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Staples Center Looking for events at the Staples Center in LA? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, & more for the LA Lakers, Clippers, & Kings, plus other cool events! Los Angeles United States 34.04337 -118.265795
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Staples Center - Arena | Concert Venue in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Staples Center in Downtown, Los Angeles is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex that features everything from professional basketball to A-List concerts. Opened in 1999, in what was then a fairly desolate... ... read more

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Staples Center Information

Staples Center - Arena | Concert Venue in Los Angeles.

The Staples Center in Downtown, Los Angeles is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex that features everything from professional basketball to A-List concerts.

Opened in 1999, in what was then a fairly desolate and slightly dangerous part of Los Angeles, the arena holds around 19,000 people and is the official home to the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, and Los Angeles Sparks.

As a concert venue, the arena has seen everyone from Beyoncé, U2, Prince, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift.

Other events at the Center have included The X Games, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, WWE Summer Slam, the 2000 Democratic National Convention, world championship boxing, the Grammy’s, and the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Staples Center also features its own bar/club – typically reserved for the glitterati coming to the games and events. The arena itself is situated in an area of Downtown that’s across the street from LA Live, another entertainment complex with theaters, restaurants, bars, and ESPN’s west coast offices and production center.

Staples Center User Reviews

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Everything a girl could want: Sports; Celebs; Cocktails; and it's very own club
Brit V. Sep 6, 2013
Being a die hard Lakers fan, The Staples Center was a frequented establishment when I lived in the states. If I wasn't lucky enough to score my usual second row seats, I would head to the VIP entrance where you can gain access to the little known Hyde Lounge. From there, you can have an intimate lounge experience with amazing cocktails and appetizers while watching your team through the massive viewing area. If you want to visit Hyde, it's recommended you try to get on the guest list unless you are an attractive female or someone with connections. The Staples Center also offers an array of entertainment outside of sports. It's the go to spot for the worlds biggest entertainers. The great thing about The Staple Center is that you don't have to spend a small fortune to get great views at a concert. The bowl shape allows a majority of areas with stage viewing.
Star-Struck Center
Luis C. Aug 1, 2013
Staples Center is a conglomeration of concerts, entertainment, and sports all wrapped up into one neat building near downtown LA. Home to the Los Angeles Kings (hockey) and the Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers, and Sparks (basketball), the center is a large arena that accommodates seating for both manner of sports, not to mention special events and concerts. Outside, you can view busts of such famous sports figures like Wayne Gretsky, Magic Johnson, and Chick Hearn, longtime Lakers play-by-play announcer. Inside, various Team LA stands and stores guarantee you’ll get the right memorabilia for the home team currently playing. Even when sitting in the nosebleed sections, which I frequently do, the action is near enough to know what happens. Even then, the giant scoreboard in the middle of the arena highlights replays and makes for fun kiss cams. The rafters hang banners of past championships and of course, you are interacting with fellow fans that rave over the action on court. In addition, don’t be surprised to be start-struck as celebrities frequent the center to catch the action live. For distractions, Staples Center is within walking distance of LA Live, an entertainment center with various restaurants, the Nokia Theater, and the Grammy museum, and the Los Angeles Convention Center, a venue where various types of expos take place. Both areas are full of distractions and entertainment for people who wish to enjoy some downtime away from sports or concerts.
A great sports venue, not so much for concerts.
Chris S. Jun 5, 2013
Of course the Staples Center is a great home for the LA sports team and there's never a disappointment when it comes to watching sports games, but recently the Staples Center has been trying to reach out to the music and entertainment scene. The acoustics in the building don't allow for great sound because the sound has a really crazy echo that can turn the experience in the nosebleeds to listening to noise. The guest services are great, waiters are attentive and quick, and the whole vip dining experience is definitely something to try out if you have that type of money to spend at the Staples Center. Personally, I prefer the Staples Center as strictly a sports venue, but that's up for debate.
