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Wurstküche (Downtown) "Despite its out-of-the-way location in the downtown Arts District, Wurstküche (""sausage kitchen"") draws a loyal crowd of folksy eastsiders, after-work professionals, and couples on dates who flock in to sample the venue's..." Los Angeles United States 34.045603 -118.236058
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Wurstküche (Downtown) - Beer Hall | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Despite its out-of-the-way location in the downtown Arts District, Wurstküche (“sausage kitchen”) draws a loyal crowd of folksy eastsiders, after-work professionals, and couples on dates who flock in to sample the venue... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–Sa 11am–midnight, Su noon–midnight

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Party Earth Wurstküche (Downtown) Review

The Scene

"Despite its out-of-the-way location in the downtown Arts District, Wurstküche (""sausage kitchen"") draws a loyal crowd of folksy eastsiders, after-work professionals, and couples on dates who flock in to sample the venue's..."

Despite its out-of-the-way location in the downtown Arts District, Wurstküche (“sausage kitchen”) draws a loyal crowd of folksy eastsiders, after-work professionals, and couples on dates who flock in to sample the venue’s legendary sausages, fries, and beer, and to make a few new friends in a communal atmosphere buzzing with energy.

The exotic sausages – including far-out choices like rattlesnake, duck, and alligator – are nearly as big a draw as the twenty-four carefully selected Belgian and German beers on tap, as evidenced by the line of funky individuals extending halfway down the block on any given day.

Once through the red- and yellow-striped doors, drooling regulars place their food orders in a tiny annex before heading into the giant hall with its industrial décor of exposed brick walls and concrete flooring, slightly warmed up by the beamed ceiling and dim lighting.

As in any good beer hall, the space is dominated by wide wooden banquet tables where chattering groups cram onto communal benches to share Belgian fries and a wide array of dipping sauces over a beer or two, while singles opt for the blonde-wood bar or the small café tables off to the side.

When the din of conversation gets to be too much, those in need of a bit of peace can step out to the leafy patio, which offers more seating and a smoking area.

On school nights, Wurstküche is chiefly a feel-good local eatery where jovial strangers come together to share the experience, but on weekends, the vibe ramps up when a DJ shows up to spin energetic grooves, creating a festive vegging point for hipsters before they shuffle off to their next destination.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you can’t muster the courage to try the famous rattlesnake, rabbit, and jalapeño sausage, try the Austin Blues sausage instead. Made with hardwood-smoked pork and three types of pepper, it’s just as hot and spicy without being too out there.

  • Crowd

    Mix of hipsters, bohemians, young professionals, and alternative types, mostly 20s and 30s, as well as some older regulars and families.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin indie beats on weekends.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Sausages, gourmet dipping sauces, and Belgian fries.

  • Prices

    Sausages $5.50–$7.50. Beer $2.50–$11, wine $5+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes, from t-shirts and jeans to business suits.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time, though most crowded at peak dining hours and weekends, when the DJ kicks the energy level up a notch.

  • Close By

    If the line at Wurstküche is too long, patrons can try the nearby Spitz (371 East 2nd Street), a Mediterranean bar and eatery with a similar upbeat vibe.

