outside of Broadway, I cannot think of a better place to watch a musical. The acoustics were stellar, and every part of the stage was used to perfection. Impressively, the Pantages offers an outsized spectacle in an intimate setting. There is a real connection between you and your fellow audience members as each of you feel as though the show is just for you. The theater doesn’t feature any forced formality, so the fact that most people dress up for the occasion is a nice surprise. The Pantages is about enjoying the show the way you want to enjoy it, not the way others expect you to. Depending on the show, tickets can be a little costly, and the choice of shows is sometimes hit or miss. Still, catching a great show in this beautiful theater is a can’t miss experience for anyone in Los Angeles.
Vintage Theater, Quality Performances.
Ben Y. Apr 25, 2013
For over 80 years the Pantages has been one of the most respected establishments in Hollywood, and has become one of LA’s iconic landmarks. The old-fashioned art deco theater is situated in the heart of Hollywood’s glitz and glamor, right on Hollywood Boulevard; a prime location surrounded by vintage shops and exquisite cuisine. The building’s exterior has an easily recognizable charm, while the interior décor is both artistically and architecturally brilliant. With only 2,700 seats, the venue is relatively small, however this allows for a better view of the events as well as greater comfortability, and creates a sense of coziness that some larger theaters lack. The color, lighting, and air quality in the building are all top notch allowing for a very enjoyable viewing experience. On top of having a reputation as a top-notch venue, the Pantages is known to host a nice variety of broadway quality productions. The acting and production value of the performances are superb, and performers are often known to stick around and meet with audience members after shows. Despite there being no dress-code, most people attending events dress well in order to meet the level of professionalism a high quality venue such as the Pantages entails. The very best seats are hard to come by unless you’re willing to pay top-dollar, and its often possible to spot celebrities sitting in the front row. However depending on the show, the cheaper seats go for as low as $25, meaning theater enthusiasts can enjoy the wide-range of performances the Pantages has to offer without having to splurge. Whether you’re a tourist or a regular visitor, if you enjoy a good show, the Pantages is the place to be.
Beautiful, Classic Theater
Kate K. Mar 21, 2013
While I have only been to Pantages once, I know that I will have to go back. It is beautiful from the outside and on the inside. The seating is really well laid out and the whole place is very traditional. All of the major productions can be seen here, such as Book of Mormon, Wicked, Mary Poppins, and others. The tickets can be a bit expensive, but they are well worth the experience. The theater is also conveniently located, within walking distance from a lot of very nice restaurants, if you are planning on having dinner before the show.
Gorgeous theater offering great shows
Taylor W. Mar 5, 2013
I've seen four different productions at the Pantages over the years (Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Rock of Ages, Billy Elliot). They never fail to impress and I can't wait to see more. Not only is the theater beautiful in and of itself with its gorgeous architecture, but the Pantages always offers entertaining, well-done and relevant productions. The Book of Mormon just finished their shows there in November, and I'm terribly bummed that I couldn't make it out there to see it! Everyone has been abuzz about the Book of Mormon, so of course it was being put on at the Pantages! In addition to the quality of the venue and the productions, the location of the theater is great. There are tons of restaurants to eat at before the show you're going to see as well as a vintage clothing store just down the road to play around in if you're so inclined. Additionally, there are almost always celebrities to be seen! I've seen Julianne Hough, Constantine Maroulis (who starred in Rock of Ages), and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D at the theater! I also had a couple friends run into TJ Thynes (who plays Jack Hodgins on BONES) and get a picture with him! All in all, the Pantages is just really awesome! I can't recommend it highly enough.
My favorite LA theater
Roxanne P. Feb 19, 2013
I've been here a number of times for musicals (including Wicked, Legally Blonde, and In the Heights), and had a wonderful experience every time. The theater itself, as nearly all have already noted, is beautiful, and it's not uncommon to see people taking pictures in the lobby. The touring productions often use the same set design from the original Broadway show, and even if they are scaled down slightly, chances are you'll hardly notice because of the stellar performances. My seats have ranged from around the middle of the orchestra to the very back of the mezzanine - it is nice to sit closer if you can, but one of my very favorite performances was when I was watching from the second-to-last row, so really you can still lose yourself in the show from sitting anywhere. Afterwards, if you don't mind waiting, you can drop by the stage door and possibly meet the cast as they're on their way out (around the back, off of Argyle). It's never a guarantee, but I've met many performers who were happy to stop and say hi to the fans.
Sara S. Nov 30, 2012
This place is beautiful! I love going to see shows here because the historic feel of the theater makes the show that much more magical!! It's located in the heart of Hollywood giving you plenty of stuff to do before or after the show. Ton of options to grab a bite before or some dessert afterwards! While you're there talk a walk down the Walk of Stars and see all you're favorite celebrities mark on Hollywood. The service at the theater is always very friendly and willing to help. There is parking all around the theater so you don't have to walk far in your dress shoes! Definitely go and see your favorite show when it's playing here!
