Galen Center (USC)

Galen Center (USC) Want to see the best events at USC's Galen Center in Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for updates & videos for USC Trojans Men's Basketball + other cool events! Los Angeles United States 34.021195 -118.280186
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Galen Center (USC) - Arena in Los Angeles.
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INFO The Galen Center, located on the USC campus in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, is the first indoor sports arena to be owned by the university. The complex opened in 2006, is the home court to USC’s basketball and volleyball... ... read more

Galen Center (USC) Videos

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UCLA vs USC Basketball Highlights 1/11/09
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Inside the Galen Center
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USC Trojans Cheerleaders At The Galen Center

Galen Center (USC) Information

Galen Center (USC) - Arena in Los Angeles.

The Galen Center, located on the USC campus in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, is the first indoor sports arena to be owned by the university. The complex opened in 2006, is the home court to USC’s basketball and volleyball programs, and has been a place to watch basketball stars such as OJ Mayo, Taj Gibson, and DeMar DeRozan.

The school had planned on building their own venue for nearly a century, and the teams were finally able to move from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena to their own campus thanks to the final 50 million dollar donation from Helene and Louis Galen.

Like most college arenas, concerts at the Galen Center are discounted for students, and pack the 10,000-seat venue by bringing in performers such as Al Green, The Fray, and Drake. The University has also made a point to infuse the Galen Center with the local community, hosting high school sporting events, graduations, and pageants.

