Wurstküche (Venice)

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Wurstküche (Venice) Wurstküche in Venice, Los Angeles is where German suds & specialty sausages keep hope alive. Bite into some alligator – but no cougars – in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 33.9997642 -118.4649634
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Wurstküche (Venice) - Beer Hall | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Fans of specialty sausage and suds purveyor Wurstküche have a tendency to form lines down the sidewalk at the Downtown location, so it’s hardly a surprise that the same thing happens at its sister spot worlds away in Venice... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 11am–2am
    Kitchen closes at midnight

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Wurstküche (Venice) Review

The Scene

Wurstküche in Venice, Los Angeles is where German suds & specialty sausages keep hope alive. Bite into some alligator – but no cougars – in LA with Party Earth.

Fans of specialty sausage and suds purveyor Wurstküche have a tendency to form lines down the sidewalk at the Downtown location, so it’s hardly a surprise that the same thing happens at its sister spot worlds away in Venice.

And much like at the original, patrons at this “sausage kitchen” feed on everything from traditional bratwurst to alligator, rattlesnake, and buffalo, though the meal usually comes after a solid sampling of the venue’s more than three dozen imported Belgian and German beers.

Both the day and night scenes provide a nice overview of the standard Venice inhabitant, from wayward beach bums and aging hippies to moneyed yuppies, young families, and savvy tourists, who order at the main counter before venturing down the hallway to the dining area.

The entire venue is very simple and even industrial in design, with a central space featuring exposed brick walls, three large communal tables, and a few high-tops and benches where first dates can snuggle over a pint.

Ambient club beats bump beneath the bites during the week, while a house DJ on the 1’s and 2’s spins Euro house, indie, or electronica Thursdays through Saturdays so folks can set aside the andouille for a minute and get down.

A big second bar keeps the beer flowing long after the kitchen has closed, proving Wurstküche has a lot more going for it than just its name.

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Tip from Jonah:

Be sure to ask the bartender which limited-edition beers are available that night. Wurstküche has deals with distributors that get them brands you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

  • Crowd

    Hipsters, students, club-goers and barhoppers getting a jump on the night, hippies, the beach-bound, young families, German expats, and savvy tourists, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin mostly Euro house, electronica, indie, and other funky beats Thursdays through Saturdays from 8pm. Similar ambient mix at other times.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of exotic grilled sausage sandwiches with choice of toppings, Belgian fries with homemade dipping sauces, and some vegetarian options. Takeout available. Sausages may be purchased uncooked at a 30% discount.

  • Prices

    Sausages $5.75–$7.50, fries $3.50–$5.50, desserts $4.50. Beer $2.50–$11+, non-alcoholic drinks and specialty sodas $2–$5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: shorts, light t-shirts, jeans, baseball caps, button-downs on the lunch crowd, flowy blouses, sundresses, some trendier wear on the barhopping crowd.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Early in the week to grab a dog to go before hitting the beach, or Thursday through Saturday nights for a bumping scene packed with twenty-somethings.

  • Close By

    La Cabaña (738 Rose Avenue) keeps the kitchen and bar humming till 3am, making it a perfect last stop for those still hankering for margaritas and grub after Wurstküche closes.

