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Segerstrom Center For The Arts (Costa Mesa) - Performing Arts Center in LA

Los Angeles is known worldwide as the heart of the movie industry, a fact that causes many people to overlook all of the great Los Angeles theaters that put on amazing shows all over town.

Those looking to get in on some intimate black box theater will find an abundant supply of them along Theater Row, a stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood where more than a dozen small LA theaters, like The Elephant and Celebration Theater, throw down some surprisingly great shows…and some achingly bad ones, if truth be told.

Larger touring acts from New York’s Broadway take up long residences at major spots like the Pantages, Fred Kavil, The Ahmanson, and The Kodak Theater, while equally big theater nights can be had in Los Angeles at multi-purpose players like The Nokia Theater Downtown.

From the Ford Theater just steps from the 101 Freeway in Hollywood to The Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City to The Geffen Playhouse nestled below UCLA in Westwood, theaters in Los Angeles keep its arts-loving populace well fed.

Prices for theater in Los Angeles can run high, especially for the bigger shows, but a host of online discount services make it easy to find less wallet-gouging prices, especially for those with a little flexibility in their schedules.

For a great date night or just a great night with friends, catching a show at one of the many LA theaters is hard to beat. Word to the wise, however: Steer clear of anything advertised as an “actor’s showcase.” Just trust us on that one. Nothing sucks the fun out of your soul like watching a bunch of kids perform individual snippets of plays or movies from some dingy stage in the hopes a casting director got lost and somehow wound up in the audience.

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