Galen Center (USC) User Reviews

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Location, Location, Location
Sam D. Mar 1, 2013
The biggest asset for the Galen Center is it's location - directly across from one of the main entrances to campus and several freshmen dorms. When it's full, the Galen Center is a wonderful place to watch a sporting event, especially if it is a good game such as USC-UCLA. That having been said, the Galen Center is rarely full, which is more a USC problem than a Galen one. Despite the overwhelming support for football at USC, basketball has never incurred the same support. The flip side of that, however, is that it's very easy to get a front-row seat and they often give out free pizza and other goodies.
Compared to the rest of USC's campus, the Galen Center is overwhelmingly unimpressive.
Victoria L. Feb 13, 2013
Located directly across the street from the main quad of USC's campus, the Galen Center is home to the Trojan basketball and volleyball teams. Despite the fact that USC loves it's football, there is little if any support for most other sports. This lack of support results in some pretty empty nights at the Galen Center. As a result of the lack of significant attendance, the school has done little to enhance the inside of what looks like an incredible venue from the outside. The bathrooms are subpar and the food options aren't much better. For any other school, this would still make for an incredible venue but the high standards that USC is held to make this venue a dissapointment.
Fight On!
Christian S. Feb 4, 2013
The Galen Center is essentially a brand-new venue that hosts many of the indoor sport venues of the University of Southern California Trojans. The building is clean, finely polished, and is appropriate to bring anybody to. Also, the student life and fans who attend USC events at the Galen are like any other. This is college, so people at sporting events are going to be wild, and now, USC has a place to show off its spirit for its sports programs at the Galen. Great place for a great night of sports.
Go SC!
Allison S. Dec 3, 2012
The Galen Center is a great arena to go watch the Trojans win games. It is directly across from the USC campus making it very convenient for SC students to use. Volleyball games and basketball games are both great entertainment. Especially during playoffs it gets a big crowd and becomes a great atmosphere. It is a very big arena which makes it also a great place to attend concerts. Definitely go check it out for whatever type of entertainment you are looking for!
Great indoor sports center
Ana S. Nov 30, 2012
I have been to the Galen center for both volleyball and basketball games and while the basketball team has not had the best luck in recent years, I always enjoy attending the games because of the pleasant experience of being in the crowd with my fellow Trojans and cheering on our team. There is food and drink available and comfortable stadium seating with good views. I have never been for a concert but they get some pretty big names there and I have heard positive reviews from friends, especially about the Drake concert last year. Definitely will not disappoint!
Go Trojans!
Kaile K. Nov 30, 2012
Galen Center is an awesome venue to see USC athletics games. Basketball games are really fun and they usually have a bunch of promotions for students. Its always fun to see Dance Force perform as well! Volleyball games get really exciting, the crowd gets really into and they get super competitive. They also have big concerts here sometimes so definitely check the schedule for events like that. Sometimes they have awards shows here too! Definitely try to check out a USC basketball or volleyball game though!!
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
I go to USC so I obviously love the Galen Center. It is home to our basketball team, volleyball and much more. The Galen center is very large and has room for everyone. It is also very close to many different places downtown. They also hold many other event there as well. The Kid's choice awards has been held here a couple times. I have also been here for a graduation ceremony and it was great because you could see the stage from every angle. I wish i was graduating from Marshall so I could have my graduation ceremony in the Galen Center.
Fight On!
Sarah B. Nov 28, 2012
Great venue hosting some of the most exciting sporting events, home to the USC Trojans! Every seat offers a great view and the fans are the best! Come out and join in the fun! Easy access to and from freeway and parking, very clean facility, concessions and USC store located inside!
Better for sports than concerts
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
The acoustics aren't great for concerts. For sporting events, however, this is a great venue! Every seat in the house is a good seat. It's a well-lit, modern sports arena.
Love it for all USC events
Margaret L. Nov 27, 2012
The Galen Center is such a great venue to hold basketball, volleyball, and sports rallies. It's not too large, so even if you sit way up high you can still see the players perfectly. The student section is sometimes quite empty, but when it's filled up you can really feel the USC spirit. I do have to say there is not a lot of leg room for people sitting in the stands. I'm pretty tall and I usually find myself squished. There's an apparel store on the ground floor which is great for passing time and shopping in if you happen to get to the game super early.
Galen Center
Kristen N. Nov 26, 2012
Us USC students are so lucky to have the Galen Center. I've been for numerous volleyball and basketball games and its comparable to the Staples Center. There is a huge four-way jumbo tron in the middle of the court to watch if you need it. I'm so jealous the business school students get to graduate in there!
Fight on!
Sami G. Nov 23, 2012
The Galen Center is one of the best sports venues I have been to, hands down. It is the home of the University of Southern California Trojans athletic teams. I have been here for several volleyball and basketball games and have been pleased by the venue itself and the hospitality. However, this venue is not only the site of USC sports. I attended a Drake concert at the Galen Center. The Kids Choice Awards were also held here. The Galen Center offers an exciting variety of events (both entertainment and sports) for USC students and the general public to enjoy. The Galen Center offers a lot of seating, and all of the seats have a pretty good view of the stage, performer, or athletic game. The concessions at the Galen Center are nothing special and are expensive, but the events held here are always fun and diverse. Definitely a classy and clean arena.
Fight on!
Jenna H. Nov 20, 2012
The Galen Center, which is conveniently located right across from campus, is unique because it is always offering new and exciting events for the students, such as the performances by Drake and The Kids Choice Awards. The Galen center also displays an impressive history of USC sports success, including retired jerseys from Lisa Leslie and NBA stars like OJ Mayo and Taj Gibson. A lot of x-USC players come back to visit the arena, such as OJ Mayo who I met last year at the first game of the USC Men's Basketball 2011 season. USC is truly lucky to have such a highly developed and versatile arena.
Great Sports Arena!
Kaitlin P. Nov 18, 2012
I went to the Galen Center for the first time last week after passing it every day for the past few months and I actually realized how cool it is. It is home for the USC men's basketball team but there are always exciting events happening in the center. It has very nice seats for viewing the court and seems to be a very high class sports arena. I am very excited to start attending more events here and start seeing the basketball team play here on a regular basis. You should definitely check out the Galen Center and the USC basketball team when in LA.
So many events!
Jackie D. Nov 16, 2012
The Galen Center always seems to be setting up or taking down scaffolding for one awards event or another. This can be a bit of a pain for traffic, but it's also cool to see if any well known celebrities show up. Of course, the Galen Center is best known for hosting USC sports games. The arena itself is really nice and has great seating from every side. As a student, I get in for free to most games, so I can't attest to the pricing. On big games, it's really fun to sit in the student section with the band and cheer louder than the visiting team. They also have an official USC store inside, so you can purchase your Trojan Nation gear and get ready for victory!
Dylan S. Nov 14, 2012
The Galen Center is located right across from campus. It is a huge beautiful arena featuring USC Basketball and volleyball. The Galen Center is so nicely located if you live on or near campus. Trojan sports always create a really exciting atmosphere when cheering on your fellow Trojans. This arena is also soooo great for concerts. USC has often had great artists perform here. The Galen Center looks so great when turned into a concert arena and it actually fits a lot more people than you would imagine. For example, last year they put on a Drake concert that so much of the student body went to. And the best part is that the Galen center offers discounted concert tickets to USC students with student IDs. There is also a few parking structures around it that you can buy day passes for so it's super easy and convenient.
USC Sport & random concerts
Lexie S. Nov 13, 2012
I have been to the Galen center for 2 occasions. One being to support my USC teams like basketball and volleyball-since i am a current student. Two being to attend a random concert they will put on every so often. In march i went to a Drake Concert there which was actually really fun and I was impressed how they could turn the usc sports gym into a concert venue- but they succeeded! When going to watch sports game it's less than a minute walk from my dorm and is free access when you have your USC student ID. It's fun to cheer on your fellow teams and is also a pretty good study break! The galen center is in perfect condition and parking isn't really an issue due to the huge lots they use.
Amazing Venue, now they just need a decent team to play there
Samuel H. Oct 10, 2012
It's frustrating being a college basketball at USC, especially when you see alumni like OJ Mayo, Taj Gibson and Damar Derozen having such success in the NBA. It seems forever ago that they made up the USC basketball team and won the Pac-10 Championship to make it into March Madness for the first time in who knows how long. Anyway, it's so frustrating because Galen Center is an amazing facility that rivals any arena for professional sports in quality. Despite the lack of a solid basketball team, the Galen Center is used for USC's winning Volleyball teams' matches as wella s other events like concerts, graduations and a venue for public speakers like the Dalai Lama. All in all, it is definitely worth going to an event at the Galen Center if there is something being held there that suits your fancy.
Cool venue for all sorts of events
Gabe L. Aug 8, 2012
I've been to the Galen Center on a number of occasions. One time was to see The Fray in concert. Another time the Dalai Lama came to speak. One time American Apparel had a factory sale and all the clothes were super cheap. My favorite time I went was for the taping of X Factor. It was the very first taping of the American show, and my friend and I got free tickets to be in the audience. WHen you're in line the producers are running around deciding where they will seat you. If you are put up close to the judges where you will be seen on camera, that means the producers think you are good looking. The people seated in the far back or behind the stage are considered TV ugly. My friend and I were placed 3 rows behind Simon and Paula, which was a huge confidence boost for me. Overall I have had some very cool memories and experiences here. Oh, and they have USC basketball games too here for free, but no one goes to those.
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