Wurstküche (Downtown) User Reviews

Average rating:
Amazing Beer & Brats, Yes Please!
Mike N. Aug 19, 2013
My friend took my girlfriend and I here earlier this year and I still thank him because I don't think I would've ever discovered this gem on my own. Located in the Arts District of Downtown LA, the outside of this place blends in too well to the other industrial buildings around. When you step inside though, it's a whole new world (Won't cue the Aladdin song)- with it's cafeteria mess hall long wooden tables and high ceilings, if feels like a scene from an underground fight club, full-bearded hipsters included. My girlfriend hates beer but I ordered her the Belgian Strawberry Fruli and now anytime I mention that she hates beer, an asterisk will follow with her new-found love for Strawberry Fruli! As for us true beer lovers, their beer selection will give you palate orgasms. Ok, that phrase probably won't catch on but it's true! Their selection of imported European beers will make you reevaluate your current favorite go-to beers. After you order your new favorite beer, head over to the counter and order a Bratwurst. These aren't your dad's boring, over-cooked Sunday BBQ Brats, these are Brats you'd find on an episode of Fear Factor, minus the "fear". Take a chance and order the Rabbit & Rattlesnake or Duck Bratwurst and pile on your favorite toppings (Peppers, Grilled Onions, etc.) and then drizzle on one of their signature Mustards in that cool squiggly line we all try to get perfect like an Oscar Meyer commercial. They even have a location on the Westside so no excuses about the commute. After experiencing Würstkuche, you'll want to tell everyone, but be careful- If everyone finds out, you won't have the pleasure of passing this gem onto the next guy. Cheers!
Exotic sausages for those adventurous eaters!
Angela K. Aug 9, 2013
This place never ceases to amaze me with their wide range of exotic sausages to their imported draft beer selection. They grill to order their sausages ranging from crocodile, rabbit, rattlesnake, etc. Along with their sausages, you can pick from a selection of toppings and their selection of mustard. You order at the front, given a number, and try your best to find a seat. It gets crowded and lines are out the door, but it's defiantly worth the wait. Parking can be hard to find, since it's street parking and the fact it's hard enough to find parking in downtown. It's love at first bite, that crunch from the casing releasing that immediate rush of flavor is indescribable. If you're a craft beer lover, this is the place to be. Don't expect to see Budweiser or Miller on tap. The bartenders are happy to assist you and recommend a beer to your liking. I recommend the Franziskaner, can't go wrong with a nice cold hef in the hot summer days. Overall, this place is iconic to Los Angeles, a must try that won't dent your wallet.
Best Weiner a Guy Could Ever Have
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
As the name suggests, this place has a lot of great wieners that they're selling to the public. They have all kinds of sausages and believe me; they're really juicy and tasty. Some items I would recommend are: mango jalapeno sausage, chimay white, and la chouffe. Even the fries are really good and the environment is really trendy and friendly. The tables are nice and spacious and the lighting is just right. Overall, I would see no downside to going to this place; you get great food, a nice atmosphere to chill with your friends, and you get to meet a couple of cool people.
A Pretty Unique Dining Experience
Nick W. May 31, 2013
Wurstkuche is a restaurant that has a really "hole in the wall" feeling without being too discrete. It boasts a huge variety of sausages and weiners, including types with exotic meats like rabbit and rattlesnake. If you're not feeling too adventurous, they have normal sausages and hot links as well. The truffle fries here are a must-try, and they are awesome with any of the many sauces to choose from. There is also a rather impressive selection of beers to try, which all go great with your meal. Food aside, I'd say that the environment is pretty hipster friendly. The crowd is usually pretty young, there's a DJ playing songs no one knows on the weekends, and there's always a few people in the restaurant wearing beanies. It's a relatively dimly lit place, and the tables are self-seating. The main tables are big, long ones reminiscent of your elementary school days, and there have actually been several occasions where I've met someone random and interesting as a result. Wurstkuche is a very social, upbeat, and hip kind of restaurant that's always fun to go to with your friends. Though your bill may sometimes be a bit on the high side for a sausage and fries, it's definitely worth the wait and money.
Worth the drive, worth your time
Tanya H. May 15, 2013