A Monumental Venue
Tanmay A. Jun 3, 2013
Staples Center is one of the most well-known venues within the Los Angeles area due to its association with the Lakers, Kings, and several musicians and artists. It is a MUST-GO place if ever visiting Los Angeles. For basketball fans, it is an arena with years of history. From the statues of Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Nike's "The Vault" store outside Staples Center, this venue has truly become a mecca of basketball. I went to several basketball and hockey games this year - they were all easily some of the best sports games I had ever been to. One feat that a lot of people are not aware of is that if you are an American Express Platinum cardholder, you can access the AMEX lounge for the sports games, regardless of where your seats are! (for basketball games, you must be the first 150 people to reach the lounge to get a wristband and stay there throughout the game, but for hockey games, you can walk in and out as you please). The view is on the 200's level right beside the suites and is significantly better than sitting in the nosebleeds sections at the top. Additionally, LA Live, one of the best areas for restaurants and lounges, is right across the street and is a great place to enjoy. If visiting Los Angeles, try catching a game or a concert because this venue is definitely one not to miss!
A Great Place to Get a Notebook (Just Kidding); Great Place Nonetheless
Gerard Nash G. May 20, 2013
Known as one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles, the Staples Center is home to a number of great events and serves as the haven for the Los Angeles Lakers. I have been a basketball fan for many years, and I finally had my chance to witness a basketball game three years ago at the Staples Center. I have just two words to describe it: Simply Amazing. The parking can be a little haphazard, but the interior is daunting and amazing and there's no other feeling than being down in the stadium, with 19000 other fans, going crazy over a game, performance, or event.
Staple(s) of LA! Literally!
Kristen D. May 15, 2013
This is one of the most iconic venues in Los Angeles and it lives up to it's name. Staples Center is booked by the most iconic artists and is home to Lakers Basketball. The Arena is nice and easy to get around but the size can be a little too much and overwhelming. The parking lot can be a jungle to get out of and you might end up getting seats way up at the very top. So many people are in the one place at once that it can be pretty crazy. One positive though about staples is the food and entertainment located directly outside. There are food and radio station booths normally right outside. you can come early and just hang out with no rush to get inside.
Staple's Identity Crisis
Scott S. May 13, 2013
Staple's Center architects had a broad outline for the building, entertainment. You can tell it wasn't built for anything in specific and because of that it lacks a personality and soul. The in-game views are so-so, the "Red Coats" are over usually overly aggressive and the acoustics are just awful. One would have thought after Bruce Springsteen mocked its acoustics when he opened the venue in 1999 they would have fixed them. Finally the three levels of luxury suites only hammers home the growing separation between our country's haves and have-nots. I wish my Kings would move back to The Forum. That place had all the great things what Staples doesn't.
The Entertainment Hub of the Entertainment Capital
Matthew S. May 11, 2013
When coming to Los Angeles, one might be conflicted on what to do. Would you rather watch your favorite musician preform, witness Kobe Bryant and the Lakers compete in a hard fought basketball game, or search for some of the most famous and well known celebrities in the world? The choice can be near impossible; however, the great part about Los Angeles is that all three of those desirable options along with many more all take place at Staples Center! Is Justin Bieber, Coldplay or Kanye West in town for the weekend? You can bet that they are preforming to a sell out crowd of over 20,000 people at Staples Center. I have attended many concerts at Staples Center including the Kanye West and Jay-Z "Watch The Throne" tour and it was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to. With one of the best light shows during a concert I have ever seen, the LA crowd loved the music and danced the entire performance. One drawback would have to be the overly congested standing room, as people were able to easily navigate into lower sections and pack them a little too tightly, however it did not compromise my enjoyment of the show at all. More of a Sports Fan? Perfect! Staples Center plays host to arguably the most decorated sports franchise of all time: The Los Angeles Lakers. These games are packed with celebrities such as the likes of Jack Nicholson and David Beckham, as well as the ability to watch one of the greatest players of all time, Kobe Bryant. People often criticize Laker games out of this world pricy tickets at almost 265 dollars for a 100 level seat, but no worries, because Staples Center also is the home of the Los Angeles Clippers, one of the most exciting, up and coming teams in the NBA, and the Los Angeles Sparks, the two time WNBA champions. Is basketball not your sport? Not a problem! As Staples Center hosts the defending NHL champions, the Los Angeles Kings. I have attended multiple games for each of these teams, and they are all a great time and often tend to be extremely exciting and cheaper than the Laker games. Staples Center is a great place to be at to be a part of the most happening L.A. scene and you are guaranteed to have a phenomenal time no matter what event you are attending.
