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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Looking for events at the LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, & more for USC Trojans Football + other cool events! Los Angeles United States 34.013894 -118.288035
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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Concert Venue | Stadium in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, situated in University Park, near the University of Southern California campus, is one of the oldest and largest stadiums in the country. Capable of holding over 100,000 people, the stadium... ... read more

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Videos

Insomniac - Electric Daisy Carnival 2009 @ The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (VIDEO 2 of 3)
Insomniac - Electric Daisy Carnival 2009 @ The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (VIDEO 2 of 3)
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The L.A. Coliseum Commission & USC
USC vs. UCLA at the LA Memorial Coliseum
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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Information

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Concert Venue | Stadium in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, situated in University Park, near the University of Southern California campus, is one of the oldest and largest stadiums in the country. Capable of holding over 100,000 people, the stadium holds the sole distinction of hosting two Olympic Games. Since opening in 1923, its history also includes Super Bowls, the 1959 World Series, international soccer matches, X-games, and a plethora of other sporting spectacles.

Today, the USC Trojans play their home football games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, although it was also the stadium for the Rams and the Raiders of the NFL during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Though the shallow, expansive layout, coupled with the difficulty of selling all of its seats made the structure inadequate for a successful NFL franchise.

Along with its impressive account of outdoor sporting events, the Coliseum is frequently used for large music concerts and festivals: The Who, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers have all toured here. The field of the stadium was also the site of the World Music Festival, the Electric Daisy Festival, and even the spectacle of Evel Knievel flying over fifty stacked cars on his motorcycle.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum User Reviews

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World Famous and Historical
Martin S. Jun 19, 2013
I grew up a few blocks from here and used to ride my bike around and around waiting until I was able to go back inside and see an event here. The first event was a Mickey Thompson Off Road Challenge and utilized the entire venue as a race track. Motorcycles would drive up toward the main arches and loop around the front and back down to the floor level. What a great memory of the Coliseum. It's also a great place for football games (poor Raiders), concerts and all-around visiting. The one thing to remember is that this was were the 1984 Olympics were held and as a 5 year-old, I can recall the excitement of being in Los Angeles at the time. One of the perks of growing up in the area was swimming in the Olympic-size pool during the weekends. I later came to see Roger Waters in 2012 and had flashbacks (non-drug related) of the venue and it continues to stand the test of time. The bathrooms were clean. The concession stands were adequate. The seats were hard but that is expected from the nose-bleed section.
Best Location Ever
Jose A. Jun 12, 2013
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the best place where anybody can throw a huge event no matter what it is. You can meet tons of people and i guarantee youll have the best experience of a life time
Sarah L. May 13, 2013
This stadium will pump you up! The crowds, the game, the tailgating, and the events keep bringing you back. I have been to the Coliseum on many occasions. First of all, I am all about USC games. You will never see school spirit like that of a Trojan. Since USC Trojans are very much into their own team, as well as they should be, it just makes the competitor that much more into their rivalry. It makes everyone interact. Once you leave this stadium, you have been transformed into a die-hard college football fan. Aside from loving this stadium for the college football, it has been used for other events, and the stadium just makes it that much more enjoyable. I have actually worked promo gigs for Nike that have been held here. Those that attend events like Nike don't necessarily attend USC. Everyone comes. USC is very welcoming to non-Trojans. The stadium is so spacious and it has such a positive vibe. If you are visiting LA, you must make some time to visit this historical landmark.
As long as USC plays there, Its perfect
Jackson D. Mar 24, 2013
As a USC student, the LA Coliseum is the place to be! The atmosphere at football games is incredible! That being said, its as simple as a stadium gets (think Dodger Stadium). If youre there for attractions other than the game, youre in the wrong place! The new jumbo screen was desperately needed and significantly improved the stadium. The Coliseum is great for what it is, but the second LA gets a pro football team its going to need to undergo extreme changes if it wants to be an NFL stadium. Also concerts have awful sound quality here, but thats what you get if you see a concert at a stadium, the sound quality is never good.
The place to BE!