This is one of my favorite spots in downtown LA. Skip the classic sausages and go for the gourmet. The flavor combinations are perfect. I love the chicken and turkey mango jalapeno and the filipino maharlika. Each bite is like a volcanic eruption of flavors on your tongue. But the real stars are the exotic sausages. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but after getting some recommendations from the friendly owners, I was game. The rattlesnake and rabbit sausage was surprisingly delicious, as was the rabbit, veal, and white wine. As a fry addict, I love that they provide various kinds of dipping sauces. The thai peanut and chipotle aioli will leave you hanging on for more. I'm not a beer fan, but I they have some great sodas to wash it all down with. The cherry ginger beer compliments everything wonderfully. Aside from the food, you'll appreciate the lively, unpretentious atmosphere. It's a great place to bring your friends---especially if they're from the east coast!
all kind of weiners
Nancy D. May 15, 2013
my friends and i love going here because you meet so many new people all the time you go and its fun because everyone is talking and its a pretty fun environment. what i like is that you can choose what flavor of weiner you want for your hot dog and the fries are my favorite. the customer service was on point i like that. this place is a really fun place!
The best wieners ever!
Michael V. May 14, 2013
Love beer and sausage? Then you will love this place! While you wait in line (which can be long at times but so worth it), they ask what you would like to drink and they bring it to you while waiting! They have a huge list of all kinds of beer and all sorts of different sausages from all over the world. Do you have a thing for french fries? Well they pretty much have the best fries I've ever had. Even their dipping sauces are to die for! When you find a table, it almost feels like the medieval times with their long tables that multiple parties can sit and enjoy their delicious wieners and beer! A must try!
Two Words: Sausage and Beer
Nick M. Apr 8, 2013
If you’re ready to get your sausage and beer on, this is the place. The menu is simple, but oh so complex. Choose your meat (or not meat), choose your toppings, and choose your mustard. Sausage choices range from oldies but goodies such as bratwurst and hot Italian, to meats of a more exotic feather like crocodile and rattlesnake. They also have vegetarian options. And then there’s the other, more important half of your meal: the beer. Wurstkuche boasts 50+ brews from Germany, Belgium, and Austria as well as the hipster American classic Pabst Blue Ribbon. Each beer is served in the proper glass for the brew style and there’s even a second bar in the dining room so you don’t have to walk far or wait in the food line for you refills. While the downtown location can be a bit out of the way and you are almost sure to be greeted with a line out the door, it is worth the trek to this artsy neighborhood for a fix of this German classic.
worth the line!
Shabnam F. Mar 28, 2013
There's always a line, at least whenever I've gone, that curves down the block, but this place is so cool! Honestly, you might actually be paying for its hipster, cool factor more than the food, but the hot dogs are so good and unique, its definitely worth the try. Inside the venue itself, the lighting is quite dim (they're going for that moody feel lol), but I mean, the food tastes good and that's what matters right?
It's Definitely Different
Raymond L. Mar 4, 2013
I was first taken here on my birthday with a few friends, blindfolded until the food arrived. I was able to sense the environment without my sight. It had a nice and modern feel to it that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. As I tasted the food, I didn't even realize I was eating rattlesnake and rabbit. It really wasn't distinct; it just felt like I was eating a regular hotdog. Just being at this location was still fun and enjoyable. Seating is sometimes a drag; I came back a second time, but the line was too long and I just felt it wasn't worth my time.
Fun and Good Eats for Any Late Saturday Night
Eva R. Feb 26, 2013
Plenty of restaurants dot the Little Tokyo and Downtown area but as far as hidden gems go, Wurstkuche ranks high on the list. It's rising popularity continues to put it on the radar of many Angelenos so on weekends, the line can curve out way past the entrance. On nights like these, DJs play loud music and most tables are full but they're occupied by an energetic, artsy crowd. Most people complain of the long wait and seating challenges but if you plan in advance, you end up with good memories for your mind and belly. On Saturday nights, park the car nearby and meander around the arts district for shopping and occasional exhibition openings or art events (MOCA Geffen is not too far). By the time those events end you can meet with a group at Wurstkuche - preferably one inside already saving you a seat. It will take a good number of visits to make your way down the glorious list of hot dogs and beers so rest assured the restaurant never gets old. The prices don't hurt your wallet too much and the employees always offers advice on what to try - sometimes even handing out samples while you wait in line. The interior on weekends makes for lively discussion and once you have a few beers - whether you opt for a delicious dark beer like the Spaten or a fruity one like the Fruli - you might even end up befriending the person on the wooden bench next to you. Just make sure you come in high spirits and with an empty stomach.