Escape to the Pantages Theater
Caroline B. Nov 29, 2012
The Pantages Theater offers Broadway quality shows in a beautiful historic Art Deco theater, built in the Vaudeville Era, located on the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine in the heart of the Hollywood action. Because the Pantages is a relatively small theater, with only 2,703 seats, you really can’t get a bad view. Although some seats are definitely better than others, and these are sold at a premium price. However, if you want to take in a world class production, and are on a budget, the Pantages accommodates. You can purchase tickets online, direct from the theater or from many ticket sales websites. You can also go to the box office to purchase tickets, and can get some very good prices if you’re flexible with dates. One of the best ways to see a show is to enter the ticket lottery, held 2 ½ hours before each show. Those wanting to participate go to the theater box office and submit their name. You can purchase up to two tickets for $25 and can often get great seats that otherwise cost much more. The only caveat is that you’ll need to have a plan B in case you don’t win. The theater is air conditioned and has no dress code. However, most patrons dress up a little to fit the venue and environment. There is no smoking in the theater, but patrons can step outside at intermission if they want to. They don’t allow food or drinks inside the theater, but you can purchase wine, coffee, tea, soda, etc. and light snacks during intermission or if you arrive early for your show. The Pantages offers parking for $10 in one of their lots, and you can leave your car there later if you want to have a bite to eat or go for a drink at one of the numerous restaurants and bars nearby, after the show. There is also metered street parking, which will cost around $2/hour, but be careful because they are strictly enforced and you will get a ticket for an expired meter. An alternative transportation choice is the Metro Train. Pantages is directly across the street from the Hollywood and Vine Metro train stop. Overall, the Pantages Theater is an amazing experience, with professional productions that will take you away to another world. It’s one of the great escapes in LA.
Amanda A. Nov 28, 2012
The Pantages is such a beautiful theatre and the perfect place to see a show. I have seen several musicals there and I have enjoyed every one. The theatre is constructed so beautifully and just sitting inside is a wonderful experience. It is also in Hollywood so there are some great places to eat at and check out before your show too. Parking is tricky though. There are some parking lots a couple of blocks around the theatre but they tend to be very expensive and hard to get into so make sure you leave extra time to park before your show.
good memories
Callie S. Nov 19, 2012
This is a beautiful theater and i have seen so many good shows here. I have been so many times and i have no intention to stop. The ambiance is fantastic as it has an old Hollywood glam type vibe. All of the best shows come to this theater and it is an amazing place to see a play in! On a negative note, it is not the biggest theater, which makes it hard to get tickets close to the show, but regardless there are so many good things to do before and after the show as well. There is a katsuya right across the street!
Beautiful Historic Theater
Kaitlin P. Nov 18, 2012
I have been to the Pantages Theatre on many occasions to see various plays and I keep going back for more. Not only are the plays always great, but the entire atmosphere of the theatre is captivating. The theatre is extremely charming and a delight to view a play in! It is also close to various places to eat before or after the show. The only down side is that the theatre is not extremely big so tickets may sell out if you do not get them early enough. Definitely the place to go when seeing a play in Los Angeles!
Great Location for A Historical Theater
Samantha L. Nov 14, 2012
The Pantages Theater is probably one of my favorite places to go in Los Angeles. I have seen a variety of musicals and plays here including Wicked, Chicago, Dirty Dancing, and Cats. The venue itself is beautiful and it definitely shows the history behind it. Conveniently located on Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood, there are a million options for restaurants and bars. Be aware, however, it does get overly busy on this street so finding parking is a nightmare. Leave ample time to find parking (hopefully cheaper than $20). My favorite restaurant, Wood & Vine is just across the street, so you should check that out if you are going to see a show!
Historical LA landmark
Lexie S. Nov 13, 2012
The pantages theater has been around forever! The musical i saw there was "Wicked" and it was the best play I have ever seen! Every seat in the theater is decent and makes you feel like you are watching a film in a movie theater-it feels that close. The sounds were of high quality so it is no where near some high school musical! Some of broadways most successful musicals have been played in that very theater. The Theater is still filled and decorate with "old hollywood glam" and has kept the old hollywood image for all to see! It is a classy with it's gold encrusted building and ceilings and is the perfect backdrop for any musical that has worked hard enough to be played at THE Pantages theater.
Great Theatre with a Mixed Bag of Shows
Daniel B. Nov 1, 2012
The Pantages is where Broadway's most successful musicals come to rest, so as far as musicals go, it's the best theatre in Southern California. I'm not a big fan of musicals but all the productions I've seen here from Les Misérables to Wicked to The Lion King were all well done. The touring musicals don't usually keep the same New York cast so LA productions retain their own flair. The best thing about the art deco theatre is its interior. So come early to soak in one of LA's architectural gems. And if you haven't yet, be sure to catch The Book of Mormon while it's here. Hatched from the minds behind South park, it's the ultimate musical for people that hate musicals and still manages to tell a story with a heart.