Wurstküche (Venice) User Reviews

Average rating:
No need to go downtown for the best!
Tim A. Sep 16, 2013
So happy this opened in Venice. It even has a more chill vibe than the downtown location. The rattlesnake sausage and frites with curry ketchup were right on. Have a duval or some other fine beer (im not a huge beer drinker but these are bomb) in a nice glass. Sit outside or inside in a similar set-up to downtown. Feels more spacious. Love it!
One Of The Best Places In LA
Beatrice V. Jul 25, 2013
This is hands down one of the best restaurants and beer halls in Los Angeles. Being from Germany, I was a bit weary to go to a restaurant that prides itself on German sausages and German brews. Arriving at the restaurant that looks like it is set up in an old warehouse, I was happy to see the original "Bratwurst" and "Bockwurst," but it was amazing to see the sausages they had created. For example, they serve an "Apple and Cinnamon" sausage, or a "Rabbit meat" sausage that I have yet to try. Their beer selection is extravagant, serving "underground" beers such as Franziskaner and "Koelsch." After ordering our food and drinks, we proceeded down a dark hallway that eventually opened into a massive beer hall, with authentic wooden benches and loud music blaring from the speakers. All of a sudden, you feel like you are at the Oktoberfest in Munich. It's always a good time - and if that isn't enough to convince you, the food is absolutely amazing. I generally go with the Cinnamon and Apple sausage, topped with caramelized onions. Then, I cap it off with the amazing honey mustard sauce that is only one of the sauces that the restaurant provides for you on every table. And if one sausage doesn't satisfy your hunger, the belgian fries are a must to try. One of the most exemplary spots in L.A. They have a restaurant Downtown too - same build up, same menu. Amazing place!
Truly Amazing
Randall H. Jun 26, 2013
This is my favorite spot in L.A. Incredible selection of sausages (exotic or more traditional), as well as delicious fries, and OH MY GOD THE BEER. This is a beer lover's paradise. If you love dark, german beers, this place was made for you. I spent a lot of my free time sampling beers and eating exotic sausages such as Crocodile & Pork and Rattlesnake & Rabbit. The dining hall has a crazy underground german feel to it with unfinished wood tables and dim lighting. On the weekends they have awesome DJs.
Sausage, Beer, and Loud-Ass Music: A Must-Do
Jacob A. May 29, 2013
Generally, the Venice Beach area presents a unique problem: it is so inundated with different dining options (and good ones, at that) that people may find themselves overwhelmed by the simple question, “where should we go to eat?” To make the decision a little easier for anyone looking for a restaurant that delivers on both food and atmosphere while still maintaining a welcoming casual feel, Wurstküche may be the place for you. Located on Lincoln Blvd., the “sausage kitchen” serves an array of different speciality sausages ranging from your basic bratwurst to their spicy and sweet mango jalapeño. And of course, anyone feeling a little more adventurous may feel free to try their alligator or rattlesnake sausages as well. To complete your Wurstküche experience, I would highly recommend pairing your sausage with any one of their dozens of Belgian and German beer options. Overwhelmed by the somewhat ridiculous amount of choices? Not a problem as you are more than welcome to sample any one of the beers that they have on tap. In the dining area a little down a dimly lit hallway, you will find community-style tables, another bar for anyone wishing to have one or two more beers, and one of the most friendly food serving staffs you may find in the Venice area. While waiting for your food, you are surrounded by an eclectic group of students, tourists, artists, and all sorts of Venice community members that, more often than not, you may find yourself falling into a brief, friendly conversation with. The house and electronica music pumped over the speakers is loud, so do not be surprised if you find yourself shouting the majority of these conversations, however this only seems to add positively to Wurstküche’s cool and inviting industrial atmosphere. In short, the “sausage kitchen” is definitely more than just that: it is a social scene that promises to deliver on both atmosphere, and of course, amazing food and beer.
Good Beer, Good Sausage, Good Vibes
Jazz J. May 13, 2013
Wurstkuche is hidden in an unassuming chic industrial building on the Venice side of Lincoln. The only thing that gives it away is the massive line outside on a friday night (especially when First Friday deals are going on). Once inside, you have the honor and privilege to taste test every beer on their menu; which ranges from your standard PBR to a pricey dark belgian ale. WIth beer in hand, you are guided down a dark hallway that opens up to a post-industrial-esque main room thats reminiscent of a Viking's mead hall, refashioned for L.A. with a bomb DJ posted in the corner. The out door patio is perfect for warmer nights, and the long wooden tables invite the opportunity for new friends. Handsome people, good beer, good vibes, all anyone needs for a good night.