Fun, but make sure to find a seat
Brian K. Feb 12, 2013
The lines have never been too bad whenever I have gone, but there is always a struggle to find a seat, one of the only things I would mark down Wurstküche for. The atmosphere inside the dining area is very cozy, basically dining hall style seating (large elongated tables with benches to sit on, and then small tables near the walls). The drink menu is pretty impressive for a small place, offering over 25 beers on top(foreign and domestic), and 25 bottled beers as well. There are also 5 different wines (red and white), in case the mood strikes you. For the entree, they have sausages, where they grill the typical Italian, Louisiana hot link, and Bratwurst sausages. But for the more adventurous individuals, there are sausages that include alligator, rabbit, duck, bacon, and lamb. These sausages can get pricey ($6-$6.5 for the classic favorites, and $8 for the exotics) for a simple sausage and toppings, but are well worth it. The only drawbacks to Wurstkuche are the lines to sit, and the bill that can ensue from a simple sausage and beer, but the wait and prices are well worth it. Make the trek to Wurstkuche and see what all the fuss is about.
Trendy Eat
Zannie J. Jan 27, 2013
My first night in Los Angeles, there was no better way to begin a spontaneous adventure than to eat a rabbit and rattlesnake sausage. There were many options of meats and sauces that were surprisingly delicious. Not only that, but the atmosphere was very trendy. Wurstkuche was a new experience and new taste!
Sausage and Beer. What’s better?
Scott R. Jan 11, 2013
Wurstkuche is definitely a fun and awesome place to go if you’re hungry and want to try something new. As you walk in the entrance and place your order, you are greeted not only by the industrial themed décor with large steel doors, brick walls, and exposed piping, but also by the exciting and unique menu. Wurstkuche, with a German-themed menu, does not disappoint in its selections of sausages and toppings, gourmet beers, and freshly cut french fries with an array of delicious homemade dipping sauces. The menu certainly provides options for the adventurous eaters as well, with sausages containing meats such as rattlesnake, duck, and rabbit. Once you place your order you walk down a hallway into the dining room. Here there are smaller, family sized tables as well as large communal style tables with benches on each side, making for an entertaining time if you’re in the mood for meeting and talking with some new people. A beer bar with dozens of taps takes up one of the walls of this room, adding another seating option and making it convenient if you need a refill or end up craving a beer while eating. There are also a few outdoor tables if you want some fresh air and a more quiet dining experience. All in all, Wurstkuche is a unique, fun, and exciting place everyone in the LA area should try. I highly recommend it!
Awesome place
Alli H. Dec 3, 2012
Wurstkuche is an awesome find in downtown Los Angeles. The menu seems simple, serving only sausage, but the kinds of sausage are what makes this place so cool. You can get anything from a chicken sausage to alligator! I recommend the buffalo sausage (loaded with sauerkraut, sauteed peppers, and mustard), with one of the restaurant's beers on tap or funky sodas to wash it down, and with a side of fries. It's a great place to go with a group or for a quick lunch because you stand in line, order, and pay before you sit down. The seating area looks like a traditional biergarten with wooden picnic table seating so you may be sitting next to stranger but, hey, at least that stranger has awesome taste in sausage!
Have you ever tried rattle snack?
Kirsten H. Nov 30, 2012
Wurskuche is a different kind of German biergarten. They have 3 items on the menu: sausages, fries, and beer. The sausages range from spicy buffalo, alligator, rabbit, and rattle snack. They have normal meats as well, but I definitely recommend trying one of their exotic sausages. Get the fries with the white truffle oil glaze and chipotle ketchup. SO GOOD! Also the beer selection is amazing. The vibe is really fun as well, I went on a friday night and their was a DJ playing. All the tables are communal. I definitely recommend this place to anyone! One of my favorite restaurants!
Fun, Cheap, Cool!
Sarah P. Nov 29, 2012