The Home of Champions
Ricardo B. May 6, 2013
Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the Staples Center is the city’s epicenter of sports success, witnessing a total of eight championships in its young 14-year existence. The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers are the main attraction, carrying most of the championship weight winning five titles in the arena (including three in a row during Staples Center’s first years in existence). Not surprisingly, finding tickets to Laker games can prove to be difficult and/or expensive, especially when playing against noteworthy opponents. Fortunately, the arena is also home to the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks (two titles), the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings (one title) and the NBA’s once lowly Los Angeles Clippers, a team who has recently transformed from laughing stock of the NBA to become, arguably, the best professional sports team in the city. Entrance to see one these teams is much more accessible and often half the price of attending a Lakers game. Once inside the 19,000-seat, UFO shaped arena, you can take advantage of the countless amenities that come with being an exclusive ticket holder. Looking for the VIP treatment? Premier Seat tickets will get you access to the San Manuel club, an impressive restaurant and bar with visibility to the arena floor so you won’t miss a minute of the game. Want to party after the match? The stylish Hyde Lounge has a dance floor and multiple bars where you can groove towards another LA Kings championship. If you’re just there to watch the game and want to fit in with the crowd, Team LA – located next to the northeast entrance, – has all of the attire, memorabilia and oversized fingers you need to look like one of the Clipper faithful. Los Angeles is a city to see and be seen, and it’s no different when you’re at the Staples Center. If you’re not much of a sports fan but you’d like to go home bragging to your friends that you were in the same building as Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, bring your binoculars to a Laker game and make a list of all the talent you can spot. In addition to a prestigious sports arena, the Staples Center often transforms into a large concert venue. Performances by Morrissey, The Rolling Stones, and even Michael Jackson’s memorial service have taken in place in the arena.
More than just a Sports Arena
Ben Y. Apr 25, 2013
Other than New York City’s Madison Square Garden, the Staples Center in downtown LA is the nation’s most famous basketball arena. Most of its fame comes from being the home of the Los Angeles Lakers: the winningest and most recognized NBA franchise of the last three decades. However, there is much more that the $375 million structure has to offer. The Lakers are always entertaining, even during their most disappointing season in recent memory, but the up-and-coming Los Angeles Clippers have become a joy to watch with recently acquired superstars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. While even the cheapest Lakers tickets typically go for over $100 a piece, Clippers tickets are a fraction of the cost, giving sports fans in LA the opportunity to enjoy NBA basketball without their wallets taking too hard of a hit. Hockey fans have the privilege of enjoying the defending champion Los Angeles Kings who are coming off their first ever Stanley Cup victory; doing it in spectacular fashion as the first ever 8th seeded team to win the title. The Staples Center does limit itself to hockey and basketball however, and since first opening in 1999, The Staples Center has hosted dozens of major sporting competitions completely unrelated to its tenants, including events in tennis, figure skating, arena football, boxing, mixed martial arts and extreme sports. In addition to being one of the most diverse sports arenas in the nation, The Staples Center is also a world-class concert venue that because of its location attracts many of the biggest names in the music industry, and during the NBA off-season hosts multiple musical events every month. In total, Staples hosts over 250 events and 4 million guests annually, meaning that it’s rare to find a night where there isn’t something going on. In general, if LA sports and music fans are looking for something to do, the Staples Center is one of the first places they’ll look. The venue itself is top-notch and the comfortable seating and well-lit stage adds to the viewing experience.The capacity of the arena varies depending on the event but hovers at around 20,000 seats. Food and beverage in the arena is greatly overpriced, as is the case with many sporting arenas. But just outside the building is L.A Live, where its easy to find top-notch cuisine at good prices. Parking is expensive, and traffic issues are to be expected in the middle of a city that is known for its overflowing vehicle population. As long as this is accounted for, the Staples Center is a place where the people of LA can have a good time any day of the week.