A German vegetarian's dream come true!
Emily Keating S. Apr 5, 2013
A German vegetarian's dream come true! Since becoming on almost 5 years ago (a vegetarian, not a German) I have missed my chorizo and bratwurst like no other. This place has an amazing selection of vegan sausages that range in flavor. For the carnivores, there is a huge variety of meats, from the common to the exotic. I absolutely love the atmosphere, made me feel like I was somewhere in between a cool downtown bar and true German beer garden. The decor is modern, but feels comfy and communal and the beer selection is incredible.
Rabbits, and Rattlesnakes, and Ducks, oh my!
Leslie G. Mar 30, 2013
I have to preface this review by stating that I am strictly pescatarian (fish-eating), and I STILL love Wurstküche! Although its pronunciation and sausage choices may be intimidating to most, even vegetarians and more traditional diners can enjoy tasty and flavorful sausages complete with your choice of five gourmet mustards and any two of the four available toppings. As a non-meat eater I was pleasantly surprised to find three distinct choices available to me- Italian, Smoked Apple Sage, and Mexican Chipotle, all of which I have now tried and would highly recommend. However, I'm sure the day will come when I'm feeling adventurous (or drunk) enough to branch out and experience one of the more notable flavor combinations such as the Rattlesnake & Rabbit sausage. While the sausages are the main attraction of this restaurant, it would be shameful to overlook the Belgian fries and exquisite beers. The fries are definitely a splittable menu item, so order a Groot (large) to share amongst friends and pick two of ten delicious sauces. But if for some reason you masochistically refuse to let your tastebuds enjoy the wondrous trifecta of sausage, fries, AND beer and limit yourself to only two, opt for beer over fries. Their selection is impressive, and the employee taking your order at the front will not only be patient as you weigh your options, but will also make quality suggestions and typically offer a generous taster of whatever beer on the menu catches your eye. Now, drink up!
Forget Pinks, Wurstküche all the way!
Jeremy L. Mar 29, 2013
Sausages like Rattlesnake and Rabbit and Crocodile and Pork were the first things that caught my eye when I first came here. Let's be honest here, It caught me off guard that they would use these types of meats for a sausage but, the moment I took my first bite, I felt like Angels personally came down from heaven to cook them personally just for me. This place also caters to the non meat eaters, they have some vegetarian hot dogs that are surprisingly tasty. I would recommend the Mexican Chipotle for the non meat eaters. A dog, some of their Belgian fries (Klein size) and a draft a beer all for a little over $20 will definitely fill you up, ( unless you're Kobayashi, then I take it back). All in all, the place is a pretty awesome place to eat for lunch. The only minor draw back I can think of is that it gets really crowded during the weekend nights because of a lot of people come here to end the night.
Dank Dogs, Bomb Beer
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
If doesn't matter if you're a vegetarian, avid porky, or have never touched pork in your life. There is something for everyone here. The building is an work of architecture itself situated in a less put-together area of Venice. I ordered the Austin Blues, more of a spice lover, while my boyfriend who doesn't eat pork got the Rattlesnake and Rabbit. The dipping sauces are incredible! Definitely the Chipotle Aioli and Sundried Tomato Mayo. It took them a while to bring out the orders both times I've been there; In fact the second time it took so long I complained and they threw in a free basket of fries so I was immediately appeased. After you make your decisions with the hot dogs, its time for beer. The Fruli, for someone who doesn't like fruity tasting drinks, was really delicious. While theres a huge price range, $4 to $250, make sure to double check the size of the glass or goblet you're getting!
Chill Vibe, Delicious Dogs
Lauren K. Mar 7, 2013
This place has a really chill vibe to it- I went there on a Sunday afternoon and they had a DJ playing some low-key beats in the background while we sat at a long table and enjoyed our food. I feel like you can't really go wrong with whatever sausage you order, they're all pretty flavorful. The fries are great too, and if you order them you get to choose three different sauces; we got pesto mayo, sun dried tomato mayo and bleu cheese bacon, and all were pretty good. It's about six or seven dollars for a normal hotdog, and a couple dollars more for the exotic meats like rattlesnake, alligator and duck.
Chill spot to have enjoy a brat and beer
Sasha N. Nov 29, 2012