Sausages and Beer. Pretty great. The atmosphere is so cool, but gets loud as it is community style seating. Theres usually a huge line, but it will move quickly. Get a beer while you wait. parking is super annoying but there are side streets a block or two away you can usually find a spot at. Its also super cheap, you can afford to get a few beers and a few dogs. Share the fries!
Sara S. Nov 29, 2012
This place is so different than anything else in L.A.! I highly recommend stopping by to check this place out when you're in town! The environment is so unique, from the various hot dogs to the community seating area, this place is a one of a kind. There may be a line when you show up but it moves pretty fast and it's definitely worth the wait!
Dogs and Beer
Kathleen E. Nov 29, 2012
This restaurant is fairly trendy and often difficult to get into. There is normally a long line to order but moves fairly quickly. There is a great beer selection and community style seating. The chicken sausage is my personal favorite but I would recommend getting something in addition to that. Usually one hot dog doesn't fill you up. I would go on a week night rather than the weekend.
Georgina S. Nov 28, 2012
This place is kind of hard to get to, but whatever. I recommend that everyone try it at least once. I went through a hot dog/sausage phase where I was just CRAVING something close to a USC victory dog. I even contemplated going to 7/11 and fixing up a hot dog myself. I resisted the urge and decided to hold out until going to Wurstkuche....and it was so worth it. I didn't want to try anything weird because I was too hungry to take the risk. I got a regular yummy chicken sausage and it was so good. The fries are also delish too. But one hotdog isn't really filling enough. Maybe I'm just thinking that because I was ravenously hungry at the time but....I recommend getting 2 dogs! Definitely check it out
Lives up to the Hype
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
This place definitely lives up to the hype! Tucked in a hip Little Tokyo neighborhood, the location is amazing. It's not too difficult to find parking, and even when the line is long it moves relatively quickly. I would recommend branching out and trying one of the speciality sausages because seriously, when else are you going to get to try rattlesnake?? There's a great beer and sauce selection as well. Great place to enjoy a meal and kick-back with friends.
Downtown LA Favorite
Carolina I. Nov 28, 2012
This restaurant is incredibly popular, and there's no wondering why. Great location, amazing food, a wide and unique beer selection, and low-key atmosphere. A great place to just relax for a few hours with friends over drinks and food. Highly recommended to all!
Great Food and Beer
Keira R. Nov 25, 2012
It is located in the arts district and kind of hidden, except for the line out the door and people seated in the outdoor tables. The inside is dark with long wooden tables. It has an awesome selection of beers, kinda pricey though, and a great selection of hot dogs. Their fries are also amazing and come with so many different dipping sauces. On the weekend nights I have even seen a DJ inside spinning music so it gets pretty lively. However, at any point of the evening on any day you will always find a crowd. It is an awesome place in La!
Jenna H. Nov 20, 2012
Located in the middle of the arts district, it attracts everyone from your typical LA hipsters to USC frat boys. I am a huge fan of their classic Bratwurst, but some of my more adventurous friends have tried the exotic sausages, like rattlesnake, rabbit, pork, and alligator. The line is always out the door, no matter what time of the day you come, but for anyone who has ever eaten there before they would agree that it is definitely worth the wait. It is also located right by the Downtown Urth location, so I would recommend picking up a desert from there after devouring your delicious dog!
Great Food. Amazing Beer.
Greg S. Nov 20, 2012
You definitely can’t go wrong with Wurstkuche. The food and beer are great. The atmosphere is very hip. It is a great place to go out with friends. The menu is very straight forward, pick your sausage and pick a beer. That being said, the numerous varieties of sausages are all juicy and full of flavor and the Belgian style French fries are nothing short of amazing. Wurstkuche has all of the classic sausages including bratwurst and hot Italian but also a number of exotic sausages which include alligator and pork or rattlesnake and rabbit. Wurstkuche is not a typical sit down restaurant. As soon as you arrive, you wait in line and place your order at the counter and then take a number and walk to the back. There is a communal seating area with large benches as well as individual tables plus an outdoor patio. Overall great food, great beer, and a very cool vibe. Definitely a must if you are in downtown LA.
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