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StubHub Center (Carson, CA) Looking for events at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, & videos for Chivas USA & LA Galaxy + other cool events! Los Angeles United States 33.863734 -118.26102
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StubHub Center (Carson, CA) - Concert Venue | Stadium in Los Angeles.
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INFO Just ten miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, in Carson, California, is the StubHub Center (previously known as the Home Depot Center from 2003-2013): an expansive multi-venue sports complex and Olympic training facility... ... read more

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    Carson, CA
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    18400 Avalon Boulevard
    Carson, CA 90746

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StubHub Center (Carson, CA) Videos

Home Depot Center, Carson, CA
Home Depot Center, Carson, CA
X Games 14 - nuh at home depot center
Coldplay - Lovers in Japan - Home Depot Center, Carson - July 18, 2009
LA Velodrome at the Home Depot Center
Los Angeles Galaxy Home Depot Center
Ronaldinho practice at home depot center

StubHub Center (Carson, CA) Information

StubHub Center (Carson, CA) - Concert Venue | Stadium in Los Angeles.

Just ten miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, in Carson, California, is the StubHub Center (previously known as the Home Depot Center from 2003-2013): an expansive multi-venue sports complex and Olympic training facility. The complex opened in 2003 and features the first stadium in the country to be built specifically for soccer. The stadium is home to the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chivas USA, and is capable of holding up to 27,000 fans. It hosts international soccer, rugby, and lacrosse matches as well.

The StubHub Center also consists of a 20,000-seat track and field stadium, an 8,000-seat tennis center, and even a 2,500-seat Velodrome arena for track cycling. The velodrome at the StubHub Center is one of only two in the United States. The sports complex is one of the most expansive facilities in the country, and is frequented by many of the best Olympic athletes as they train throughout the year. Sporting events at the StubHub Center such as the Adidas Track Classic, World Tennis Association showcases, and boxing matches have all been held at the various venues.

Besides sporting events, there are often a variety of StubHub Center concerts and shows in the soccer and tennis stadiums. Rock shows from the Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, and The Cure, as well as the Vans Warped Tour rock festival, are just a few of the performances that have been held there.

StubHub Center (Carson, CA) User Reviews

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Stadium of Flexibility
Brittany H. Mar 29, 2013
I've been to the Home Depot Center for all kinds of events including concerts, festivals and sporting events. Unless you have a spot in the pit or another close seat for a concert here, you'll have some trouble with hearing and seeing the show. I once had a seat on the floor behind the pit to see Coldplay and could barely see a thing unless I watched via the big screens on either side of the stage. Though it might not be the best place for concerts, I have had great experiences attending Vans Warped Tour, a day-long music festival, and the X-Games, an annual extreme sports competition, at the Center. There is more space at the venue for these day-long events to hold multiple stages, booths and attractions. Parking is on-site and well-worth the price as otherwise you would have to walk even further to the entrance by parking outside.
Soccer Games
Jasmit N. Mar 26, 2013
I came here for a soccer game. My friends and I sat in the middle section and we had good view of the field. The field looks really nice from my view. The seats were decent but my friends and I mostly stood up for the match. The one problem I had was that parking was kind of expensive and it took forever to park the car somewhere. Their food was also kind of expensive for the portion size but this is a soccer game at a good location. The food was okay not really that memorable. The atmosphere of the whole place is really nice. Definitely a place I want to come back and watch more soccer matches at.
The Home Depot Center: A Home Not So Away From Home
Ian B. Nov 6, 2012
I made my first visit to the Home Depot Center this past weekend (11/4/12) and I left nothing short of impressed. The primary knock on the stadium has to be the parking situation, which is somewhat hectic and disorganized. Utilizing Cal State Dominguez HIlls' preexisting parking lots which seem to sprawl away from the stadium, coupled with LA standard event parking prices, this aspect will leave a bad taste in some people's mouths. Since my group was running a little late, like with the review before me, I ended up parking about as far as you could from the stadium and we had to hoof it through campus. This didn't take any more than 5-10 minutes though and it was smooth sailing from then on. Upon entering the stadium one is no further than a few hundred feet from the field. The confines were clean and the crowd was in now way rowdy. Even the bathrooms were sparkling with enough facilities so that lines were never an issue. In terms of concessions I was also impressed, mostly on account of the fact that they weren't extorting the fan base. Beer would have been a bit pricey if we were just at a local bar, but at $8.50 for domestic and $9.25 for "premium", it could have been much worse. The nachos, chips, hot dogs and other standard stadium food was less than $5. You can't even find a street hot dog for less than $5 in this day and age! We weren't sure where our seats were so we ended up circling the facilities before eventually placing our tickets. As intended when they designed the soccer-specific stadium, just about every seat appeared to have a great angle for watching the action. We didn't go up to the second level across from the press boxes, but considering how close all the seats were to the field, the extra height isn't likely to detract from the view. While watching the game (Semi-final leg #1, Galaxy vs Earthquakes) we were surrounded by families and vocal, but in no way obtrusive, fans. The visitors' traveling fans were granted a section near one of the corner posts where they could concentrate their cheers and rallies through out the game. These fans were flanked by a more vocal group of home fans along the goal line, including a drum line of "Galaxians", but at no point did either side become hostile. From our seats, row G of section 129, we were able to view all aspects of the game without any complications. Unless the ball was on the complete opposite site of the field we could even read the last names on the jerseys. This served as a major perk for anyone who came to see David Beckham as everyone could closely watch his every move and facial expression. In fact, it's highly unlikely that anyone can arrange being any closer to David Beckham than at Home Depot Center without constituting as a trespasser or violating a restraining order. The Galaxy ended up losing the game in the last minutes, which was a disappointment, but yet again there were no adverse crowd reactions. Add in the fact that it only took 20 minutes to get back to Downtown LA after exiting the parking lot (or that we got an EXCELLENT deal on the tickets) and it was an all around wonderful experience. My only regret is I wasn't aware of what a great resource the Home Depot Center was earlier in the season as I'll be there early and often next year with dates, family and friends.
Too far but great stadium for soccer
Chris M. Sep 11, 2012
This review will read very similar to my thoughts on Toyota Park in Chicago and most of the other soccer-specific stadiums in the MLS located far from the city center. As a stadium alone, it is perfect for the Galaxy and Chivas - a good size, new, great seats for all, and tickets are reasonably priced. But as a whole experience it leaves a lot to be desired. I drive over an hour to get there (though in LA that is the case for just about any sporting event). Parking was horrendous when I last went, we parked and had to walk almost a mile through the campus of CSU-Dominguez Hills. The parking here seems worse than some of the other similar MLS stadiums. Stadiums like this are exactly what the MLS needs, and I hope my hometown DC United gets one soon, but they should be located in the city and not favoring some, relatively, random suburb at the expense of so many others. The atmosphere was great for both a Galaxy game and a US national team game. However, for the U.S. vs. Honduras game I definitely heard some borderline offensive/racist things yelled by some stupid U.S. fans. The Honduras fans were great. Definitely worth checking out a game and seeing Beckham, Keane, Donovan play for the Galaxy.
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