I won’t lie – when everyone in Venice started freaking out that we were getting a Wurstküche, I was totally confused. I had never heard of it. But with my friends constantly raving about it, I had to check it out. I’m so glad I did. I was a bit confused by the entrance because you can either go directly into the bar area if you just want drinks. If you want food, head on over to the next entrance. Just look for the sliding glass door with people lined up by it. There was a little bit of a line so one of the employees came out and gave everyone menus to speed up the ordering process. Since everything sounded good I had a tough time choosing. I ended up going with the sundried tomato and mozzarella sausage. So yummy. But it was the fries and the dipping sauce that really sold it for me. The fries were perfectly crisp and the chipotle aioli dipping sauce was fan-freaking-tastic. The workers in the ordering area were super nice and helped my friend pick out a beer. She’s not a big beer drinker but she’s trying to learn. He was super patient and found her a beer she loved. Once you place your order, you grab your beer and number and park yourself at one of the communal tables (there are a few separate tables but those are usually full). We waited no more than 15 minutes for our food which was pretty quick considering how crowded the place was. I loved the feeling of this place. It’s very dimly lit but still a very inviting and relaxed atmosphere. I’ll definitely be back to try a different sausage flavor and sample another of their many beers.
Love The Vibe
Sarah P. Nov 26, 2012
This place is seriously so fun. Even though its well known and not as underground as it used to be, the food, beer, and venue is awesome. Definitely check it out. Its also super cheap for a fun atmosphere.
Underground Place
Lindsey S. Nov 20, 2012
I love this joint ! Though I have not tried any of the exotic meats yet, the regular, more normal ones are amazing ! I love the Vegetarian Chipotle- check that one out! This place is difficult to find without a GPS, just because of the location. But I do believe that contributes to the "undergroundness" of the restaurant. It is an amazing place with yummy food and a great venue, but it does get very busy during lunch time and right after work. This venue is located right at the edge of Little Tokyo, so it is definitely a safe area!
Carbon-copy of the original Downtown spot...and that is good!
Jayson M. Oct 18, 2012
This is where you go for exotic meats (like rattlesnake and alligator sausage) and great craft beers (heavy on the Belgium and German varieties). The secret is long out on how good this place is, though, so lunchtime lines can be ridiculous. Luckily it moves pretty fast, and the industrial space in back is almost entirely strewn with communal tables to give room for the crowds. The original is in Downtown LA if you're out that way. DJs at night get quite a party scene going here, but it's totally casual. It's like $6 to $7 for a great sausage, and you can plan on spending a little more than that on beer, so while it's not exactly cheap it won't destroy your wallet either.
Great place for food and to hang out
Eric Y. Oct 16, 2012
Located in Venice, Wurstkuche is a restaurant known for their sausages (both exotic and traditional) and eclectic selection of beers. The clientele consists primarily of young and trendy people, and the atmosphere reflects this, with the mood having a very sociable and cool vibe to it. The food is top-notch, and for the more adventurous, I would recommend the rattlesnake-rabbit sausage. On my first outing there, I decided to try that particular meat and I ended up loving it. For the more reserved, Wurstkuche also serves traditional Bratwurst and Italian sausages. They also have vegetarian sausages on their menu. All their sausages are served in a bun and can be topped with onions, sauerkraut, and peppers. Their fries are also a must-get, which come with a choice of one of their special dipping sauces. The staff is also very friendly, which is another plus for this restaurant. I would recommend that all Angelinos try Wurstkuche at least once.
Same Wurstküche, Different Venue
Nick P. Oct 15, 2012
After a day of hanging in Venice Beach, my friends and I were aiming to have a quick snack, and after trying the one downtown we decided to check out the new one in Venice. While they have made a good job to keep the same friendly and simple environment, they have also managed to keep the same amount customers that also lead to long lines, which did not help with the quick part of it. However, the variety of sausages and beer make for a tasteful meal, and an enjoyable experience. I recommend the exotic sausages and the standout buffalo sausage, Belgian fries, and Caracole Saxo beer. Make sure you get to taste the beer before you decide your pick, and also make sure to stay after the kitchen closes to enjoy the venue.
Awesome Food!!!!
Zoyla E. Oct 5, 2012
This place is amazing. After a long day in Venice Beach, a couple of friends that came to visit from San Francisco decided to check the place out. What it amazed me was the great choices they had, specially the fact that they are Vegetarian friendly. Not only was the food amazing (they also have amazing fries!!) but they have a wonderful selection of beer. They are really wonderful on letting you have a Beer tasting before you decide what you want. I totally recommend this place to anyone. I literally took my other friends after I first checked it out. Everyone was super friendly and have wonderful costumer service.
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