Great venue for all events
Matt P. Apr 7, 2013
Located in one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the United States, Staples Center features a variety of activities form sporting events to concerts to award shows. Staples Center is mostly known for Laker games which are one of the biggest attractions of the venue. With stars such as Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard leading the team, it is easy to see why the games are sold out on a nightly basis. The crowds at these games range from little kid with their parents to college students. It is a friendly atmosphere and can get pretty rowdy during the playoffs. The venue can hold about 19,000 people with enough personal space for every person. Concerts are another big event for the Staples Center. Artists from Jay-Z to Swedish House Mafia have played here. The mosh pit is quite large and every individual has their own space, which isn't always the case at concerts. The food and drinks can get pretty pricy but then again that is the case with most venues. With its prime location in downtown Los Angeles, movie stars and musicians are always around at these events. L.A. Live surrounds the venue, which is a great place to grab food and drinks before or after an event. Because it is located in downtown, people are out late into the night. Whether it is a sporting event or concert, I highly recommend Staples Center for any person looking to have a good, safe time.
A great concert venue.
Emily B. Mar 27, 2013
While I have been to the Staples Center for sports events as well, I have to say that my favorite thing to do is go to concerts. While parking is sometimes a hassle (once I managed to park in a lot directly next to the entrance but every other time I have been faced with the choice of either parking blocks away and walking or parking nearby and paying an exorbitant fee), it is such a comfortable venue. There really is no bad seat, location-wise or comfort-wise, and the mosh pit is quite larger than at other venues. Because it is built for high-profile sports events, the facility can accommodate a large number of people. Lines don’t tend to be long at all and you can bask in the glory of L.A. while you wait.
Great Sporting and Concert Venue
Kate K. Mar 25, 2013
I have been to Staples Center on numerous occasions for basketball games, hockey games, and concerts. It is a great venue for just about anything. It is undoubtedly one of the nicest sporting arenas in the nation! While it is worth splurging on the better seats, if you are in the nosebleeds you will still enjoy yourself. There is a variety of food there, from Mexican to Italian to American. On the second floor premier level there are nicer restaurants and healthier food options. There are also a few bars on the main level. The sound quality at concerts is great, which is impressive for such a large arena. If you attend a Lakers game, you are sure to see some celebrities! This is perfect for a date night or a fun outing with friends.
Great Place to Watch Sports and Just Hang Out
Duane L. Mar 25, 2013
I recently went to Staples Center for the first time when I watched the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Minnesota Timberwolves a few weeks ago. I had been to the LA Live area on multiple occasions before that, but I had never actually ventured inside Staples. Needless to say I think I have definitely been missing out. Not only was the game just really fun to watch, it was cool to simply be inside that building. Though it has only been open since 1999 it feels like it holds a lot of history within its walls. The Lakers have won five championships since moving here. The Kings (hockey) just won one themselves. Huge concerts take place here all the time. Staples Center is gorgeous and a very fun venue. The only big negative in my estimation is parking, as it can be pretty pricey.
If You Have To Sit On The Roof...
D'Andra A. Mar 14, 2013
Many people worry about sitting on the roof when they go to concerts or sporting events at the Staples Center. Well, there is no need to fret about sitting on the roof at Staples Center. I have attended many basketball games from Clippers vs. Lakers, Bulls vs. Lakers on Christmas and a lot of other games all while sitting on the roof. I have also seen many concerts from the Glee concert while sitting in a VIP suite, Chris Brown as well in a VIP suite and a few others too. This past Tuesday night, March 12th, I got the chance to witness the amazing Alicia Keys live while sitting in the infamous nosebleed seats. I bought my tickets last minute so I can not complain about sitting in the 2nd row, seats 5 and 6 of section 310 (the highest level possible). Staples Center has incredibly large Jumbotron's. So, anytime I so desperately want to go see an artist or a basketball game and the nosebleed seats are the only seats left, I gladly purchase my tickets and climb the various escalators to my great nosebleed seats. I have a lot of friends from out of town who are always sketch when we wait too late to purchase tickets for an event at the Staples Center. But, I always remind them, that no matter where you sit in the Staples Center, you are most likely not going to have a bad time because it will be like you are performing with the performer or in the game with your favorite team because that is how the atmosphere is at Staples Center. Everyone is so ENGAGED. Any seat with the right group of people at the Staples Center seeing whatever you want to see, game, concert, etc. you are not going to be a disappointed. You will truly enjoy your seat here, as well as your time. However, my mom who is in her 40's says that these seats are solely made for people in their 20's and 30's I beg to differ. But, I am not 30 or 40 yet, so only time will tell. ENJOY YOURSELF at the Staples Center, be ready to spend tons of money on parking (at least $20 if you want a close parking spot) or on really expensive food. But, what can you expect at a place that you HAVE to visit if you are visiting or live in the L.A. area. I would write more, but, that would lead to another post on Staples Center. Staples Center is the place. Trust me. Expect traffic knowing that L.A. Live and a few other clubs and bars are near the area and knowing that it is L.A. of course. So, there is always traffic.
