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The Forum Want to find the latest concerts at The Forum in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for updates on The Forum & experience this great arena for an amazing show! Los Angeles United States 33.9583 -118.341868
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The Forum - Arena | Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO Built in 1967 with the intention of emulating the Roman relic that it’s named after, the Forum sports arena has become an icon in its own right in the city of Los Angeles. Located in Inglewood, a few miles east... ... read more

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    3900 West Manchester Boulevard
    Inglewood, CA 90305

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The Forum Videos

Muse - Assassin (Live in LA) (Join the Resistance Week 3)
Muse - Assassin (Live in LA) (Join the Resistance Week 3)
Foo Fighters - In the Flesh/All My Life (The Forum in Los Angeles, CA - 10/14/2011)
COLDPLAY @ Los Angeles Forum "In My Place"
Soundgarden "Superunknown" Forum Los Angeles w/ Mike McCready from Pearl Jam 7-22-2011 HD
Rolling Stones - Heartbreaker 1975 Tour Of The Americas LA Forum
Foo Fighters at The Forum (Los Angeles) October 14, 2011, complete acoustic segment
Nine Inch Nails Live - "Only" - The Forum, Los Angeles

The Forum Information

The Forum - Arena | Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

Built in 1967 with the intention of emulating the Roman relic that it’s named after, the Forum sports arena has become an icon in its own right in the city of Los Angeles. Located in Inglewood, a few miles east of Los Angeles International Airport, the Forum was constructed by Jack Kent Cooke, who wanted to bring an NHL team to LA but did not have permission to use the existing LA Memorial Sports Arena as a venue.

Once completed, the arena became home to the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA and the Kings of the NHL until 1999 when they both moved to the newly built Staples Center in downtown LA. The Lakers won five NBA titles at the Forum, where celebrities like Andy Garcia, Dyan Cannon, and Jack Nicholson could always be found courtside. The 18,000-seat venue hosted the 1984 Olympics for basketball and also accommodates tennis matches, boxing matches, and political rallies.

In its heyday, the large seating capacity at the Forum made it a destination for some of the biggest bands in modern history. Concerts at the Forum ranged from Elvis to Queen to AC/DC to Nirvana to Phish. The venue was owned by the Faithful Central Bible Church from 2000-2012, which leased out the Forum for occasional concerts and events.

In 2012, the Forum was purchased by the Madison Square Garden Company for $23.5 million and underwent a rigorous renovation, re-debuting in January 2014 as a significantly upgraded and refreshed venue, where it hosted inaugural concerts by the Eagles and Justin Timberlake.

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The Forum...
Sandra C. May 5, 2013
Yes, the neighborhood in which The Forum is situated is not the safest, yet that should not deter you from having a great experience there. The Forum has an extremely spacious seating capacity and a myriad of parking spaces to suit large audiences wishing to attend any event taking place inside The Forum. While at the moment I cannot recall the movie's title, I do remember seeing The Forum in a movie once before. The Forum has been around for quite a while now, so I'm sure it'd be a nice place to check out. Afterall, a music performance or even of any other sort will be the same no matter where you are.
Not a Pretty One, but if the Music is Good...
Emily B. Mar 27, 2013
I won’t lie and say that the Forum is the most beautiful or comfortable of venues. The neighborhood can be pretty sketchy (especially when getting out of shows in the early a.m. hours) and the setup does not allow for excessively ornate sets. And yet I still go back. I have seen three rock concerts and been in the pit for all of them. While the experience of waiting in line for twelve hours in order to be front and center is not the most pleasant of experiences, once you are inside it doesn’t matter anymore. The acoustics are great and the layout is opportune for the kinds of concerts that I enjoy. The only major setback is the parking situation. While it is very easy, it is also expensive.
She Ain't Pretty
Nick G. Sep 20, 2012
To misappropriate the words of Bruce Springsteen, "[she] ain't a beauty but hey [she's] all right." The Forum won't knock your socks off looks wise and the restrooms certainly leave something to be desired (galoshes) but it sure as hell can handle some fantastic shows and may have the best acoustics of any large venue in Los Angeles, Prince, Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen all choose to play shows here and there is a reason for it. It takes a rock licking and keeps on ticking. Like all concert venues parking is a drag but other than that, it is worth checking out a show here.
Currently a dump...but being resurrected
Danny M. Aug 14, 2012
I saw two concerts at The Forum last year…Prince and the Foo Fighters. Both shows were amazing but man that place is a dump. It’s somewhat understandable given the arena has been around for so long but everything is in bad shape…the sound system, the seats, the bathrooms, the food options, etc. I had General Admission floor tickets for the Foos show and the beer lines downstairs were ridiculously long…I think there were only two service counters. I would advise walking up to the main concourse for a speedier purchase…it can be really crowded up there as well but there are at least more lines and more options. Parking can be a challenge too and can be a nightmare to get out if you don’t have a gameplan…I suggest parking along the curb on the outer ring of the lot…even if you get there early enough to park right next to the arena…the extra walk will save you a ton of time sitting and waiting at the end of the night. While the Forum is rundown there is some hope for the future…fortunately the group that owns Madison Square Garden in New York just bought the arena and I am really excited to see how they renovate and improve it…supposedly they are working to turn it into a top notch concert and event venue…a much needed upgrade for a historic LA event building.
Magic Memories
Paul F. Aug 13, 2012
When I was 12 years old and the biggest Magic Johnson fan on the planet, my mother took me and my brother to a Lakers game at the forum during a holiday trip to California. The Lakers were playing the Bucks who were coached by Mike Dunleavy at the time who is a family friend and got us tickets right behind the basket about 15 rows back from the court. The game was incredible and came down to the buzzer but the Lakers pulled it out. After the game, we were able to make it to the players concourse and we waited until Magic came out. It just so happens that my mom arranged for me to meet Magic back in Denver for my birthday, so we had brought the blown up photos for him to sign. When he came out he actually recognized us and we talked for 15 minutes and took more photos. That's how I will always remember the Great Western Forum. And Kareem wouldn't sign any autographs.
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