Kevin K. Mar 21, 2013
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is a historic landmark of amazing stature. I believe that other colleges have nothing in comparison to this awesome landmark! It boasts a historic high-capacity attendance of 104,953, which is engraven on the Tirebiter statue on campus of the University of Southern California! Of course, the food is pricey, but its the price to pay for awesome sports! Come here for amazing football games and bacon-wrapped hotdogs. I must say, the Coliseum is a great place, and if you're in town for a game, you just gotta come here at least a million times.
Classic and USC's finest
Zach B. Mar 19, 2013
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the most famous sports stadium in the United States, and boy does it show. It's the perfect place for USC to call home, and while it's pretty outdated and could use a minor facelift, I love going to "SC games there. You relive the history every time you step through the gates. On "SC gamedays, the Coliseum brings in a great variety of food trucks and food stands. What's better than a classic LA bacon wrapped? But...food is pricy and many of the places only accept cash. Other than that, I love the Coliseum and going to 'SC games there, even if it does need a face lift.
The Home of the USC Trojans!
Raymond L. Mar 4, 2013
The LA Coliseum is a must-see attraction if you ever decide to come visit LA. Better yet, you have to come and experience a USC Trojan football game. Though it may look a little old, there is so much history behind this beautiful stadium. Every time I enter through the tunnel to the student section, my heart is racing. As I exit the tunnel, the entire stadium just comes to life in front of my eyes. It is a sight to see and pictures can only show so much. Being there in person is what counts. USC never fails to disappoint in a home match and if you're lucky, you'll catch a nail-biter.
LA Coliseum is the reason LA doesn't have a pro football team
Jacky C. Mar 3, 2013
The LA Coliseum is the home field of the USC Trojans, one of the best college football teams in the history of the NCAA. With a team as good as the Trojans and a stadium like the LA Coliseum, LA does not need a pro team. The stadium fits up to about 93,000 people and whenever the USC Trojans are playing one of their rivals, either the Fighting Irish or the Bruins, the stadium will usually fill up pretty well. The first game of the season and games against other good teams will also pull a crowd. People come to the games for a unique and exciting college football experience. On the USC campus, groups will begin setting up tail-gating tents at 6 in the morning. By ten or eleven, almost every patch of grass on campus will be covered by a tent. It's just one big party. Then the USC Marching Band will play all over campus and lead the fans to the Coliseum, a short walk away. The whole experience is just awesome and I'm proud that I, as a student of USC, have the honor of watching my team play in the LA Coliseum every football season. Enjoy it and Fight on!
Home Sweet Home
Naomi Y. Feb 28, 2013
Coming from Hong Kong, I wanted to go to USC to get the true American college experience, which inevitably involves the LA Coliseum because I'm proud to say that the Trojans dominate in that stadium every fall. It was love at first sight when I walked into my first football game. The waft of bacon wrapped hot dogs was mouthwatering.The anticipation and school spirit from fellow Trojans were palpable in the air. As you walk through the tunnel and finally emerge at the end, there is honestly no better view than the flawless field, surrounded by a loud sea of cardinal and gold. I love to sit in Trojan Nation, located right behind the goal post because nothing compares to cheering on for your team as the infamous Trojan Marching Band plays alongside you. There is so much history to this coliseum and even more memories continue to be made. I cannot wait till next fall when the football season starts again, fight on!
LA Coliseum is Pure Sports History and Entertainment
Christian S. Feb 28, 2013
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the place to catch the most storied program in college football, the USC Trojans. This venue, although old and rundown (which plays into its character) exemplifies what the USC Trojans Football teams is about and has been about for its entire existence. It features many classical and historical figures and memories. The pregame festivities are unlike any other sports venue out there, college or professional. Food includes great tasting typical tailgating food along with other cultural foods such as Greek, Italian and Japanese. The environment of the Coliseum on game day is eye opening and awe inspiring. Anything you would enjoy as a college football fan, you will get and then some at the Coliseum. An experience at the Coliseum is a true taste of USC, college football, and Southern California love. If you enjoy the daunting fight song of USC, USC Football, the gorgeous weather, then you need to hit up the LA Coliseum, where the Trojans play. Fight On!