Hollywood still has glam
Michelle S. Oct 9, 2012
The gorgeous theaters in Los Angeles, such as the Pantages, are proof that Hollywood still sparkles with Old Hollywood glitz and glamour. With gold-encrusted ceilings and meticulous and intricate designs lining the inside of the theater, the Pantages is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. On top of that, each show includes equally intricately designed backdrops, sets, and props that stretch past the stage itself. I saw The Lion King and Wicked at the Pantages and I must say, as mind blowing as the performers were, the experience was made even better because of the beautiful venue and the fact that my friends and I were giddy with excitement about getting to class it up for something that didn't involve corsages and boutonnieres.
Just Magical
Cassie N. Oct 5, 2012
I get so excited to go see a show at the Pantages! I love theater, but even my friends who aren’t musical theatre fiends like I am enjoy the ambience and the classic Hollywood style of the theater. When you walk in, you can’t help but look up, down, and all around at the ornately decorated lobby. Then you go through the doors to your seats, and the theater becomes even more grandiose! I know it sounds cheesy, but there’s magic in the air every night before the show. The shows are spectacular and the performers are magnificent! Honestly, it is my favorite place to see Broadway shows, and I recommend that everyone should experience it at least once!
A Beautiful Place to Take In a Show
Brian H. Sep 12, 2012
Similar to a handful of other ornate theaters still standing in Los Angeles, The Pantages is a beautiful place to take in a show that will give you much to take in and observe even before the performance begins. I was there for a performance of Billy Elliot and while I’m admittedly not a theater going person, I thought the show – from the acting to the physical execution - was very good. The only complaint I can think of was that navigating your way down the lengthy rows once they are already filled with people can be a daunting task. I’m positive I stepped on a few toes myself but hopefully those people were too busy checking out the amazing architecture and decorations surrounding the stage to notice.
It's all about class!
Hayley B. Sep 6, 2012
Walking into the Pantages theatre, I was amidst a crowd of very well dressed theatre-goers including ladies dressed to the nines in furs as well as men in nice suits. People had come early to grab a cocktail before the show (as no food or drinks allowed in the actual theatre) as well as enjoy the ambiance of the beautiful theatre including many golden decorations, statues as well as rich fabrics everywhere. I noticed there was a broad range of people from toddlers to elderly people who had come to enjoy the show. IMPORTANT: Make sure you go to the restroom before entering your row especially if you have a middle seat! The rows are long and narrow and therefore extremely difficult to navigate your way in and out of and you have to wait for the usher to let you walk back to your seat. Although I, a theatre and Sinatra lover, did not enjoy "Come Fly Away" the musical, which did not do justice to Sinatra or reach the possibilities of a modern show, the overall experience of just being in such an exquisite place compensated for the let down of the show. The theatre does have a full and diverse collection of scheduled shows and I can not wait to go back to see another one!
Broadway on Hollywood Blvd.
CJ C. Aug 15, 2012
If you’ve never been to Broadway you can definitely get a taste of it here on Hollywood Blvd – at least, theatre-wise. This is a beautiful, ornate, historical theatre with great seating and fantastic shows. I’m sure there have been some duds, but hey, nobody bats a thousand – and the great thing about the Pantages is that the architecture is so cool, if you’re bored you can just look up at the decorative ceiling to keep yourself entertained. The shows are usually road shows of Broadway musicals, sometimes revivals, and I think they offer special Christmas shows around the holidays. I saw “Wicked” there with the uber-talented and now-famous Megan Hilty (she’s on “Smash), and it was an unbelievable, flawless production. I recently saw “Billy Elliot” and had great orchestra seats, five rows from the stage, and it was a phenomenal experience. In that show, the actors sometimes speak to the audience, so you really felt like they were looking directly at you. The acoustics are great, and if you’re a guy (which I’m not), the bathroom lines aren’t bad during intermission. They also allow you to take snacks/drinks into the theatre – but that’s my only real complaint – the prices are pretty hefty for some red vines and a tiny package of trail mix. Parking is literally across the street and relatively reasonable, and since you’ve paid for all-day parking and are already kind of dressed up, you might want to hit the W Hotel across the street for drinks or dinner afterward.
I Need to go back here
Matt Y. Aug 9, 2012
When I was a kid, my parents and I went here to see Lion King. As a kid, the performance was one of the coolest things I had seen. Pantages spared no expense with the realistic costumes, the larger than life scenery, the brilliant acting. Overall, the production encouraged me to see more live theater. The production value and beauty of the show were unmatched. Since then, regrettably, I haven't been able to return, but I would love to see a show here in the near future.
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