The Staples Center Scene
Stephen R. Mar 2, 2013
The reason to go to Staples Center is the scene. Staples Center was not built to be the ideal place to watch a sporting event. It is definitely better for hockey than basketball, but that is not saying much. With 3 levels of suites stacked on top of each other, most of the seats are pretty far away from the court or ice. Staples Center was built to continue the scene that Jerry Buss had created at the Forum for the previous two decades. Regardless of the night there are celebrities lining up the courtside seats at both Lakers and Clippers games. The Lakers are the only team in the NBA who can play with the lights off on the stands, as league rules prohibit all other teams from doing it, which makes the court a true spotlight when watching Lakers’ games there. Compared to other stadiums in Los Angeles, Staples Center offers the best location (right across the street from LA in the heart of downtown) and the best in stadium food. Staples Center offers the traditional stadium food like hot dogs and peanuts, but also more gourmet places like a sushi restaurant and Chef J’s street fame, which offers chicken and waffles at a game. I would never turn down an opportunity to go to Staple Center, but nor would I rush to go to Staples Center for just any event.
Basketball: The Show
Jarred K. Feb 24, 2013
For seven straight years, my father and I would go to the Clippers v. Nuggets game because he was LAC fan and I am a DN fan. We would go to other games, but those were the games to go to if you wanted to see a heated rivalry. I have seen Yao, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Chris Paul (before he became a Clipper) at Staples Center. The atmosphere is amazing during Clipper games and it just got bigger over the years (since they got better). I love watching the NBA and to see something of that magnitude up close, makes you feel like a young kid every time you go. I have heard concerts are fun there, but at any given night, history could be made at an NBA game. You could possibly at the game, that people will be talking about for years.
Staples Center: Not A Great Place to See a Show
Electra K. Jan 16, 2013
The Staples Center has got to be one of the most overrated venues to see a show at. I am a Lakers and Kings fan and I still hate the venue. The seating is on a slope and if you are not careful you can definitely lose your balance and fall. I wouldn't recommend this place for children or the elderly. I would also take precautions if you're going to drink too. Speaking of drinking, bud light is $11 bucks a pop. Forget about parking there, unless you are willing to fork up $20 plus to park. The stadium is bad enough seeing a basketball or Hokey game at but seeing a concert? Forget it. If your favorite band is on tour and they are playing an additional show in Orange County or San Diego, do yourself a favor and spend the extra gas money to see them elsewhere.
Staples Center: An A-List Place For An A-List Sports Experience
Trenise F. Jan 12, 2013
If sports are your thing, you gotta hit up the Staples Center when in town. Whether hockey, basketball, or extreme sports are your thing, the Staples Center is one of the premiere arenas in the country, and for good reason. Statues of LA Legends like hockey player Wayne Gretzky, commentator Chick Hearne and hooper Magic Johnson stand majestically outside of the arena, ready and willing to pose with fans for photos. Once inside, sports fans are treated to a luxurious experience complete with comfy seats on every level, delicious (if overpriced) food and drinks, and the opportunity to rub elbows with the stars. And by delicious food and drinks, I don’t mean your typical arena food. Fans can choose from California Pizza Kitchen to gourmet burgers and fries, from McDonald’s to chicken and waffles! Staples Center surely has something for everyone. Going to sports events in LA is as much about celeb spotting as it is about the game itself, and Staples Center is always brimming with A-list stars. Jack Nicholson is a constant figure at Lakers games, but you can go to just about any game on any night and run into someone note-worthy. If you’ve got the resources, pop into the upscale private bar in the arena, and experience the game like the rich and famous do. Staples Center perfectly represents the City of Angels itself, as it provides a VIP experience for even the most average amongst us. After the game, stroll across the street to LA Live to enjoy a variety of mid-to- high-end restaurants, bars, and a fun bowling alley called Lucky Strike. Lots of young professionals and aspiring socialites frequent this hub for nightlife; even on “slow” nights, it is always a good time. Be sure to dress to impress! You never know whom you’ll run into.