The Coli IS College Football
Eric B. Feb 27, 2013
A true gameday experience starts on campus before getting to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum but this is where the true magic happens. The most accomplished marching band in the history of the world playing "Conquest," the smell of kettle corn and burgers and of course the BEST football team in LA on the field: what more do you need? The Coli isn't the most glamorous of stadiums but what it lacks in glitz it more than makes up in history. This field has seen olympians AND national champions performing at their absolute best. Oh, and did I mention it is in fact a field, an actual grass field, unlike that synthetic garbage all the other schools are rolling out. Go soak up the sun and cheer the Trojans on to another victory. Fight On!
Welcome to History
Nick D. Feb 27, 2013
The first time walking into the Coli is something you will remember for the rest of your life. As your walk through the tunnel you can begin to hear the Trojan Marching Band playing and the crowd beginning to get restless in anticipation of kickoff. It is here that you are surrounded by history; from the dynasty of Trojan football teams to the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, you can just feel the significance of the stadium instantly. Towards the east side you are reminded of this history with the jerseys of the great Trojans who have had their jerseys retired and with the Olympic torch still standing tall. To this day it is still one of the most breath-taking experiences when seeing the torch light up at the beginning of the 4th quarter. When this place gets going it is easy to see why SC fans are known for their pride. Fight On SC!!
A Different World
Sam D. Feb 27, 2013
Obviously have a slight bias, but as a Trojan, a key component of my collegiate experience has been game-days at the Coliseum. I grew up going to pro football in New York, when I would go to the Meadowlands to see the Giants play and I thought the Coliseum could not compete. I was utterly and entirely wrong. When the Coliseum is full and the game starts, its like a whole different world. As Traveler canters around for every point scored, the Trojan Knights ring the Victory Bell, or when the torch is lit, students and fans go wild. There is a reason SC fans are considered the best in the world, and the Coliseum shows that.
Ryan M. Dec 12, 2012
I may just be another Trojan expressing their bias online, but in my opinion there is no football experience like the Colisseum. No experience could compare to my first football game, as I walked out to find the Trojan Nation 100,000 strong. Nothing compares.
Sydnie S. Dec 3, 2012
Let's go Trojans! The coliseum is a huge arena that provides seats for thousands of people. Not only does the best team in football play here, but there are many other events that also take place in the coliseum. The crowds are always great here, especially on game days when the entire arena is decked out in red and gold. The popcorn stand is always delicious, but I hate how overpriced all of the food is.
Excellent Stadium
Ana S. Nov 30, 2012
The coliseum is a huge stadium that holds thousands and has not only hosted football games for the best school in the world, but also many other musical and cultural events as well. The stadium is huge and when the weather is nice there is no better feeling than sitting in the crowd amidst a sea of cardinal and gold and getting the sense of school pride and spirit that is prevalent. There are food and drink stands as well, and the history of the stadium makes it an awesome venue! Nearby are some cool museums and gardens within walking distance that are worth checking out as well.
Fight on!!
Kaile K. Nov 30, 2012
The coliseum is such an awesome part of Los Angeles and USC. Going to Trojan football games is one of the best experiences ever. USC has so much pride in their football program and the stadium is electric when the Trojans are playing. Its amazing to see just how many people fill the Coliseums stands on gameday, its easy to see why many call USC Los Angeles's pro football team. They also have concerts at the coliseum once in a while so definitely check that out, but definitely go to a football game if you can! Fight on!
A Trojan Monument
Julia D. Nov 29, 2012
The Coliseum is one of the greatest symbols of USC. It is the home of trojan football, where the most worshiped sports team plays fights on to victory every fall weekend. Trojan football is the epitome of USC and everyone of all ages loves the team. Game days make for the most exciting weekends in the fall where the entire school and fans from all surrounding areas of LA come to support the Trojans. The stadium is always filled and truly represents what it means to be a Trojan family. Since LA does not have a pro football team, the local fans loyally support the trojans. Having been used as the stadium for the Olympics in the past, its grandeur is unmistakeable. The Coliseum is one of the most cherished landmarks of USC and the Trojans. Watching a football game at the Coliseum is privilege in itself and being able to call it the Trojan home stadium is even better.
Sawyer H. Nov 28, 2012
Football season is awesome. If you're a student get to the game early in order to get into trojan nation which is the best place to watch the game. My whole family loves going to the game. Its a whole experience when you tailgate before hand. It does get cold once the sun goes behind the Coliseum so bring a jacket. And get a hot dog there!
Kenzie G. Nov 28, 2012
The Coliseum is GREAT! They are going to redo it pretty soon because the seats are getting a little old but I would definitely say this place is a MUST see. As it's a historic landmark in Los Angeles, it's a great way to appreciate history and enjoy a concert and a couple football games.
Perfect Place.
Margaret L. Nov 27, 2012
I absolutely love the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In third grade we had to do a project on a historic landmark in Los Angeles, and I chose the Coliseum. I made a model of the Coliseum, of course with some help from family, but through this project I really came to love it. Although it may be old, it is an iconic place in Los Angeles. I love going to USC games and seeing the players run out onto the field. The temperature gage does seem to be broken, because despite living in Los Angeles, it's definitely not 70 degrees all the time.
Great Concert Venue
Julie T. Nov 22, 2012
I have been to the Coliseum for two different concerts- LA Rising with Muse and Rage, and TAO? I think it was there? My memory was a bit shot. Or was it Tiesto, Dada Life, and Porter Robinson. Anyways the venue itself is really awesome, it's perfect for really big concerts. I've had amazing times there and I am down to go back for more concerts. My only warning is that if you are DRIVING, route yourself so you are only making right turns into the venue. They close off a lot of left turns. LA Rising was mad terrible in terms of traffic, I missed Rise Against cause we kept screwing up and going around in circles and being stuck in stopped traffic. Also, have cash on you to pay for parking. Best thing? Grab a ton of friends together and do a party bus/limo.
Fight on!
Jackie D. Nov 18, 2012
I'm giving the Coliseum 3 stars purely for the energy that fills this place during USC football games. There's nothing like packing into the plastic seats during a heated game and joining in on the cheers and jeers to support the Trojans! The nose bleed seats can be pretty uncomfortable though, since they're on old bleachers, so it's best to pay a little extra for better seats. The actual coliseum itself is old fashioned in the way it feels and looks. You pretty much have to go all the way to the entry level to find decent food besides pretzels and there is an absolutely no alcohol policy. Since you can usually buy beer at other stadiums, this is a bit of a downer and I think games could be even better if they offered it here too.
Classic Experience
Nicole J. Nov 18, 2012
This place is beautiful. When the lights go on and the torch is lit, it’s an experience not to be missed. Home of the USC Trojans, this stadium has seen a lot over the years. It’s the perfect open-air stadium for sporting events (unless there’s rain, because there’s no cover. I love that they put the Trojan nation section right on the field behind the goal post, it’s so much fun to be with the ban right on the field. The best part is walking through the beautiful rose garden to get there.
I love the place but it needs work
David G. Nov 16, 2012
When at The Coliseum there is so much history everywhere you look. The Torch sitting atop the arches reminding you of the Olympics, the retired USC football jerseys (during season), and the plaques around the stadium with images of those who helped shape Los Angles into the city it is today. It is incredible to step back and think of the historic events that took place in that stadium. It is definitely one of those places you need to check out if you have the opportunity. Given that this structure stands for so much and has a history like it does, one would think it would be a great place to be a spectator. It’s not. The place is made of concrete and somehow it is managing to fall apart. You walk up and down countless cracked and chipped steps fearing one might give way below your feet, just to get to your seat that is more uncomfortable than sitting between two large people on an airplane. I went to USC and sat in that concrete mess for four years as a student and I loved every minute of it because it was all part of the experience. At this point though I will save my $50+ per ticket for those football games until they are able to fix that place up. Additionally, though this isn’t the fault of the Coliseum just a heads up, cell phones get very little, if any reception in that venue, just adding to your frustrations of just being inside a monument literally crumbling before our eyes.
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