Great For Almost Everything
Billy K. Dec 21, 2012
I have been to the Garden in Boston, the United Center in Chicago, and various other crossover sports/concert venues and the Staples has to be at the top of the list in terms of luxury and comfort. Staples does what L.A. does best... it makes everything seem like the movies. Lakers games are full of A-list celebrities and B-List celebrities looking to take Jack Nicholson's seats one day, Clippers games feature the likes of Billy Crystal, and the acoustics in the building is great for concerts. The crowd vareis for every event. For example, the crowd at a Clippers game will be largely younger, more family-oriented because tickets are cheaper, but Lakers games cost a lot of money. The food is great there, but the beer is way over priced. Again, the surroundings are really comfortable. My biggest knock on Staples is that it is a younger venue there doesn't seem to be as much tradition. I understand that you can look up at the rafters and see Lakers' championship banners, but the arena doesn't seem to have too much character yet. If you don't mind walking a little, I suggest parking in one of the $5 dollar lots a little further south of the stadium. The Yardhouse is a great bar and restaurant to go before and after the game.
It's the Staples Center
Ryan M. Dec 12, 2012
I hate everything related to Los Angeles sports related (except my beloved Trojans, of course). But there are times when grudges need to be set aside and game-needs-to-recognize-game. It's the Staples Center. Just walking through the halls you begin to realize the prestige of the place. Probably one of the nicest sports venue I have ever been to. I personally have never had a problem with traffic or parking, and have never really had a problem with anything at all, come to think of it. If anything I would say that it can be a little pricy at times, but come on. It's the Staples Center. What did you expect?
Nice Venue!
Eleni S. Dec 2, 2012
Going to Lakers games at the Staples Center is so fun. The atmosphere is vibrant and the people are friendly (for the most part). The Staples center is located in LA live, where there are a ton of restaurants to eat at before going to a game or concert, such as Yard House and Katsuya. Seating in the venue is decent. Even though the seats up high in the stadium are not the best, I think they are still good enough to enjoy the athletic game/concert. The parking around the Staples Center gets annoying some times so i recommend getting there early. Overall, the staples center is a great place to go to in LA.
Larger venue
Ana S. Nov 30, 2012
Usually crowded, but fun if you are a sports fan or in the mood for a Lakers, Clippers, or Kings game. There are a ton of restaurants and lounges downtown or at LA live that prepare for large crowds for these games, so it can be fun to make a night out of it and eat before, see a game, and if you're still up for it maybe even see a movie at the Regal Cinemas in LA live. However, parking can be a nightmare so definitely prepare for that and get there early because traffic and parking in LA are never easy to predict. I've heard they have good big name music performers as well.
Great venue
Kaile K. Nov 30, 2012
Staples center is an awesome venue for huge events and sports games. Its always fun to catch a Lakers, Clippers, or Kings game with some friends. They have a lot of good food options too, and the building is really easy to navigate and get your seats. It can be hard to find parking when there's big games though, so keep that in mind. There's always big concerts here too which are ALWAYS fun to go to! It has such a great location in LALive so its always fun to exlpore the area as well and check out the surrounding restaurants.
Great Venue
Katherine R. Nov 30, 2012
The staples center always has the best performers and Lakers games. It has a great location in LA live by lots of great resturaunts. However, be prepared to pay a lot of money for parking, and still end up walking far. If you can buy the VIP parking option for your concert, definitely do it. If you are in a suite, definitely save some room in your stomach for some treats mid show from the dessert cart. The only downside is because of the Venue's large size, the suites are somewhat high up and far from the stage. It's worth your money to buy a good seat. You can’t always bring cameras in so check online before you go to see if its allowed, or else you risk it being confiscated.
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